Top 40 Pop Songs – January 2013

The Lumineers Bruno Mars
Erika Goldring / Larry Busacca, Getty Images

PopCrush is rounding up the Top 40 Pop Songs for the month of January to let you know what’s hot in the new year! Our list is based off of what we think is going to be taking over the charts in the first month of 2013. We ranked the songs based on what’s trending, reader favorites, and overall listener reception.

This month, there have been some big changes to our Top 40 Pop Songs list, especially in our Top 5. New to our list and in our No. 3 spot is the Lumineers, who has been topping the charts with their single ‘Ho Hey.’ However, they were no match for Bruno Mars, who’s single ‘Locked Out of Heaven’ jumped from No. 4 to No. 1 on our countdown.

Newcomers to our Top 40 Pop Songs list is One Direction‘s ‘Little Things’ and Maroon 5‘s ‘Daylight.’ Both tracks were just released recently and are already starting to climb the iTunes and Billboards charts. We’re expecting these tracks to be huge hits in 2013 and to fall in our Top 10 pretty soon.

Other new additions to our list include T.I.‘s ‘Ball’ featuring Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa‘s ‘Remember You’ featuring the Weeknd, and Juicy J’s ‘Bandz a Make Her Dance’ featuring Weezy and 2 Chainz. Check out the rest of our Top 40 Pop Songs for January 2013 to see if your favorite song made the cut.

Top 40 Pop Songs – January 2013
40. Juicy J, ‘Bandz a Make Her Dance’ Feat. Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz
39. T.I., ‘Ball’ Feat. Lil’ Wayne
38. Lil Wayne, ‘No Worries’ Feat. Detail
37. Wiz Khalifa, ‘Remember You’ Feat. the Weeknd
36. One Republic, ‘Feel Again’
35. 2 Chainz, ‘I’m Different’
34. Miguel, ‘Adorn’
33. Pink, ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)’
32. Justin Bieber, ‘As Long as You Love Me’ Feat. Big Sean
31. Frank Ocean, ‘Thinkin’ Bout You’
30. Taylor Swift, ‘We are Never Ever Getting Back Together’
29. Ellie Goulding, ‘Anything Can Happen’
28. Chris Brown, ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’
27. The Script, ‘Hall of Fame’ Feat.
26. Kanye West, ‘Clique’ Feat. Jay-Z and Big Sean
25. A$AP Rocky, ‘F—in Problems’ Feat. Drake, 2Chainz, and Kendrick Lamar
24. Kendrick Lamar, ‘Swimming Pool (Drank)’
23. Psy, ‘Gagnam Style’
22. One Direction, ‘Little Things’
21. Nicki Minaj, ‘Va Va Voom’
20. Kelly Clarkson, ‘Catch My Breath’
19. Alicia Keys, ‘Girl on Fire’ feat. Nicki Minaj
18. Calvin Harris, ‘Sweet Nothing’ Feat. Florence Welch
17. Maroon 5, ‘Daylight’
16., ‘Scream and Shout’ Feat. Britney Spears
15. Pitbull, ‘Don’t Stop the Party’ Feat. JLR
14. Swedish House Mafia, ‘Don’t You Worry Child’
13. Ed Sheeran, ‘The A Team’
12. fun., ‘Some Nights’
11. Pink, ‘I Try’
10. Phillip Phillips, ‘Home’
9. Justin Bieber, ‘Beauty and the Beat’ Feat. Nicki Minaj
8. Flo Rida, ‘I Cry’
7. Ne-Yo, ‘Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself’
6. Maroon 5, ‘One More Night’
5. Kesha, ‘Die Young’
4. Taylor Swift, ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’
3. The Lumineers, ‘Ho Hey’
2. Rihanna, ‘Diamonds’
1. Bruno Mars, ‘Locked Out of Heaven’

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Lil Wayne + 2 Chainz’s ‘Rich as F—’ Leaks

We’ll still have to wait until Feb. 19 to hear the whole album, but the third official single from Lil Wayne‘s upcoming ‘I Am Not a Human Being II’ has hit the web, and it’s ‘Rich As F—.’

A collaboration between Wayne and 2 Chainz, ‘Rich’ finds the two emcees rapping about, well, being rich — as well as having unfettered access to some of the finer things in life, such as sex and controlled substances. It’s vintage Weezy, in other words, and as Idolator notes, the fact that the leak comes from a noticeably low-quality rip of the song actually kind of reinforces its stuttering beat and slippery flow.

