Lady Gaga vs. Rihanna – Who Wore It Best Halloween Edition

Lady Gaga Rihanna / Splash News

Make way for the cannabis queens! It was one of those “great minds think alike” moments for stoner songstresses Lady Gaga and Rihanna, as both of the women dressed up in marijuana-inspired garb for 2012 Halloween festivities. Both of the weed outfits are very different, but which singer earns your vote for the greatest Halloween ganja goddess?

While there has been a lot of controversy surrounding Gaga and Rihanna’s marijuana-inspired costume choices, given that they’re paying homage to an illegal substance, both ladies are big tokers and don’t seem to care who knows it. Maybe it’s for stress, maybe it’s for inspiration, and maybe it’s just for fun, but sheesh — give it up already! There are tons of famous musicians who smoke on the daily, and it’s a personal choice that no amount of bad press or outside opinion can change. So why not embrace their kooky costumes and have them duke it out in a ‘Who Wore It Best’ challenge.

But remember, marijuana is still ILLEGAL (save for medicinal users) and is capable of causing bodily harm — we’re only talking about Gaga and Rihanna here, who are both grown women fully capable of making their own decisions. And it’s a Halloween costume. Everyone needs to lighten up.

Gaga undoubtedly turned heads with her booby-free look, going as a “Marijuana Mermaid” with sparkly green starfish pasties and a tulle skirt. She wore a crown with marijuana-shaped leaves around it, as well as a long green wig with more weed-inspired details. Rihanna, on the other hand, dressed up as a straight-up cannabis plant, except she converted the bushy look into a flattering dress with a leafy train and paired it with a green veil.

Which marijuana hit maker would you crown the cannabis queen of Halloween?

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Lady Gaga Rihanna

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Kesha, Jessie J + More Babes Wearing Bones – Who Wore It Best

Kesha Jessie J Miley Cyrus Rihanna Cher Lloyd

Kevin Winter, Getty Images / Bruce Glikas, FilmMagic / Splash News / Stefanie Keenan, WireImage / Tim Whitby, Getty Images

Pulling off skull wear isn’t the easiest thing, but these ladies of pop make bones look good! With Halloween right around the corner, it’s an appropriate time to take votes on the best skeletal diva. Out of Kesha, Jessie J, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and Cher Lloyd, which songstress do you think looks best in this boney garb?

Kesha rocked a gliterry skeleton jumpsuit at her 2011 Wango Tango performance, while Jessie J also rocked some  boney detailing on her black sweater during a visit to NYC’s Planet Hollywood in May 2011. Then we’ve got Miley Cyrus, who opted for a skull romper during a trip to her pilates class in May 2012. Rihanna also rocked a cranium back in the day, wearing a Betsey Johnson skull dress to a Black Eyed Peas benefit. Finally, we’ve got Cher Lloyd, who added some punk flair to an outfit with a black cutoff skull T-shirt.

In celebration of Halloween and these trendy anatomical fashion pieces, vote for either Kesha, Jessie J, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna or Cher Lloyd for the greatest skeleton-inspired outfit.

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Rihanna vs. Halle Berry – Who Wore It Best?

Rihanna Halle Berry

Vogue / InStyle

If you’ve been browsing the magazine racks at your local drugstore at all lately, the Novemeber issues of Vogue and InStyle might’ve looked pretty similar to you. Rihanna is covering Vogue in red, while Halle Berry is on the front of InStyle in red. While the women are wearing different dresses, one thing is the same: their adorable pixie haircuts!

Sitting in a meadow of neutral colors, Rihanna’s red lips, smokey eyes, and bright red dress really stand out — but the thing we cannot take our eyes off of is the singer’s brand-new haircut. The pixie ‘do looks fabulous on Rihanna. It highlights her amazing bone structure and allows her natural facial beauty to shine through.

Even though Rihanna is rocking the crop top now, actress Halle Berry has been owning this look for years now. Whenever we see the Oscar-winning actress in a film role that requires longer hair, we feel a little weird inside — that’s how comfortable we’ve become with her signature pixie cut. Why mess with something that’s pretty much perfect?

Rihanna and Halle Berry both look super glamorous with their pixie haircuts, but which cover girl do you think wore this look best? Vote for RiRi or Halle below!

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Lady Gaga vs. Elizabeth Hurley – Who Wore It Best?

Lady Gaga Elizabeth Hurley Hugh Grant

Splash News / Dave Benett, Getty Images

Usually, these who wore it best polls compare two looks from the same time frame, so Lady Gaga had us do a double take when she stepped out in Milan wearing this Versace safety pin dress. Why, you ask? Well, because actress Elizabeth Hurley made headlines when she wore the same sexy gown nearly 20 years ago!

Apparently, this black Gianni Versace dress transformed 29-year-old Elizabeth Hurley from a semi-known actress (who was really more famous at that point for dating then boyfriend, Hugh Grant) to an A-list celebrity — kind of similar to the affect J. Lo‘s green Grammy dress had on her career. Hurley wore the dress at the London premiere of ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral,’ with photographers scrambling to snap pictures of her on the red carpet.

