Taylor premieres “Mean” music video

Can you believe that Taylor Swift is only just up to the third music video from her latest album Speak Now, yet the album has already hit sales of 5 million? Well, technically Speak Now has sold 4,850,246 copies worldwide as of late March, but it’s not unreasonable to assume that it’s probably close to the 5 million mark by now. The only other female artist in Taylor’s league right now would be Adele, who has sold 4.94 copies worldwide of her latest effort 21. But at this point, 21 is consistently selling much more than Speak Now each week, so it’ll most likely be Adele who wins out in the end.

But enough about Adele — Taylor has dropped the music video for anti-bullying anthem “Mean”. Out of all the self-empowerment pop songs to come out during this latest musical fad, “Mean” easily has to be one of the best: Taylor’s self-penned lyrics about how she “can’t sing” add a genuine and personal touch to the track that most of these other tunes lack, and the banjo-led production refreshingly makes it one of the most country-sounding songs she’s ever released.

The video isn’t quite as good as the song itself, though, often falling right into the obvious and completely unoriginal realm. In one scene, a preppy gay boy (who looks like he just stepped off the set of Glee) overcomes some bullying jocks in a locker room, and then later grows up to become a successful fashion designer. (Because you know, all gays are either hairdressers or work in women’s fashion). But in between all the cliched crap, a beautiful Taylor shines when the camera is on her, whether it just be something as simple as her singing and strumming the banjo, or the fun and cartoonish scene of her tied on a railway track.

“Mean” is currently top ten on the Billboard Country Charts, where it’s continually rising each week. To combat the niche country appeal of “Mean”, Swift’s label Big Machine Records have also sent the pop-rock “The Story Of Us” to radio. The song is already an official single, and a music video was shot last month.

Check out “Mean” below.

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