One Minute Buzz: Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Split; Britney Spears Quits ‘X Factor’ (VIDEO)

It’s One Minute Buzz time!

This past week was filled with plenty of break up action, and we’re not just talking about the ending of the brief romance between Taylor Swift and Harry Styles.

After 37 days together, the young singers called it quits this week and headed their separate directions — Swift to the west coast, where she picked up a People’s Choice Award for favorite country artist, and Styles to the east coast, where he feasted on Italian grub in Queens, for free.

Meanwhile in TV land, Britney Spears made her X Factor exit official on Friday.


“I’ve made the very difficult decision not to return for another season,” the princess of pop said in a statement obtained by Celebuzz.

“I had an incredible time doing t he show and I love the other judges and I am so proud of my teens, but it’s time for me to get back in the studio.”

For more on the week’s hottest headlines, check out One Minute Buzz, with Hyla, above. Are you looking forward to new music from Britney Spears? Weigh in below.

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Britney Spears Avoiding the Axe? Singer Quits ‘X Factor’ (EXCLUSIVE DETAILS)

The X Factor The X Factor The X Factor The X Factor The X Factor The X Factor The X Factor

Britney Spears may be going on the offensive in response to the news that FOX’s The X Factor producers are preparing to let her go.

Despite FOX boss Kevin Reilly’s recent comment that Spears is welcome to return to the show, industry sources tell Celebuzz exclusively that planning meetings for Season 3 have been underway and that her participation going forward isn’t on the docket.

But, according to TMZ’s sources, Spears is resigning from the singing competition to focus on her music, even though “she loves the show.”

“Britney loves Simon, she likes Demi Lovatobut her thing is music,” says one source.

Viewers are probably not surprised that the Princess of Pop won’t be continuing on with the show. She was the subject of harsh criticism among the media and viewers.

Spears completed her first season on The X Factor on Dec. 27. And about a week later, reports spread that the show’s producers had decided to fire the singer. Despite hopes her tenure would be a long one, sources said producers felt “it isn’t working.”

Hired (along with Lovato) to fill one of the empty seats vacated by fired Season 1 judges Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger, Spears created a lot of buzz, but the show’s ratings still failed to improve upon last year’s numbers.

Viewership reached a season high of 9.6 million viewers during its finale. The bad news is that the viewership for the live finale results show still represented a drop from the 12.6 million viewers who watched the grand finale last season.

Spears is currently recording her eighth album with producer and “Scream And Shout” duet partner Will.I.Am and producer Hit-Boy. On top of that, she’s considering a tour after completing the album.

A tour could be a way to recoup the $15 million paycheck she’s giving up. The 31-year-old’s last world tour, which ended in August 2011, made $37.1 million and sold out 14 of the 39 shows according to Billboard.

Combined with L.A. Reid’s resignation from the show, Spears’ exit opens the door for two new judges on Season 3.

Spears’ rep and the show’s spokespersons didn’t immediately respond to Celebuzz’s request for comment.

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Why It’s Almost Better NOT to Win a Reality Music Competition



In case you haven’t heard the news, The X Factor‘s second season contestants, Wesley Trent Stromberg, Keaton Robert Stromberg, and Andrew Michael “Drew” Chadwick (a.k.a. Emblem3), just signed a record deal with Columbia Records and Simon Cowell‘s Syco Music! And they’re already hard at work on their debut album, set to release this year.

You know which other band Simon Cowell took under his wing after it lost The X Factor? One Direction, that’s who. After losing the UK edition of the show, Syco snatched up the fivesome and turned the guys into the group we all know today. Do you remember who won that season of the show? Matt Cardle. And look who’s the bigger deal…

So it’s almost better not to win a reality music competition. Sure, you can argue that stars such as Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Little Mix would not be where they are now if not for their wins on American Idol and TXF (UK), but look at 1D, Cher Lloyd, Jennifer Hudson, Rachel Crow and Adam Lambert. All lost; all are still big in the industry. What do you think, though? Are you better off winning the overall title? Or have you seen bigger things from those who lost? Tell us in the comments!

