The ‘Awful Truth’ about Selena Gomez’s Dating Life & Delena

Hilarity of E!’s Awful Truth’s readers concerningly asking Ted about Selena’s dating life.  Posted the last four entries in chronological order (oldest to newest). Mon, Sep. 6, 2010. Dear Ted:  Does Selena Gomez have trouble finding someone to date? She just doesn’t seem to date as much as Demi Lovato or Miley Cyrus do. —Meri.
Dear Go for Gomez:
Miley and Demi are just more out there with the men they date—each for her own reasons—whereas Selena hasn’t quite figured out how much publicity you can get for dating a certain T-town boy-toy. Ya know, aside from her brief stint with Taylor Lautner, that is.

Thu., Sep. 30, 2010

Dear Ted:
Help a tween-gossip loving college girl and her two adopted kitties out! I feel like all of the young Hollywood girls are serial daters (hello, Demi Lovato seen with Rob Kardashion now? And lets not even mention Taylor Swift) but why can’t my love Selena Gomez find a nice hot man to cutely walk down the streets holding hands with? The girl’s adorable and I want some really hunky and manly guy to treat her right (not string her around like Nickypoo)! Like maybe if Ryan Gosling were younger. That kind of guy! Anyone you can think to set her up with, or reasons why she’s been so single since Nick.
Dear Kitty Cat:
S. isn’t a serial dater because she’s too busy munching on her cereal in her jumpin’ jammerz. Don’t get me wrong, the wiz kid’s a sweetheart, but she’s acting her age. Probably because she’s trying her best not to join Miley on the whole Britney Spears’ not a girl, not yet a woman hype. A nice hot man for Selena? Not ’til she realizes she’s 18 and doesn’t need to date a JoBro. And, trust, a JoBro she does not want. We hear she’s much more into average Joes.

Fri., Oct. 15, 2010

Dear Ted:
What’s the deal with Selena Gomez and her low-key life? I mean, the girl is 18 years old, has more money than most of us will in a lifetime, she’s hot and famous and yet she seems not to enjoy too much of the Hollywood life. Apart from work (which she does a lot) you barely hear from her and the girl is no where seen in the hot spots of Lalaland! If I were her I’ll be partying and enjoying being young, rich and famous in Hollywood. I mean the girl is a cutie (and turning into a very hot young women), but what’s wrong with her?
Dear Go-Go-Gomez:
I think you’ve got Lohanitis because Selena is perfectly normal. Why bother the babe because she isn’t into the club scene and a revolving door of boyfriends? At least, not public ones. Not all the Disney darlings can be as tabloid-worthy as Ms. Miley.


Tue., Oct. 19, 2010

Dear Ted:
Selena Gomez is still friends with Demi Lovato, right? I do not see any pics of them together anymore.
Dear Still BFFs:
No need to fret, Steph. The two are still BFFS. Demi even raved about Selena being a good friend in an interview with the Daily Telegraph about bullying. They are still kickin’ it, just too busy to snap photos while they are trying to promote their anti-bullying campaigns!

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