Taylor + Selena perform at Madison Square Garden

– Selena Gomez performs with Taylor Swift at the Madison Square Garden for her last concert. Taylor said: ”Last show of the entire tour seems like anyone’s definition of a special occassion. And on special occassions you want to be surrounded by your friends. One of my best friends, she is such an amazing singer, and we, in the 4 years that we’ve been best friends have never sung on stage together and I think that is just such a shame. So it just so happens, Selena is here tonight!” Also be sure to check out some videos + pictures below of the concert!!

Selena backstage wearing one of Taylor’s tour shirts

video of the performance

Selena and Taylor with James Taylor

Yet another video, just a better quality of it.

Selena’s new instagram: “Performing at Madison Square Garden with my best friend was a highlight.. Congratulations Taylor on Speak Now tour!! Love you”

Taylor’s new instagram: “And our first special guest for tonight’s show was…”

Justin Bieber, the Black Eyed Peas, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are at the show too!


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