Are There Too Many Music Competitions on TV?

10 New Year’s Resolutions for TV Networks

Admit it: As loyal a TV fan as you are, there were moments in 2012 where you felt like flinging a brick at your flatscreen in frustration. Favorite shows and actors went off the air or ended their seasons too soon, and networks tried to sell you shows and stars and movies you’d rather not watch.

Behind all these irritants were decisions by network and cable executives meant to draw viewers and improve ratings, but which often backfired and did the opposite.

If your favorite channels want to make amends and do better in the coming year, they should adopt Celebuzz’s list of 10 New Year’s Resolutions for TV Networks, which they can read in handy gallery form at the top of this article.

For instance, we all spent a lot of time in 2012 immersed in the backstage dramas among high-profile celebrity judges on talent competitions like NBC’s The Voice and Fox’s  The X-Factor and American Idol, and not enough time on the contestants. We’d like to see the TV networks resolve to put the focus back where it belongs, on the on-stage drama. On the other hand, we didn’t spend as much time as we’d like immersed in the scripted dramas we love on cable like AMC’s Walking Dead and Showtime’s Homeland. We’d like to see the programmers resolve to lengthen the too-brief seasons of those shows.

Read the rest of the list yourself and decide whether those changes would be enough to create a better year of TV viewing for you, or whether you have additional resolutions you’d like to suggest, in the comments below.

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‘X Factor’ Firing Britney Spears? 5 Reasons to Keep the Princess of Pop

Are you ready for another round of who isn’t returning to FOX’s The X Factor? Of course, it’s only been a week or so since Season 2 ended and already we have a report that Britney Spears is about to get a pink slip – we’re not talking wardrobe here.

According to US Weekly’s “insider” source, “Britney will get the boot, [though] producers wanted her for the long haul, but it isn’t working.”

In response, a show rep tells Celebuzz, “No one has discussed next year’s judging panel yet – any reports otherwise are complete speculation.”

What isn’t speculative is that judge and executive producer Simon Cowell hired the pop icon to create buzz and that it did. Plenty of people tuned into (or at least talked and tweeted about) the talent competition to see which version of the singer turned up: The vibrant performer from the 90s or the mess who was peeped barefoot at a gas station in 2008.

What showed up was neither. The Spears that appeared for work was clearly more reserved, somewhat scared of the press, newly made over but still rough around the edges. Many fans grew tired of her terse answers, but some were thrilled when she did pop off with a punchy one-liner. We were also excited to see her range of over-the-top facial expressions.

Of course, Spears and young Disney Channel alum Demi Lovato were still unable to attract more viewers to the show. The X Factor ratings trended lower than Season 1′s numbers and its finale — the highest viewed of the season — was still about 3 million viewers shy of last year’s crowing episode. But, does that mean Britney should be fired?

As I stated before in my article on how to fix the show for Season 3, The X Factor should keep the pop star. Here are five reasons why:

1. The show really needs some stability. Viewers like to form a relationship with talent show judges. Let’s face it, contestants come and go – few really become names afterward – so viewers want to know there’s some constant when it comes to the judging panel. After Season 1’s bloodbath and the recent announcement that L.A. Reid had resigned his post, the FOX show needs to earn its viewers’ loyalty. That doesn’t happen with constant shifts in its superstar judges.

2. Britney could surprise us next season. In the last few years, Spears hasn’t had the best relationship with the press. Clearly, she’s still working through that. I say this as a reporter who spoke with the show’s contestants and judges after every episode this season (and Season 1, by the way). We were lucky if Spears spoke with us for more than a minute – combined, the entire season. Possibly, Spears can return next year with a much higher comfort level with the press and promotion. Or, the FOX show’s producers can, hmm, work with her…

3. Crouching Britney, hidden pop star. More often than not, Britney has spent the season seemingly more introverted than anyone expected. But, let’s face it: Some of the best moments of the season included her off-the-wall reactions in the moment and her unexpected jabs at both the contestants and the judges. There’s something exciting there and I can only expect those moments to occur more frequently on Season 2.