We haven’t seen a complete confirmed track listing for ‘Human Being II,’ but between ‘Rich’ and some of the other Lil Wayne tracks that have surfaced recently (including first single ‘My Homies Still,’ the Detail-produced ‘No Worries,’ and the more recently leaked ‘B—-es Love Me,’ featuring Drake and Future), it’s looking like this could shape up to be one of his most consistent efforts in quite some time — which would jibe with what he promised MTV last summer, saying, “We didn’t rush the music … I paid attention to everything I did. You’re getting the quality of all my albums: ‘Tha Carter IV,’ ‘Tha Carter III,’ the same with this, ‘I Am Not a Human Being II.’ Hope you like it.”

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Azealia Banks Goes to War with Rap Newcomer Angel Haze on Twitter

Azealia Banks Angel Haze
Frazer Harrison / Rick Diamond, Getty Images

Azealia Banks is Twitter beefing again — this time against up-and-coming rapper Angel Haze. According to The, the bickering is over a tweet the ’212′ rapper made about Haze not being a native New Yorker.

“Seriously, if you were not born and raised in NY…. DON’T CLAIM NY. YOU ARE NOT A NEW YORKER,” wrote Banks. This prompted Haze, who is a Detroit native, to respond with several tweets threatening to physically hurt Banks, which, unceremoniously, have been deleted from her feed.

The cat fight on the social media network continued with each rapper taking shots at each other’s physical appearance, lyrical skills and who is the bigger lesbian.

Although Haze denies getting rid of her tweets, she did, however, drop a scathing diss song just hours after their Twitter feud. The Diplo-produced ‘On the Edge’ features Haze ripping into Banks. “B—- I got ammo on you / B—-, you don’t want war,” she warns.

Back on Twitter, Banks seems unfazed by Haze’s diss song. “YOU WANT THE P—- SOOOO BADDDDDD @ANGELHAZE LOLOL..this diss track is not even hot!!! lmfaooooooooooo !!!!!!” she tweeted.

In addition, Diplo has distanced himself from the fracas. “Diplo just calls me and tells me she wrote that track months ago and he had nothing to do with it,” Banks revealed on her feed.

Banks also added that she will drop a new song, ‘No Problems,’ today (Jan. 4) in response to Haze’s song. “Lol I def used that energy to write a fly new jam tho. It’s not even really a diss anymore! Haha !!!” she writes. “Just straight fly uptown NYC s—!!”

To be continued…

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Listen to Angel Haze, ‘On the Edge’

Skrillex, ‘Leaving’ – Song Review

What does a superstar artist do when seemingly the entire music world begins to copy his style? He leaves it behind. That’s what dubstep-influenced EDM star Skrillex does on his new song, the appropriately-titled ‘Leaving.’

‘Leaving’ eschews Skrillex’s signature dubstep wobble for moody electronics and distorted voices atop mild percussion clanging, resulting in a chilled-out listening experience that glides along without building up to any sort of climax. That may let down some fans, but Skrillex definitely needed to push his music in a different direction after everyone from Pitbull to Taylor Swift began incorporating elements of the sound.

The song features no vocals aside from a voice repeating its title over and over. Maybe we’re reading too much into it, but ‘Leaving’ and its somber tone could be a reflection on his split from former girlfriend Ellie Goulding.

The new track is the title cut from his latest EP, which just dropped this week. While we’re not 100% sold on the laid-back style of the song, we like that Skrillex is willing to move beyond the formula that brought him mainstream success. He probably won’t sell a million copies of an album full of songs like ‘Leaving,’ but it’s a pleasant musical detour from the norm.

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Big Boi, Andre 3000 to Reunite on Frank Ocean’s ‘Pink Matter’ Remix

Big Boi Frank Ocean Andre 3000
Craig Bromley / Christopher Polk / Mychal Watts, Getty Images

For rap fans hankering for an OutKast reunion, it looks as if they will finally get to hear Big Boi and Andre 3000 together on a track. The dynamic rap dup will appear on Frank Ocean‘s remix for the track ‘Pink Matter,’ from his album ‘channel ORANGE.’

On Dec. 29, Boi shared a Tumblr post with lyrics that he jotted down for the song, including the caption, ”Dropping a verse on this Frank Ocean ‘Pink Matter’.” The remix will be reissued as a new track in a few weeks.

Ocean initially wanted OutKast on the song, but Boi informed fans via Twitter that, “Dre didn’t want an Outkast Record Coming out on anybody else LP.” The reunion on ‘Pink Matter’ will mark the first time General Patton and Three Stacks have appeared together on a project since their 2006 album, ‘Idlewild.’

