Jake Pavelka: I Turned Down a Second Stint on ‘Bachelor Pad’

Jake Pavelka 'The Vow' Premiere Jake Pavelka 'The Vow' Premiere Jake Pavelka 'The Vow' Premiere Jake Pavelka 'The Vow' Premiere Jake Pavelka 'The Vow' Premiere Jake Pavelka 'The Vow' Premiere Jake Pavelka 'The Vow' Premiere

The vote that led to Jake Pavelka’s Episode 3 elimination on Bachelor Pad 2 last summer was one of the closest (and most controversial) the ABC reality series had ever seen. But, Pavelka doesn’t have any desire to settle old scores.

When asked if he’d return if the show’s producers invited him back to the pad for another season, Pavelka, 34, replied, “They did and no.”

The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love star said the reality show’s $250,000 prize wasn’t a motivator either. “[With] what you have to deal with, the stakes are too high,” he said at Warner Bros. TV’s 25th Celebration at The Bachelor mansion in Agoura Hills, Calif.

Pavelka competed on the second season of Bachelor Pad — which reunites all-stars from various seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette to battle it out for the cash prize and possibly another shot at love — to make amends with his ex-fiancée and Bachelor pick, Vienna Girardi.

“Well, I had some spilled milk to clean up,” he admitted. “That’s what that was about.”

And even though Girardi led the charge to eliminate him, Pavelka feels he “absolutely” accomplished his goal.

“Everybody showed their true colors. I was able to walk away gracefully,” the Dallas pilot says.

Though his time on The Bachelor franchise made him famous and led to acting opportunities, including Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva and the CBS soap The Bold and the Beautiful, he does have at least one regret from his time on the reality series.

After eight months together – three in the public spotlight – Pavelka and Girardi agreed to do a breakup special that aired on ABC in July 2010.

Insults were hurled back and forth: Girardi calling him a “fame whore” and “liar,” Pavelka said she was addicted to the limelight, as well, and accused her of cheating on him. In the end, Girardi walked off the set crying, as Pavelka seemed cold to viewers throughout the special.

Today, he says, “The only thing that I should have done differently about that was when they told me they were doing the interview is said, ‘Get lost.’ I shouldn’t have done it.”

Now, Pavelka’s love life is currently on the upswing. He’s currently dating actress and singer Kristin Chenoweth, whom he met when she hosted The Humane Society’s Hero Dog Awards last October.

Warner Bros. had no comment on Pavelka’s claim that it had asked him back for another season of Bachelor Pad.

The current season of The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8PM on ABC.

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‘Shameless’ Star Emmy Rossum Previews ‘Growing Pains’ on Season 3

The cast of 'Shameless' in season three

Fiona Gallagher (Emmy Rossum) on Showtime’s Shameless may have stepped up and taken charge of the Chicago household and the entire brood of trouble-making kids because their parents were deadbeats, but that doesn’t mean she is without her own flaws. The apple only falls so far from the tree, right?

Though the second season of the series saw her succeeding in getting her GED, she still has a long way to go before she can actually put it to good use to get her family out of their less-than-stellar situation.

“She’s trying to do what she can with her GED, although it’s proving a little harder than she initially thought. So she’s definitely not having any job security like we’d hope she would have had by this point. She’s still working a the nightclub and having odd jobs and kind of making a couple of poor, Frank-like decisions that leave Lip as the one who’s pulling the pieces together,” Rossum said when Celebuzzwas on-set with her in Los Angeles, Calif. for Season 3.

“We’re seeing the ramifications of having bad parenting and how that doesn’t leave you with much on how to help decide what kind of an adult to be.”

Unfortunately for Fiona, though, she still needs those bad parents to get her and the rest of the kids out of some legal jams. Season 3 will see the Department of Family Services stepping into the Gallagher household and removing the young ones — and that means all of them. Fiona isn’t going to kick back and be glad to have a vacation from responsibility or time to focus on herself, though; she is going to have to make a deal with the devil, so to speak, to get her family back together.

