Ne-Yo Sings Sia’s Praises, Says Everyone is ‘Late’ on Discovering the Singer

Ne-Yo, who is currently enjoying major radio success with his dance hit ‘Let Me Love You,’ isn’t afraid to share which songwriter he is most enamored with from a professional standpoint. He was proud to point out that he has been a fan of Australian singer-songwriter Sia from the get-go, before she got “big.”

You may not be instantly familiar with Sia’s name or face. But you may have seen her on Season 1 of ‘The Voice‘ as a mentor or heard her song ‘Titanium’ with David Guetta. Sia actually co-wrote ‘Let Me Love You,’ which is rare, since Ne-Yo doesn’t often do co-writes. She also penned ‘Diamonds by Rihanna. She sings on Flo Rida‘s ‘Wild Ones.’ So yeah, you’ve heard of Sia. You just might not have known it.

“For me personally, I’ve been a fan of Sia for a long time,” he told MTV News. “From Zero 7 to ‘Some People Have Real Problems,’ these are her albums and people that she worked with before she got popular, so to speak.”

He continued the Sia Gush Fest, saying, “She’s been incredible for a long time. Her mastery of melody, from just the way that she works, her words and phrases, it’s been incredible. And people are just now catching on! Y’all are late; everybody’s late. It’s been that way.”

Ne-Yo usually don’t seek assistance when writing tracks, but he was happy to include Sia in the process for ‘Let Me Love You.’

“‘Let Me Love You’ is that song means a lot to me. That’s one of the very few co-writes I’ve ever done,” he explained. “It was an opportunity for me to step out of my comfort zone for a minute and just really try something new in regards to working with other writers. Shout out to Sia who also had an incredible 2012.”

But back to Ne-Yo. The reason he, well, loves ‘Let Me Love You?’

“The song is about the importance of loving yourself, which I felt was something that’s few and far between these days, with everyone getting plastic surgery this and cosmetic surgery that and just not understanding that you being who you are is your perfection,” he said. “Everybody’s searching for this unreal perfection, and it’s kind of sad, so I feel like the song came along absolutely at the right time.”

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Listen to Sia’s Demo of Christina Aguilera’s ‘Blank Page’

If you just can’t get enough of Christina Aguilera‘s ‘Blank Page‘ — and we can understand if you feel that way, given that she’s described it as ‘sort of the heart’ of her new album ‘Lotus‘ — you’ll want to hear the recently unearthed demo recorded by the song’s co-writer, Sia. [FYI, the full-length was taken down, so this is just a snippet, for now.]

The Australian artist, who’s a singer-songwriter in her own right in addition to being a highly sought-after collaborator for artists like Flo Rida and Rihanna, co-wrote ‘Blank Page’ with Aguilera and producer Chris Braide. We’ve had a couple of months to get used to the official version, and now (thanks to the YouTube channel SlowRnBAddicts, via Oh No They Didn’t) we have a chance to weigh it against Sia’s recording, embedded above.

Of course, Sia isn’t quite the singer Aguilera is — most vocalists aren’t — but given that ‘Blank Page’ depends more on quiet emotion than rafter-rattling histrionics, that doesn’t put her at too much of a disadvantage; along those same lines, the song’s intimacy means it doesn’t require a ton of slick production, so even though this is presumably an early demo, its arrangement and overall sonic quality don’t suffer too much in comparison with Aguilera’s recording. Have a listen, and see which one you prefer.

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Sia + the Jonas Brothers Each Cover ‘Diamonds’ by Rihanna

The woman behind ‘Diamonds’ is coming to the forefront! Though Rihanna brought it to No. 1, Sia penned the hypnotic tune for the Bajan beauty, and now she’s singing it herself. And she’s not the only one!

Clad in a black gown and accompanied only by a piano, Sia took the stage and sang the hit she wrote with Benny Blanco. Stoic and still, Sia belted out the tune with feeling, but without movement, at the Norweigan-American Achievement Award ceremony on Nov. 28.

Who else besides the eccentric Aussie powerhouse covered the tune? The Jonas Brothers covered ‘Diamonds’ during a Nov. 27 show at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood. Their acoustic rendition was more guitar-driven than piano, but still melancholy and lighter-worthy.

Noticeably absent from the JoBros performance? Joe’s Movember mustache. Not going to lie — we don’t think anyone is going to miss that thing.

Whose rendition of Rihanna’s hit do you like best? Tell us in the comments!

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Watch the Jonas Brothers Peform ‘Diamonds’ Live

Rita Ora on Her Debut Album ‘Ora’ and Meeting Sia on a Rooftop in Los Angeles (VIDEO)

Rita Ora is a perfectionist — and she’ll be the first to admit it.

Back in 2008, the aspiring pop star had already recorded her debut album, but there was one problem: She wasn’t happy with the end result. “It just didn’t sound like me,” Ora told Celebuzz during an exclusive sit-down with the British singer. So at 18 years of age, she scrapped her first album.

Nearly five years later, the Roc Nation artist, now 21, finally dropped her debut album, ORA, in the U.K. and is hard at work perfecting her premiere U.S. record, which is slated for an early 2013 release.

What can American fans expect on the record? Watch the interview above to find out!

For Ora, her next single, “Radioactive,” is a favorite because it meant working with one of her idols, Australian singer Sia, who penned the track.

“Her energy is incredible,” said Ora. “I really vibe off friendship and connection and energy — it’s fuel for me — and when she’s in the studio, she gave me life. It was almost so easy to work with her.”

But this wasn’t the first time the British singer had run into her idol. The two met serendipitously three years prior — on a rooftop in Los Angeles.