In the meantime, Big Boi, who real name is Antwan Patton, announced on Wednesday (Jan. 2) that he’s set to appear on the remix to T.I.‘s song ‘Sorry’ from his LP ‘Trouble Man: Heavy Is the Head.’

Big Boi’s new album ‘Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors’ is in stores now.

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Listen to Frank Ocean, ‘Pink Matter’ Feat. Andre 3000

Timbaland’s ‘The Party Anthem’ Features Lil Wayne, Missy Elliott + T-Pain

Timbaland Lil Wayne Missy Elliott T-Pain
Rob Loud / Michael Buckner / Scott Gries / Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

Timbaland is unleashing ‘The Party Anthem’ on the world with a new track featuring his longtime collaborator Missy Elliott, plus Lil Wayne and T-Pain.

The song glides on a crashing beat with piano and maybe even a violin in there as Timbaland raps, “The biggest dog in the game with the biggest bark / Money money money don’t make the man / Man make the money with the biggest master plan.”

T-Pain’s hook is a pedestrian “put your hands in the air” Auto-Tune rhyme, but Weezy and Missy really bring it on their verses. Elliott raps, “See the way the crowd go wild when Misdemeanor ’bout to enter / Everybody better bow down when I step up to the mic, front and center / Say I’m too old to rap, I’ll be rapping ’til I wear dentures / Yeah, hello haters.” Wayne adds, “I make the motherf—ers bow down, no applause.”

It’s been four years since Timbaland’s ‘Shock Value II’ album, and he’s been working on ‘Shock Value III,’ but it’s unclear whether ‘The Party Anthem’ will make it onto the record. He and Elliott released new music in September that could also appear on an album by either of them.

Check out the new track below, courtesy of Soundcloud (via The Drop.)

Listen to Timbaland, ‘The Party Anthem’ Feat. Lil Wayne, Missy Elliott & T-Pain

Azealia Banks Kicks Off 2013 With New Song ‘BBD’

Azealia Banks BBD

Azealia Banks starts the new year on an energetic note with her new single, ‘BBD,’ which stands for “Bad B—-es Doit.” The song is not from her upcoming album, ‘Broke With Expensive Taste,’ but it’s a preview of things to come from the Harlem rapper.

Produced by Apple Juice Kid and Sup Doodle, the music is hectic, bass heavy and tailor-made for the kids who like to rave in the clubs. It’s a little harder than Banks’ previous efforts, which tend to be sassy and cheeky.

On the song, Banks spits women empowerment rhymes and references ’90s rap group Bell Biv DeVoe in the process. “I be wilding wit my b—-es / I be stylin’ with my b—-es / Pretty eyes and long extensions — they smilin’ in all them pictures / I be rising with my b—-es / Riding with my b—-es / We the finest of them b—-es / We diamonds — it’s diamond district!” she raps.

Yep, Ms. Banks is poison to the haters when it comes to spitting her hardcore lyrics. Azealia Banks’ album ‘Broke with Expensive Taste’ is due to arrive on shelves Feb. 12.

Listen to Azealia Banks, ‘BBD’

Listen to Sia’s Demo of Christina Aguilera’s ‘Blank Page’

If you just can’t get enough of Christina Aguilera‘s ‘Blank Page‘ — and we can understand if you feel that way, given that she’s described it as ‘sort of the heart’ of her new album ‘Lotus‘ — you’ll want to hear the recently unearthed demo recorded by the song’s co-writer, Sia. [FYI, the full-length was taken down, so this is just a snippet, for now.]

The Australian artist, who’s a singer-songwriter in her own right in addition to being a highly sought-after collaborator for artists like Flo Rida and Rihanna, co-wrote ‘Blank Page’ with Aguilera and producer Chris Braide. We’ve had a couple of months to get used to the official version, and now (thanks to the YouTube channel SlowRnBAddicts, via Oh No They Didn’t) we have a chance to weigh it against Sia’s recording, embedded above.

Of course, Sia isn’t quite the singer Aguilera is — most vocalists aren’t — but given that ‘Blank Page’ depends more on quiet emotion than rafter-rattling histrionics, that doesn’t put her at too much of a disadvantage; along those same lines, the song’s intimacy means it doesn’t require a ton of slick production, so even though this is presumably an early demo, its arrangement and overall sonic quality don’t suffer too much in comparison with Aguilera’s recording. Have a listen, and see which one you prefer.

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Jaden Smith Partners With Kid Cudi on ‘Higher Up’

Jaden Smith has dropped a new version of the Kid Cudi track ‘Higher Up’ that features his own rhymes over the instrumental track from Cudi’s 2009 song.