“That’s really terrifying for Fiona because she’s not their legal guardian, and she really needs her parents to help her out, but both of her parents suck,” Rossum laughed.

“I think Monica is the lesser of two evils, but she’s not around, so Frank is the only option. Frank is not living in the house, although when DFS comes in, and she needs Frank to help her get the kids back, he finagles his way back into his old room [temporarily].”

Though Lip (Jeremy Allen White) has certainly proven himself capable of helping Fiona take care of family problems in the past, he’s still a minor, so this time he’s taken with the rest of the kids.

“Lip and Ian go to a group home. Debbie goes to this bizarre foster family where they have, like, a hundred kids running around, and they’re running a jewelry slave trade. And Carl and Liam end up together with these two amazing gay guys who are a couple who really like them and want to adopt them.”

As if that wasn’t bad enough, even when they are together, Lip and Fiona will come to blows this season over exactly how to take care of the family. Lip may not be the oldest, or even the most mature, but he has skills and talents that make him the smartest of the brood.

“Lip and Fiona are definitely butting heads. He’s getting older and more capable and is, in a lot of ways, a lot smarter than Fiona. So they definitely have some friction. And he has Mandy Milkovich living now in the house, and Fiona really doesn’t like free loading!” Rossum said.

“There’s definitely a lot of growing pains.”

Fiona and Steve — err, Jimmy (Justin Chatswin) — are still together on Season 3, but even that relationship is about to take some hits, as Fiona realizes she does have a bigger problem with Jimmy’s lies than she at first realized. Will Fiona ever be able to find a sense of contentment!?

“Jimmy’s Jimmy, but she loves Steve. She loves the thieving car stealer who drove fast cars and was sexy and mysterious, and Jimmy is a guy who had a secret life and wasn’t really who he said he was. Although he really loves Fiona and her family, he’s a little boring,” Rossum said.

“He’s playing Mr. Mom and making omelettes in the morning and smoothies. Fiona’s kind of realizing that what she thought on paper sounded good may not be really what she wants.”

Shameless returns Sunday at 9 PM on Showtime.

What are you most excited to see on Season 3 of Shameless? Sound off in the comments below!

Danielle Turchiano

Watch the Season 3 trailer below.

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Jake Pavelka Opens Up About Dating Kristin Chenoweth

Jake Pavelka 'The Vow' Premiere Jake Pavelka 'The Vow' Premiere Jake Pavelka 'The Vow' Premiere Jake Pavelka 'The Vow' Premiere Jake Pavelka 'The Vow' Premiere Jake Pavelka 'The Vow' Premiere

Jake Pavelka is trying to do things differently this time around.

Since being romantically linked to Kristin Chenoweth, the former Bachelor star has managed to keep the relationship private.

“I’m not in a ‘high profile relationship,’” Pavelka said at Warner Bros. TV’s 25th Celebration at The Bachelor mansion in Agoura Hills, Calif. over the weekend.

“I had a very high profile relationship and it’s put some unnecessary strain on something that could potentially be really beautiful. It didn’t work out so well last time,” he added, referring to the failed courtship with season 14 Bachelor winner Vienna Girardi.


Without spilling too much, Pavelka, 34, did speak highly of his new ladylove — the two first met at the American Humane Association’s Hero Dog Awards last October.

“Kristin and I have been spending time together. She’s wonderful, absolutely wonderful.”

Pavelka also dished on his version of a perfect date.

“Oh man, you know what? Sunday afternoon. Laying in bed all day, getting takeout, watching movies, not doing anything, cell phones off. That is my favorite.”

But don’t expect the Dallas native to join Chenoweth, 44, in a song anytime soon.

“I do everyone a favor and never sing. I don’t even sing in the shower.”

The current season of The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8PM on ABC.