But did Gaga wear the dress that made Elizabeth Hurley famous better? Mother Monster stepped out in the va-va-voom gown while visiting Milan in 2012, and the design has only been slightly altered since the 1994 version. Both of the women fill out the dress well — with a plunging neckline like that, you’d have to — and the flash of bare thigh and stomach add to the sex appeal of this already show-stopping number.

Who wore it best? Vote for Lady Gaga or Elizabeth Hurley below!

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Taylor Swift vs. Rihanna – Who Wore It Best?

Taylor Swift Rihanna

Frederick M. Brown / Isaac Brekken, Getty Images

All-white pantsuits are a hard thing to pull off, but Taylor Swift and Rihanna both seem to get the job done in their respective blazers and slacks. The question is, which of these women rock the white pantsuit best?

Taylor Swift rocked this off-white, silk and crepe J. Mendel pantsuit at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards, ditching her usual glittery gowns for something more sophisticated but just as chic. She paired the pantsuit with Tom Ford sandals, giving it a bit more of a flirty vibe. Meanwhile, fiery-haired Rihanna was a vision at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards when she showed up in a Max Azria pantsuit and nude pumps.

Both ladies wore plunging necklines, but Rihanna went for a more androgynous look with a collared shirt while Taylor wore a more form-fitting shell underneath. Taylor’s pants also have a looser fitting bottom while Rihanna’s are tapered.

Who wore it best? Taylor or Rihanna? Vote for your favorite white pantsuit below!

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Adam Lambert vs. Bill Kaulitz- Who Wore It Best?

Adam Lambert Bill Kaulitz

Dimitrios Kambouris / Ian Gavan, Getty Images

Back in 2009, Adam Lambert and his fashion doppelganger (at least at the time) Bill Kaulitz, frontman for Tokio Hotel, wore the exact same pair of Dior jeans… But which of these rockin’ singers wore it best?

Lambert actually wore the pants after Kaulitz, who rocked the faded, tie-dyed Dior jeans at the 2009 Europe Music Awards. The ‘Trespassing’ hit maker, on the other hand, wore them to a VEVO event almost exactly one month later. Lambert and Kaulitz’s pants might be the exact same pair, but even their black shirts, jackets and hairstyles kind of match!

So, who wore these black-to-white jeans the best? Vote for Adam or Bill below!

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Demi Lovato vs. Lindsay Lohan – Who Wore It Best?

Demi Lovato Lindsay Lohan

YouTube / Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images

Check out this sparkly, hooded Brian Lichtenberg dress that singer/actress Demi Lovato rocked in her ‘Remember December‘ video. Actress/hot mess/Amanda Bynes’ No. 1 enemy Lindsay Lohan also wore the jazzy number at the 2010 Golden Globes, but who wore it best?

Lovato looks so gorgeous in this in this show-stopping, futuristic number! She looks edgy and glamorous at the same time, pretty much the perfect recipe for the ‘X Factor‘ judge’s taste in fashion. Meanwhile, Lohan (who still looks pretty in this picture despite her craziness) wore the flashy Lichtenberg number to the Golden Globes, and she looked super fab on the red carpet.

Despite the fact that both of these ladies look great, who do you think wore it best? Vote for Demi or Lindsay below!

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Christina Aguilera vs. Kristen Stewart – Who Wore It Best?

Christina Aguilera Kristen Stewart

Rob Kim / Stephen Lovekin, Getty Images

Oh snap! Christina Aguilera and Kristen Stewart wore the same dress, but who wore it best?

Both of the ladies stepped out in this one shoulder, lacy, black Valentino dress a while back. The ‘Ain’t No Other Man’ diva decided to rock the cute, yet very chic number at a Mary J. Blige charity concert in May 2011, and the ‘Twilight’ actress slipped on the LBD for a Cinema Society film screening back in Oct. 2010.

Who do you think wore this Valentino dress the best? Vote for Xtina or Kristen below!

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Britney Spears vs. Katy Perry vs. Jennifer Lopez – Who Wore It Best?

Frank Micelotta, Getty Images / George Pimentel, WireImage / Kevin Winter, Getty Images

If there’s one outfit that takes a whole lot of metaphorical balls to wear, it’s a nude bodysuit (we wouldn’t suggest wearing one if you actually do have balls, since that would leave very, very little to the imagination). Britney Spears started the “I’m nude, but not really” fad back in 2000 with her VMA performance of ‘Satisfaction’ / ‘Oops! … I Did It Again,’ and nearly every fit pop star copied her patented nudey suit thereafter. 

Even though Brit could be considered to start-all, end-all of nude bodysuit wearers, since she started the trend and looked so unbelievably hot in the getup, Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez have also showed off their womanly figures in their own versions of Brit’s naked fakeout. Katy Perry rocked a full, glittery bodysuit at the 2012 MuchMusic Awards (as she transformed into a butterfly during ‘Wide Awake’), while Jenny from the Block has been rockin’ nude onesies left and right (with a body like that, we don’t blame her!), like the one pictured above that she’s been performing in recently.

Who wears the nude illusion look the best? Vote for Brit, Katy or J. Lo below!

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