Teen Facebook Readers Respond to Justin Bieber Fans Reportedly Cutting Themselves



Justin Bieber fans were very vocal on Twitter Monday afternoon, after photos of him allegedly smoking weed surfaced over the weekend. Justin fans reportedly began cutting themselves, and posting the graphic photos, with the trending hashtag “#cut4bieber” in attempt to get him to stop smoking.

Taking to Twitter to respond to the photos of him allegedly smoking, Justin said, ““Everyday growing and learning,” he continued,“Trying to be better. u get knocked down, u get up.” However, fans seemed to take things a little too far with the alleged cutting photos. Teen started up the debate on our Facebook page, and got some really well thought out responses. We prompted readers to share their thoughts on the cutting photos, and here’s what some readers had to say:

Alyssa M. said: Teens cutting themselves will get Justin upset, he’s eighteen and can do what he wants. It’s not like he’s smoking pot every second of the day, it was one time.

Chelsea C. said: Self harm is a serious issue and what these “fans” are doing is messed up and they obviously need some serious mental attention

Hawls M. said: I don’t think that cutting means you’re pathetic but it does mean you need help. If you are cutting over Justin Bieber though, you honestly have no dignity. I agree that Bieber’s being kind of dumb but seriously how many celebrities do you know of that haven’t done that at least once? Not many. If you want his attention then egg his house or something, don’t hurt yourself for someone who could care less.

Nienke J. said: Cutting is NOT something to joke about. There are people who are actually suffering from self-harm, this is so disrespectful.

Meggan Elise H. said: I love justin too , but i would never cut myself just to get him to stop smoking. Thats just ridiculous, he just experiencing life , like everyone else. This why is people don’t liike jusitn because of his crazy fans smh

Lilly Lavender L. said: How dare they blame their mental illness on an 18 year old guy! He’s a teenager, he’s supposed to smoke pot and wreak a little havoc and it’s none of their business! They need to chill out and leave him alone! Freakin crazies!

Natasha C. said: Sick children . They are going to lead Justin to worse things then weed . People seem to forget he is a human to . Who feels so seeing people who he cares about because they helpes get his dream be so stupid . I feel bad for anyone in the public eye .

Autumn C. said: What if that was your daughter? (or, I guess sister) The world needs to do something other than call them stupid and pathetic. If we’re playing the blame-game, how about start with all the insults you throw at children on a daily basis.

Samantha L. said: Not funny. These teenagers shouldn’t be cutting themselves because their idol is smoking pot. They should just get over it and move on. When Miley smoked salvia, her fans didn’t cut themselves. I know it’s different, but still. They should put down the knife or whatever sharp object and relax. Justin will realize what he’s doing when he sees what his fans think of this.

What do you guys think of the whole situation? Keep the debate going in the comments section.

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