Do you think Jake Pavelka and Kristin Chenoweth make a cute couple? Weigh in below.

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Miss New York Mallory Hytes Hagan Crowned Miss America (PHOTOS)

miss america miss new york mallory hytes hagan miss america miss new york mallory hytes hagan miss america miss new york mallory hytes hagan miss america miss new york mallory hytes hagan miss america miss new york mallory hytes hagan miss america miss new york mallory hytes hagan miss america miss new york mallory hytes hagan

Hello, New York!

Mallory Hytes Hagan of New York is bringing the crown to the Big Apple. The 23-year-old beauty from the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, N.Y. was crowned Miss America 2013 on Saturday night during the annual competition, held in Las Vegas’ Planet Hollywood.

Miss South Carolina, Ali Rogers, was named runner up while Miss Oklahoma, Alicia Clifton placed third.

Hagan, who performed a tap dance to a James Brown song for the talent portion of the competition, took home the big prize of $50,000 in scholarship money, along with a crown and a sash.

During the Q&A section of the competition, the Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.) student answered a tough question about having armed guards in schools.

“I don’t think the proper way to fight violence is with violence. I think the proper way is to educate people on guns and the ways we can use them properly. We can lock them up, we can have gun safety classes, we can have a longer waiting period,” she said.

Hagan, who will now become an advocate for Miss America’s official charity, the Children’s Miracle Network, is the first New York winner in the competition in nearly three decades.

Vanessa Williams took home the prize in 1984, before forcing to resign months later over a nude photo controversy.

Did you catch the Miss America pageant last night? Check out the gallery of the winner Miss New York, above, and share your comments below.

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‘Revenge’ Star Nick Wechsler Explains What Could Drive ‘Stand Up Guy’ Jack to Murder

'Revenge': Jack in jail

Nick Wechsler has called his Revenge character, Jack Porter, “the most relatable guy in the world” and the “moral compass” of the show on more than one occasion. So, it certainly didn’t surprise him when Jack took the fall for the drugs stashed on his boat that the Hamptons PD thought belonged to baby brother Declan (Connor Paolo).

Though neither guy was actually guilty, pointing fingers at the Ryan brothers would be bad for the Porters– and a dear old family friend. And Jack is too good to throw people under the bus like that.

I would [tell the truth] just because I would not go to f**king jail for someone else’s bulls**t!” Wechsler told Celebuzzat ABC’s Television Critics Association Press Tour party in Pasadena, Calif.

“But, I think he’s such a stand-up guy that he doesn’t want to take Matt Duncan away from his kids. Ultimately, it would probably all come out. If he goes to jail because he confesses or Jack outs him, then it would ruin his life.”

Jack may have the best intentions, but if he keeps putting everyone else first and sacrificing himself, at a certain point not only does he cause more damage to his family, but he may also be considered kind of a sucker. After all, right now he’s sitting in a jail cell, and just because he’s never been in trouble before doesn’t mean it will be easy to beat a drug charge .

“Basically, Jack tries to get Matt to confess,” Wechsler said, noting that the heat would shift off the Porter family and that would allow them to help Matt.

Just like when Daniel (Josh Bowman) went to jail on Season 1, Jack’s time behind bars won’t be too long —  and it won’t nearly be as brutal. His brother and his fiance both visit him, and Wechsler admitted Jack in jail “gets resolved a little quickly.” Of course, it brings its own set of problems to follow for future episodes, though.

“He gets into another kind of trouble getting out. He’s out in time for a wedding, but he’s in other trouble!” Wechsler said.

So far Jack has always been able to keep his cool head — and moral compass — but Wechsler said that action might absolutely have to be taken against the Ryans. And yes, he thought Jack was able to carry out such a task — but getting ready and being willing is what has taken some time.

“I think he puts up with [the Ryans] for a while to try to keep the peace, but I feel like if anyone messed with his family too much — like if they really pushed it, he’d hurt them. It’s all been kind of manageably awful right now. He’ll only do it if it’s the only option,” Wechsler said.

