TAYLOR Swift feels she leads a double life

The Love Story singer admits she is often left confused by the pressures of dealing with her music career combined with trying to retain normality away from her professional life. “Sometimes I feel like I lead a double life. One minute I’ll be negotiating a contract and the next I’ll be at home with my friends,” she said. “It’s always been like that, even at school. I went to class, studied for tests and had crushes on boys, and then after school I’d go downtown to Music Row in Nashville and write songs.”

Despite having so much to juggle, Taylor insists she never crumbles under stress.

“I do have days where I just don’t want to get out of bed because there’s so much to do but they don’t happen very often,” she said.

“The pressure never really gets to me. I’ve always loved there being a little bit of pressure on me to succeed. I thrive on that.”

Swift, 20, recently admitted that, despite her fame, she doesn’t have many friends.

“In middle school and junior high, all my friends ditched me, so I was really lonely,” she said.

“I was doing different things at the weekend and I wasn’t part of the gang any more. I just wanted to play shows and I think it got really irritating to them.

“It’s weird, I thought I’d have so many more friends now but I feel like I’m less popular than I’ve ever been. My best friend is Abigail and we’ve been friends since I was 15.”

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