A gentle piano line rolls over a chilled-out R&B beat as Smith, now 14, raps new lyrics. His super-deep voice is miles away from what his vocals sounded like just two years ago when he made a cameo on Justin Bieber‘s ‘Never Say Never.’ Smith says, “I’m just a kid who’s not really a kid.” Later he adds, “I’m different, dawg, I wear dresses / I’m not upset / You don’t mess with my style cause this stuff’s aggressive.

Although Kid Cudi gets featured artist status, this song is all about Jaden. Cudi’s contribution consists of one line, which gets repeated as the hook: “Who’s all ready to go higher up?” The piano sample that carries the song first appeared on ‘Imagine,’ a 2006 track by Snoop Dogg featuring Dr. Dre and D’Angelo, before Cudi sampled it on his recording of ‘Higher Up.’

Cudi previously said that Jaden will be a featured artist on his next album, ‘Indicud,’ which is slated for a 2013 release, but this is probably not the collaboration he was talking about. Look for some new music from these two next year when that album drops.

Smith has yet to release an official album, but in October he dropped a mixtape called ‘The Cool Cafe’ that included a cover of Foster the People‘s ‘Pumped Up Kicks.’

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Top 20 Songs: Week of December 31 2012- January 6, 2013


It’s a new year, which means a new batch of Top 20 songs! While Rihanna and Bruno Mars continue to lead the Top 20 countdown, the Lumineers jump up to the No. 3 spot with their infectious ‘Ho Hey’ single.

Meanwhile, Maroon 5 and Alicia Keys make their debuts with ‘Daylight’ and ‘Girl on Fire,’ respectively. Check out this week’s top songs and be sure to tune in to PopCrush’s weekend radio show to hear these tracks!

Top 20 Songs: Week of December 31 2012- January 6, 2013

20. Kelly Clarkson, ‘Catch My Breath’
19. Maroon 5, ‘Daylight’ DEBUT
18. Calvin Harris, ‘Sweet Nothing’ Feat. Florence Welch
17. Alicia Keys, ‘Girl on Fire’ (DEBUT?)
16., ‘Scream and Shout’ Feat. Britney Spears **debut**
15. Pitbull, ‘Don’t Stop the Party’
14. Swedish House Mafia, ‘Don’t You Worry Child’
13. fun., ‘Some Nights’ (came down from 7)
12. Ed Sheeran, ‘The A Team’
11. Pink, ‘Try’
10. Taylor Swift, ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’
9. Justin Bieber, ‘Beauty and a Beat’ Feat. Nicki Minaj
8. Phillip Phillips, ‘Home’
7. Maroon 5, ‘One More Night’
6. Ne-Yo, ‘Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself)’
5. Kesha, ‘Die Young’ (from 1)
4. Flo Rida, ‘I Cry’
3. The Lumineers, ‘Ho Hey’
2. Rihanna, ‘Diamonds’
1. Bruno Mars, ‘Locked Out of Heaven’

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Note: Every Monday, PopCrush will publish a list of our Top 20 songs for that given week. Then, over the weekend, fans can tune in to our national radio show to hear all of these hot songs plus some other amazing pop tunes. To see a list of radio stations where you can hear the PopCrush Top 20 countdown, click here.

Lil Wayne Releases New Track ‘Good Kush & Alcohol (B—-es Love Me)’ Featuring Drake and Future

Lil Wayne Drake Future
Isaac Brekken / Kevork Djansezian / Earl Gibson III, Getty Images

Lil Wayne loves his, um, fans and doesn’t care about the haters on his new single, ‘Good Kush & Alcohol (B—-es Love Me).’ The song is set to appear on Weezy’s upcoming studio effort ‘I Am Not a Human Being II,’ now tentatively due out Feb. 19.

Fellow rhyme-spitters Future and Drake back Wayne up on the hook, with the former warbling (via Auto-Tune) about kush and alcohol and the former singing about how the b—-es love him.

Meanwhile, Tunechi spits rhymes about how he bags women all day and gives a stern middle finger to the haters who don’t want him to shine. “P—-, money, weed, codeine / She said my d— feel like morphine / I hope my name taste like sardines to these n—-s,” he raps.

Apparently, Weezy plans to release this Mike Will Made It-produced track to radio despite his salacious lyrics on it. “I already know that song is probably gonna be one of the biggest songs on the album,” he told Rap-Up.

Future is also confident that radio will embrace the song with open arms. “It’s a movie,” he says. “I can’t wait to see how fans respond to it.”

What do you think about the song? Tell us in the comments below.

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Listen to Lil Wayne, ‘Good Kush & Alcohol (B—-es Love Me)’ [Featuring Drake and Future]