4. Britney’s mentorship got results. Carly Rose Sonenclar may not have won, but she came pretty damn close. Actually, the “Oops… I Did It Again” singer didn’t do too badly in the mentoring role. Not only did her singer come in second this season, but when the Top 10 rankings were announced Britney had the most singers in the running than any other judge with Sonenclar, Diamond White, Beatrice Miller and Arin Ray still in the mix.

5. The show’s failures can’t be totally blamed on Britney. Clearly, Spears isn’t responsible for the fact that the tone of the show from the “reality-style” auditions to the over-the-top productions felt disjointed. Or that viewers didn’t buy for a moment that the “judges’ homes” rounds actually took place at the mentors’ real dwellings. And even that the selection process, at times, felt like it favored drama over actual talent. The show still needs to establish its musical credibility. And, shouldn’t Cowell stand behind his own recent claim that they expected the ratings to be lower this season, because there are too many talent shows on TV? So, where does the buck stop?

Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger, Steve Jones and L.A. Reid… Should Britney be another X Factor casualty?

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‘X Factor’ Judge Britney Spears Reportedly Being Fired: Which Pop Star Should Replace Her? (POLL)

First it was Paula Abdul, then Nicole Sherzinger, and now it looks like Britney Spears may be the next The X Factor judge to get the axe from its co-creator Simon Cowell.

After wrapping its second season — and Spears’ first — on Dec. 20, Cowell is ready to fire the blonde pop star from the FOX singing competition series, as reported by Us Weekly.

A show rep tells Celebuzz that “no one has discussed next year’s judging panel yet – any reports otherwise are complete speculation.”

But if the news is true, who should replace the Princess of Pop: PinkRihanna, Gwen Stefani, Miley Cyrus, and Katy Perry top our list of candidates.

Take our poll below to cast your vote.

According to the magazine, producers of the show wanted to give the “Toxic” songstress a real chance at being a staple on the judge panel, but it isn’t quite working out. And Spears hasn’t been living up to her $15 million contract.

The producers of the show had hoped that the mother of two – Preston, 7, and Jayden, 6 — would portray her “crazy” self from the panel, but instead she hasn’t been providing the emotional responses they  hoped for.

L.A. Reid announced earlier this month that he will also be leaving The X Factor, but Demi Lovato seems to be a keeper for now.

Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post’s poll.


Take our poll above, and click through the gallery to revisit Spears’ X Factor fashions.

Who should join the panel with Lovato and Cowell?

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‘X Factor’ Ratings Drop: 5 Ways to Turn the Tide for Season 3

I’d hate to beat a dead horse, especially as my TV reporting colleagues have been doing a pretty good job of it already. But, FOX’s The X Factor has to face the music…

After a season of sagging ratings, the talent competition saw a rise in its finale week, reaching a season high of 9.6 million viewers. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the viewership for Thursday’s live finale results show still represents a drop from the 12.6 million viewers who watched the grand finale last season.

This season, the show was able to create buzz. New judges Britney Spears and Demi Lovato certainly held our curiosity for the season debut. And in the absence of a host, the show got rave reviews for its gritty behind the scenes storytelling with the contestants. And the ongoing search for new co-hosts got dangerously (possibly on purpose) close to its live episodes and ended with Khloe Kardashian Odom and Mario Lopez casting announcements at the eleventh hour.

So, why couldn’t The X Factor sustain the buzz and retain its Season 1 audience? And how can that be fixed on Season 3? Here’s my suggestions.

