Happy 75th Birthday, Anthony Hopkins! The Acclaimed Actor’s Career in 8 Clicks (PHOTOS)

Dec. 31 marks the end of 2012, but it’s the beginning of Anthony Hopkins’ 75th year on Planet Earth.

One of the most acclaimed and sought-after actors in the world, Hopkins has been entertaining audiences for more than 40 years, remarkably getting the break that made him a true movie star – Silence of the Lambs’ Hannibal Lecter — at the age of 54.

To commemorate Hopkins’ birthday, Celebuzz has assembled a gallery of some of his most memorable movie roles, celebrating the actor’s versatility and consistency as one of the best in Hollywood.

Although he’d been acting on stage and television since 1960, Hopkins made a significant U.S. breakthrough in 1980, when he starred as a doctor trying to help a deformed man in David Lynch’s The Elephant Man.

After working in films including 1984’s The Bounty helped establish him as part of a new generation of English actors who could contribute substantive performances to films from virtually any country, Hopkins exploded in the public consciousness with his turn in Jonathan Demme’s The Silence of the Lambs. Played cold-blooded serial killer Lecter, the actor not only scored an Academy Award, but earned a place in the pop culture pantheon as one of the scariest and most memorable villains in film history.

Sincee then, Hopkins has played everything from butlers to kings to gods, most recently stepping into Alfred Hitchcock’s corpulent frame to plat the iconic filmmaker as he embarked on the production of Psycho in the 2012 film Hitchcock.

Click through our gallery for a good look at some of the actor’s most famous roles. And let us know which of them are your favorites – or which ones we forgot – in the comments section below!

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Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Craig, George Clooney: Hunks Who Got Their Start in Sci-Fi/Fantasy Films (PHOTOS)

Of all the harsh realities made clear by the gender gap, perhaps the truest is that – as of this Friday – girlfriends everywhere will be dragged reluctantly to see The Hobbit. This time, however, Peter Jackson’s journey through Middle Earth has been stripped of its eye-candy, swapping Orlando Bloom and Viggo Mortensen for a handful of dwarves, Dr. Watson and a geezer. While the movie will no doubt be epic, the real scenery will undoubtedly be just that: the actual scenery.

All of which made us consider just how many dramatic, respected and handsome leading men – prime examples of non-nerd masculinity – actually made some of their biggest breakthroughs in sci-fi, fantasy and all-around geek adventures. Read on to find out…

Click here to launch the gallery of gorgeous leading men who made their bones in genre movies.

Many of the actors on Celebuzz’ list certainly had credits prior to their turns in fantasy films – Mortensen worked steadily as a supporting player for more than a decade before striking paydirt with the Lord of the Rings series, for example.

And although many of them have gone on to even greater glories, they first became popular in the public consciousness because of these projects. On the other hand, some of them may never surpass the success they enjoyed with these films and film series. But as cinephiles and avid filmgoers, we’re only too happy to celebrate – and maybe in a few cases, reintroduce – the sci-fi-, horror and fantasy films that helped the world fall in love with them.

Which of these hunks is your favorite — or which appeared in your favorite fantasy film? Keep the discussion going in the comments section after watching the theatrical trailer for The Hobbit below!

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‘Red Dawn’: What Are the Critics Saying About the Remake?

As distributor MGM got its house in order, the remake of Red Dawn sat on a shelf for several years.

According to the critics, it should have stayed there.

Directed by Dan Bradley and starring Thor’s Chris Hemsworth and The Hunger Games’ Josh Hutcherson, this action pic hits theaters with many viewers shaking their heads. Is it worth your time? Let Celebuzz help you decide…

Red Dawn centers on a group of small-town youths-turned-soldiers struggling to defend their hometown from a North Korean invasion force.

The 1984 original, starring Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen, capitalized on then-relevant Cold War fears by having its heroes combat Russian bad guys. That film has since gathered quite the cult-following, but all the remake seems to be collecting are some of the worst reviews for a film this year.

Celebuzz has rounded up a cross section of critics’ reviews from across the country to help audiences make their ticket-buying decisions for the weekend.