Taylor Swift Takes Tour Crew on Vacation

TAYLOR Swifttakes her whole tour crew on vacation. The Love Story singer — who is currently on her Speak Now World Tour – has revealed it is very important to her to thank her roadies and musical team for all their hard work by taking them somewhere “beautiful and tropical” when the run of concerts ends.

“We usually take everyone on a vacation, like everybody, every single person on the tour, band, dancers, crew,” she said.

“We usually pick somewhere beautiful and tropical … we haven’t started planning it yet because the tour is only halfway done, we do that, it’s really wonderful to take everyone on a trip.”

When on the road the 21-year-old country musician especially relies on a team of helpers who assist her backstage for her “crazy” costume changes which often take place in less than 30 seconds in between songs.

“I have three people that help me change clothes, I have to change clothes in under 30 seconds every single time,” she explained.

“It’s crazy because I’m usually going from a little dress to two dresses stacked on top of each other with a ball gown on top, different shoes changes, so there’s somebody taking off my shoes the same time somebody is putting a dress over my head, the same time somebody is changing my hair.”

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