1. Make talent the real focus and don’t just give it lip service. As much as Simon Cowell likes to minimize NBC’s The Voice’s spinning chairs as just another gimmick, at least they keep the focus on real talent. Too often, The X Factor clearly went for drama over talent. CeCe Frey didn’t just suddenly have pitch problems during live shows. There was always a problem there. But, she was brash, competitive and they could milk the supposed rivalry between her and Paige Thomas for weeks. That brings me to my second suggestion…

2. Cut out the continual buzz generating. It has been a long time since anyone could call TV the “boob tube.” Today’s freshest ideas and most talented people are on TV. And along with that, the viewing audience has become a lot more sophisticated about their choices. In this environment, buzz doesn’t create a loyal viewer. Sure, the viewing audience may be feeling some overload on TV talent competitions (as Simon suggested this week), but how does that explain The Voice’s increasing ratings this season? So, the real question here is why did the viewing audience choose not to return to The X Factor? I think the show’s constant buzz gave way to white noise.

3. Stop revealing the rankings as the show approaches later rounds. Sure, it was new and informative when the show first introduced rankings. It was particularly mind-blowing to see that boy group Emblem3 wasn’t topping the votes and that country singer Tate Stevens actually was. But, as the show got closer to the final rounds, I think they needed to shut down the rankings process. The air of mystery was really hard to capture – no matter how much they wanted us to believe “anything could happen.”

4. Ditch the two-hour format. Sure, it’s attractive to package two hours of TV to advertisers. But, what’s the real worth of that when your audience is fatigued from talent shows and doesn’t want all the fluff? If the show really wants to do something groundbreaking, it should go to a one-hour format and respect our precious primetime.

5. Britney Spears should stay, but she has to find some passion for the gig. Britney certainly piqued our interest in the beginning, but what did she really offer as far as constructive criticism? Terse (admittedly, at times amusing) statements like, “It was really exciting” or “I’m very proud of her,” even “I just don’t get it.” But, let’s face it; most of us have no idea when someone is being pitchy or when a singer could’ve started a song in a lower key. We look to the judges to tell us those things. Simon and L.A. Reid may be the ones to tell us if an act can be packaged into a hit, but the musical expertise comes from the performer judges, no? Should Britney do another season? With L.A. leaving, it would be nice to have some stability on the panel. But, if she stays, she has to find some way to warm up to the position.

How would you change The X Factor next season?

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‘X Factor’s’ Good and Bad Ratings News; ‘Parks and Recreation’ Nabs Jenny Slate for Guest Spot

Despite nabbing its best numbers in two months for its live results finale, FOX’s The X Factor was down 18 percent as compared to its Season 1 finale with 9.6 million total viewers. Meanwhile NBC’s A White House Christmas performed better than its usual Thursday comedies with 8.4 million viewers. [TV Guide]

Saturday Night Live alum Jenny Slate is headed to NBC’s Parks and Recreation. The comedian will play Jean Ralphio’s (Ben Schwartz) twin sister. Her character, Mona Lisa, will be hired by Tom (Aziz Ansari) to work at his Rent-A-Swag store. She is set to guest on at least one episode, which will air later in Season 5. [EW]

ABC News’ chief White House correspondent, Jake Tapper is leaving the network for CNN. He will be the chief Washington correspondent on CNN as well and also host a weekday program in 2013. In a statement, Tapper said, “With CNN’s impeccable reporting during the elections and the exciting changes in the network, this is a perfect time to join the CNN team.” [THR]

FOX’s Touch is bringing Ron Rifkin on for its Season 2 finale. The Alias alum will play Issac, a rabbi who believes in destiny. The second season premiere of Touch airs Feb. 8 on FOX. [THR]

Come January, ABC will be giving viewers an extra dose of Happy Endings and Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23. Beginning Jan. 6 the two comedies will show additional original episodes in the now vacant slot left open by 666 Park Avenue. Both series will end their seasons in March to make room for Dancing With the Stars. [TVLine]

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One Direction on ‘The X Factor’: British Boy Band Performs New Single ‘Kiss You’ (VIDEO)

One Direction is no stranger to The X Factor. In fact, if it wasn’t the The X Factor UK, there wouldn’t even be a One Direction. Fifth Harmony, take note: 1D came in third place too.

