Watch Taylor Swift’s Entire iHeartRadio Concert (VIDEO)

Taylor Swift hit the stage last night in Las Vegas and now you can watch her entire set! After an enthusiastic intro from Nina Dobrev, he singer suffered a slight wardrobe malfunction at the beginning of her performance when some over-eager fans got a little too grabby with her sparkly dress and ripped one of the shoulders, which flopped down like a bikini top. It could have been really, really bad, if it wasn’t for the sparkly three-quarter length T-shirt she had on underneath the dress. Layers of sparkly clothes… very smart, Taylor!

Oddly enough, that wasn’t the most commented aspect of Taylor’s concert on YouTube. It was about her new backup singers. Really? People care about that? Watch above and let us know what you think about Taylor’s backup singers performance from last night. We thought she rocked.

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