Taylor Swift dedicates song for Mothers Day (VIDEO)

While performing in Alabama last night (May 8th), Fearless singer Taylor Swift sang her song The Best Day for her mother. In the middle of the song, Tay even pointed out her mother saying “I love you mom!” This week, Taylor also donated $500,000 to Nashville in hopes of helping the victims of the terrible flood. “It was the craziest thing that I’ve ever seen. I was at my house in Hendersonville, we were staring out the window, thinking it didn’t seem like rain. It just seemed like something in a movie. It was really emotional for me because those are the streets I learned to drive on. People’s houses are just ruined. It was so heartbreaking to see that in my town, the place that I call home, and the place that I feel most safe. I just send my love to my friends and neighbors who got hit harder than I did.” Taylor said on why she wanted to help out.

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