“I think if they had Declan, and they were hurting him, and they mailed him Declan’s figure or something, I think it would be, ‘I’m going to try to get him out of that situation. But if I can’t some other way, I’ll kill the guy to get him back.’”

Revenge airs Sundays at 9PM on ABC.

Do you want to see a more ruthless side to Jack or are you happy with him being the show’s “nice guy”? Let us know in the comments below!

Danielle Turchiano

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Beyonce: New HBO Documentary Trailer (VIDEO)

Beyonce Knowles gets candid and emotional in the new trailer for her upcoming HBO documentary, set to air in February.

On Saturday, the network released a preview of the special, titled Life is But a Dream. Directed by the 31-year-old singer herself, documentary includes personal footage from multiple rehearsal spaces, the recording studio, Bey’s bed and her adventures around the world.

Viewers will also get an intimate look at an ultrasound of baby Blue Ivy Carter, who just celebrated her first birthday last week.


“I always battle with how much do I reveal about myself. How do I stay current? How do I stay soulful? I felt like I had been so commercial success, it wasn’t enough,” Beyonce says in a voiceover in the trailer.

“You can’t express yourself. You can’t grow. It is the battle of my life. So I set a goal. And my goal was: independence.”

In the trailer, Beyonce can also be seen being frustrated with trying to hide her baby bump, possibly during a time just prior to her big announcement at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards.

The “Countdown” singer is gearing up for a busy next several weeks, starting with President Barack Obama’s inauguration in Washington, D.C., followed by her highly anticipated Destiny’s Child reunion at the Super Bowl XLVII halftime show on Feb. 3, before celebrating the premiere of Life is But a Dream on Feb. 16.

What do you think of Beyonce’s new documentary? Check out the full trailer, above, and weigh in below.

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CBS Wants Another Season of ‘Two and a Half Men’ With Angus T. Jones

Angus T Jones Two and a Half Men Jon Cryer, Ashton Kutcher and Angus T. Jones at CBS Upfront Jon Cryer, Ashton Kutcher and Angus T. Jones at CBS Upfront Jon Cryer, Ashton Kutcher and Angus T. Jones at CBS Upfront Jon Cryer, Ashton Kutcher and Angus T. Jones at CBS Upfront Jon Cryer, Ashton Kutcher and Angus T. Jones at CBS Upfront Jon Cryer, Ashton Kutcher and Angus T. Jones at CBS Upfront

While CBS hasn’t officially announced a renewal for Two and a Half Men, CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler said they definitely want a Season 11.

She also said none of the castmembers have signed on for another season, including Sheen’s replacement, Ashton Kutcher.

And what about Angus T. Jones? He didn’t do himself any favors by saying on a video-gone-viral that he thought the hit series is “filth” and urged viewers not to watch it.

Well, CBS seems to feel that’s all water under the bridge. “We’d like him to be part of it next year,” Tassler told reporters at Saturday’s Television Critics Association Press Tour in Pasadena.

“I think he would like to come back too, we would like him to… He made his public apology, and we’ve moved on,” she continued. “And we’d like the show back, and we’d like him to come back too.”

Jones, 19, who has been on the show for 10 seasons, issued the apology to Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre, CBS, Warner Bros. Television and the show’s stars shortly after the video leaked in November.

Earlier this week, Sheen, who was fired from the show last year after a public meltdown and feud with Lorre, said that he understands Jones.

“I get it, it’s a weird place and people tend to have a different perspective on life working over there,” Sheen, who has moved on to star on FX’s Anger Management, said at TCA.

“[Jones] is a good kid and maybe he’s just going through a phase, but it’s hard to comment on something if I’m not there . . . I don’t think he’s crazy, I just think he’s a little maybe over-influenced in some other beliefs.”