“I met Sia, three years ago on a hotel rooftop in LA, when I was first recording my album, at 18, before I scrapped it. She was sitting upstairs, and she had her album. I think she was having a meeting with her label or something. She came up to me, and she asked, ‘Are you an artist?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, how do you know?’ And she said, ‘I can just smell it. I can see it.’ Then she gave me her album.”

Stateside fans can expect a few new songs on the U.S. edition of ORA, along with some the singer’s biggest UK hits — from “How We Do (Party)” to the Drake-penned track, “R.I.P.”

“You can expect those songs and new songs,” said Ora. “In this U.S. edition, there was a chance for me to put on more songs, and I could never say no to more songs.”

Rita Bots, don’t forget to enter Celebuzz’s Rita Ora giveaway to win a chance to see Rita live in concert! Click here for more information.

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‘She Wolf’ Runs For Her Life in New David Guetta + Sia Video

The video for ‘She Wolf (Falling to Pieces),’ the new collaboration between David Guetta and Sia, follows hunters as they try to kill a fleeing wolf, but in the end it’s the animal-human hybrid that wins out.

Guetta and Sia do not appear at all in the clip, which opens with a slightly NSFW view of a nude woman from behind. Before long, viewers see a closeup of a spear dripping blood and a pack of sled dogs with hunters chasing a bloody wolf across a snowy landscape.

It looks as though things are going to end badly for the wild animal, but just as the natives seem to have the wolf cornered, a thumping beat takes over the song and the ground begins shaking beneath the hunters. After some sort of digital shock wave seems to blow off the hunters’ faces, the wolf safely continues its journey.

As Sia sings, “You loved me and I’m froze in time / Hungry for that flesh of mine / But I can’t compete with a she wolf who has brought me to my knees,” a new group of hunters on horses corners the wolf, but they meet the same unfortunate fate as the earlier group, and the wolf turns back into a nude woman as the video ends.

‘She Wolf (Falling to Pieces)’ appears on ‘Nothing But the Beat 2.0,’ a repackaged edition of Guetta’s most recent album. Guetta and Sia last hooked up on ‘Titanium,’ which hit the Top 10 in July.

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Kelly Clarkson Covers Sia’s ‘Breathe Me’

Kelly Clarkson offered fans yet another stunning cover, this time performing a rendition of Sia‘s ‘Breathe Me’ in Sydney, Australia.

The 30-year-old star explained that she and her band have been accepting cover requests over Twitter and Facebook, and the concept “breaks up the monotony” of their shows. Plus, Clarkson added, “My fans have really good taste in music.”

“This is like one of my favorite songs probably ever,” the Texas native said about Sia’s 2004 hit. “It’s just one of those songs you can put on repeat over and over, and it’s such a spiritual sounding song and I love it.”

Clarkson stayed true to the original, but added her own runs and ad libs toward the end of the tune. ‘Breathe Me’ arguably put Sia on the musical map — way before her collaborations with Flo Rida and David Guetta — and has been licensed on a variety of popular television shows since its release.

The ‘Duets’ star has covered many songs on the road, including Shania Twain’s ‘Still the One’, Madonna’sCrazy for You’. She’s even shown her depth and flow on a rendition of Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself.’ Clarkson will continue her Australian run over the next couple of weeks before heading to the U.K. through Oct. 20.

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Pop Bytes: Watch Preview of David Guetta’s ‘She Wolf (Falling to Pieces)’ Video Feat. Sia + More

David Guetta Sia

John M. Heller/Rob Kim, Getty Images

– A short teaser clip of David Guetta and Sia‘s video for ‘She Wolf (Falling to Pieces)’ has been released. The 30-second preview reveals a very carnal and perhaps a wee bit gory storyline. Can’t wait to see the whole thing! [YouTube]

– If there is anyone in the world who actually should be covering Adele, it’s Kelly Clarkson. The songstress recently sang ‘Someone Like You,’ at her concert stop in Brisbane, Australia. [YouTube]

– October, get here already! Adele’s theme for the next James Bond movie ‘Skyfall’ is due out in October some time. We even have some lyrics to the song! The opening lines read, “This is the end / Hold your breath and count to ten / Feel the Earth move and then / Hear my heart burst again.” Will this be our generations ‘Goldfinger?’ [Showbiz 411]

Usher has been forced to postpone some of his European tour dates as they conflict with his schedule for ‘The Voice.’ Rescheduled dates will be announced next year. [That Grape Juice]

– Super-producer Swizz Beatz has been named a Global Ambassador of New York City Health and Hospitals. Swizz is being honored for his efforts to give all New Yorkers access to healthcare. [Black Celebrity Giving]

– Yikes. This sounds like the making of a one-hit-wonder. Carly Rae Jepsen‘s ‘This Kiss’ only sold 46,000 copies in it’s first week. Not bad, right? Consider this: ‘Call Me Maybe’ sold over 5.7 million times this year. [Billboard]

– The beginning of One Direction‘s ‘Live While We’re Young,’ sounds an awful lot like The Clash‘s ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go.’ Is there a lawsuit brewing?  No comment from either party, but maybe the boys got permission? We want answers! [Hollywire]

Gwen Stefani‘s son Zuma might be taking after his uber-famous parents! He recently jammed out on guitar during a No Doubt sound check. [YouTube]

– Ellie Goulding recently sat down and chatted about her music, writing process and desire to be a mermaid. Preach girl! Don’t we all. [PopBytes]

Watch Preview of David Guetta ‘She Wolf (Falling to Pieces)’ feat. Sia