Considering the boys — Harry Stlyes, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson — are arguably the franchise’s biggest success story, One Direction returned for The X Factor’s season finale to perform their latest single, “Kiss You.”

The lads also took the stage for The X Factor UK’s season finale a few weeks ago, when Tomlinson’s favorite James Arthur was crowned the winner.

The boys let out their inner gamers on The X Factor set, which looked like a throwback to retro video games, and of course, it wouldn’t be a true One Direction performance without a few awkward dance moves.

One Direction is set to premiere their latest music video, “Kiss You,” on January 7. In this sneak peek clip, the lads strip down to their swim trunks, much to the delight of their millions of teenage fans.

The ’60s-inspired video shows the guys in a range of silly costumes, from shirtless surfwear to skiwear to jailhouse stripes. But Directioners will have to wait until the new year to see the full video.

For now, this official video teaser, as featured in Episode 4 of their “Bring Me To 1D” web series, will just have to do.

Do you think One Direction has come a long way since their 2010 X Factor auditions? Sound off in the comments below!

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‘X Factor’ Fashion: Khloe Kardashian Odom Sends Off the Season Finale In Style (PHOTOS)

The second season of The X Factor ended in high fashion, thanks to Khloe Kardashian Odom.

From lace to leather, the host wrapped up the finale in not one, but three different dresses and hairstyles on Thursday night.

Making a grand entrance during the red carpet arrivals, the reality star joined co-host Mario Lopez in a emerald green lace dress, accessorized with a belt and sky-high black boots. As she helped reveal the singing competition’s next winner, Kardashian rocked the stage in a form-fitting leather sheath topped off with a sequined headband.

And if that wasn’t enough outfits to go around, she topped off the evening in a shimmery, multi-colored frock paired with nude pink pumps. Whew! Still keeping up?

While she finished her first hosting duty with flying colors, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians starlet hit a fashion faux pas in November with a major wardrobe malfunction — a nip-slip, which she handled with ease.

“I tried to cover one [nipple] and then during the break we tried to put band-aids or something on it, and it didn’t work,” Kardashian said afterward.


But despite the slip-up, the fashionable reality star admitted to enjoying every moment of her hosting gig — from her diverse wardrobe to bonding with the younger contestants.

“I feel like I have to be their big sister or whatever. I mean, I really get emotionally invested,” she told Celebuzz earlier this month. That’s just my personality.”

Which of Khloe’s season finale looks was your favorite? What was her best outfit this season? Launch the gallery above, and play fashion critic in the comments!

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One Direction Performs “Kiss You” Single on ‘The X Factor (USA)’ Finale (VIDEO)

It’s been a pop-filled week over at The X Factor. Before last night’s results show, each of the top three finalists were able to perform one last time. So on Wednesday’s episode, girl group Fifth Harmony had the chance to perform Demi Lovato‘s “Give Your Heart A Break” – with Demi Lovato. And, on last night’s showing, the season was capped off with yet another musical act to send tweens and teens into a frenzy: One Direction!

After performing their first and second Take Me Home singles on TXF earlier in the season, the British-Irish boy banders came back to the show to belt our their latest, “Kiss You.” At first, it starts off as a video game-like sequence with TOP SCORES and everything, then you notice the five guys standing on a pair of big lips. Like, just one huge mouth. Get a look above!

BUT, before you go, we want to know not only what you thought of 1D’s performance, but of winner *SPOILER* Tate Stevens. Do you think he was the right choice? Or were you rooting for Carly Rose Sonenclar or Fifth Harmony? Spill it all in the comments!

Win $200-Worth of One Direction Swag!