Since his character joined the military, Jones’ shooting schedule has been reduced. His girlfriend, Stalker Sarah, told Celebuzz that he’d like to free up his schedule to attend college.

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Howard Stern Turns 59: See the King of All Media’s Most Outrageous Moments


The self-proclaimed King of All Media, Howard Stern, turns 59 on Saturday. He’s one of the most infamous radio personalities of today, a successful author, a movie star (remember Private Parts?) and a reality talent show judge.

But back to that radio gig…


With riot-fests like the day he embarrassed his producer on-air with a shocking audio tape (sorry, Gary!) to the time he joked about the Columbine shooting (and no, we’re not kidding), Stern has both entertained and offended millions of listeners. He’s also kept the FCC on its toes, but we digress…


Now, to celebrate his big day, we’re taking a look back at his most outrageous, did-he-really-just-do-that moments.  Click through our gallery to see them all!

Which do you think is Howard’s most shocking moment?  Did we miss any? Let us know in the comment section.

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Which TV Drama Series Will Win the Golden Globe? (PHOTOS)

Steve Buscemi Bryan Cranston Michelle Dockery Claire Danes Jeff Daniels

No Mad Men? No Game of Thrones? Do you even recognize the Golden Globes Best TV Drama series category anymore?

It’s a strange category to handicap this year. Sunday’s ceremony will most likely see a face-off between Showtime’s Homeland and PBS’s Downton Abbey, both of which won in 2012.

How is that possible? Because Downton Abbey competed in the Mini-Series/TV Movie category last year. Jumping categories is a dangerous move, but if there’s one group of viewers as ardent as Homeland fans, it’s Downton Abbey fans.

What does that mean for the other contenders — AMC’s Breaking Bad and HBO’s Boardwalk Empire and The Newsroom? Find out by clicking through the gallery at the top of this article.

Want the skinny on the other top TV categories at the Globes? Read our predictions for Best Actor and Best Actress in a Drama Series, Best Mini-Series/TV Movie, and Best Comedy or Musical Series. Let us know what you think in the comments below. And be sure to visit Celebuzz on Jan. 13 for live coverage of all things Golden Globe.

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One Minute Buzz: Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Split; Britney Spears Quits ‘X Factor’ (VIDEO)

It’s One Minute Buzz time!

This past week was filled with plenty of break up action, and we’re not just talking about the ending of the brief romance between Taylor Swift and Harry Styles.

After 37 days together, the young singers called it quits this week and headed their separate directions — Swift to the west coast, where she picked up a People’s Choice Award for favorite country artist, and Styles to the east coast, where he feasted on Italian grub in Queens, for free.

Meanwhile in TV land, Britney Spears made her X Factor exit official on Friday.


“I’ve made the very difficult decision not to return for another season,” the princess of pop said in a statement obtained by Celebuzz.

“I had an incredible time doing t he show and I love the other judges and I am so proud of my teens, but it’s time for me to get back in the studio.”

For more on the week’s hottest headlines, check out One Minute Buzz, with Hyla, above. Are you looking forward to new music from Britney Spears? Weigh in below.

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Happy Birthday, Naya Rivera! Relive the ‘Glee’ Star’s Best Moments (PHOTOS)

Make a wish, Naya Rivera!

The Glee star, who portrays popular cheerleader Santana Lopez on the FOX musical comedy, turns 26 on Saturday.

Rivera’s small-screen persona has provided some of Glee‘s most unforgettable moments. Remember Santana’s incredible rendition of Michael Jackson‘s hit, “Smooth Criminal,” with costar Grant Gustin? Or what about her collaboration with Amber Riley on “River Deep, Mountain High” during the 2011 Glee tour? And, of course, who could forget when Santana discovered her romantic feelings for fellow cheerleader Brittany Pierce (Heather Morris), leading up one of television’s most-talked about kisses?

Launch the gallery to check out more of Naya’s best moments on Glee! Then, send your birthday greetings to the actress in the comments section, below!

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