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AMAs 2015: Seating Chart – Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, One Direction and More


The 2015 American Music Awards is happening live tomorrow (November 22) at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

The seating chart of your favourite celebrities are already out. Peep below to see where Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Fifth Harmony, One Direction and more will be sitting at the 2015 AMAs.




One Direction’s Niall Horan Passes Driver’s Test

Niall Horan
Slaven Vlasic, Getty Images

Look out on those sidewalks! Just kidding. One Direction hunk Niall Horan has passed his driver’s test and will be a licensed driver. Woot woot.

His 1D bandmate Louis Tomlinson took to Twitter to issue a big, huge congrats to Horan, saying that he “smashed it” when he took the test.

If you notice in the ‘Kiss You’ video, it’s Tomlinson who is in the driver’s seat, while tattoo virgin Horan rides sidecar and does all sorts of silly dances. It was probably purely coincidental, but art was imitating life there, since Horan wasn’t licensed to drive. Now Horan is the proud owner of a driver’s license and can cruise around as he wishes, in real life or in a video!

What’s next, besides some joyrides and designated driver status? Well, Horan is going to have to get himself a snazzy set of wheels. We are curious as to what type of vehicle he will plunk down some coin on. What good is a driver’s license without a car, right?

Congrats, Niall. You’ve just gone through a major rite of passage.

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Watch the One Direction ‘Kiss You’ Video

This Week in Celebrity Twitpics (PHOTOS)

Celebrities won big this week. From taking home a prize at the People’s Choice Awards to joining the Instagram world, this week’s celebrity Twitpics has celebs shining bright.

Glee’s Lea Michele won a PCA for favorite TV comedic actress and posted a Twitpic from the night. Her co-star Chris Colfer took home same award for Favorite TV comedic actor.

Meanwhile, Sophia Bush finally joined the Instagram world and took to her Twitter to tell her followers to add her on the photo app. After fighting fake Instagram accounts that were using her name, the actress finally got her own account to prove the posers wrong.

Ashley Tisdale and Selena Gomez posted some motherly Twitpics earlier this week. Tisdale went for a family dinner and took a picture with a cute family member. While promoting her new movie Spring Breakers with co-star Vanessa Hudgens, Gomez posted a cute photo with a baby.

One Direction‘s Niall Horan suffered a wardrobe malfunction in a funny Twitpic posted this week, thanks to bandmate Harry Styles, who appropriately captioned the snap, “Nip Slip.”

For more Twitpics, check out the full gallery above!

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One Direction to Begin Filming Their 3D Movie

One Direction
Andreas Rentz, Getty Images

Get ready, Directioners! Morgan Spurlock will begin shooting the One Direction 3D film this week!

TV NZ’s One News reports that filming is set to start in Tokyo — and that Spurlock is convinced 3D is the way to go for the movie. (And not just because it’s as close as a lot of us will get to reaching out and grabbing Harry Styles’ sex-scented hair.)

“Once they can crack that nut of having a true 3D experience where you don’t have to have those glasses or sit at a certain angle, it will become a conversation again,” Spurlock said of the medium. As for why he wanted to document 1D, well, why wouldn’t you? Still, he has a legit explanation, too. “These guys have gotten so huge in such a short amount of time — why?” (Um, listen to their songs and look at their beautiful faces.) He added, “What makes them more special than any other people?”

The guys are just as excited to work with Spurlock as he is to work with them. Niall Horan said of the ‘Super Size Me’ auteur, “Morgan works well because … he did a lot of documentary movies. It’s going to be a concert movie, but with a documentary side than concert side so we wanted to get our personalities across because the fans know us, but we want them to know us deeper.”

And don’t forget — the Directioners are the real stars, so get camera ready!

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Watch the One Direction’s ‘Kiss You’ Video

One Minute Buzz: Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Split; Britney Spears Quits ‘X Factor’ (VIDEO)

It’s One Minute Buzz time!

This past week was filled with plenty of break up action, and we’re not just talking about the ending of the brief romance between Taylor Swift and Harry Styles.

After 37 days together, the young singers called it quits this week and headed their separate directions — Swift to the west coast, where she picked up a People’s Choice Award for favorite country artist, and Styles to the east coast, where he feasted on Italian grub in Queens, for free.

Meanwhile in TV land, Britney Spears made her X Factor exit official on Friday.


“I’ve made the very difficult decision not to return for another season,” the princess of pop said in a statement obtained by Celebuzz.

“I had an incredible time doing t he show and I love the other judges and I am so proud of my teens, but it’s time for me to get back in the studio.”

For more on the week’s hottest headlines, check out One Minute Buzz, with Hyla, above. Are you looking forward to new music from Britney Spears? Weigh in below.

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Happy 20th Birthday, Zayn Malik! Our Fave Zayn-y GIFs

January 12 is a big day — One Direction‘s Zayn Malik turns 20! Though he’s no longer a teenager, that means he’s just another year wiser, AND another year hotter! While 2012 was obviously a huge year for the guys (touring, TWO albums dropped, and MUCH more), 2013 is bound to be an even bigger year for the new 20-year-old.

Oh, and not to mention he’s happily dating Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards. (They even have an adorable pup together!) To celebrate Zayn’s big day, we put together some our fave AMA-ZAYN GIFs for your viewing pleasure!

Enjoy, and make sure you send him LOTS of b-day love in the comments!

How cute is this birthday montage?! Baby Zayn <3


One of the main reasons we love Zayn? He’s all about dental hygiene.


Oh, and he’s not afraid to get caught in his birthday suit!


And the way he just gets into the music.


And loves PDA (even with Liam Payne!)


Seriously, if we ever met Zayn IRL, on the outside we’d be like…


…but on the inside we’d be like…


Happy birthday, Zayn!

Watch 1D’s Cheeky ‘Kiss You’ Vid!

Happy 20th Birthday, Zayn Malik! See the One Direction Star’s Hair Evolution (PHOTOS)

Here, here (hair, hair?) for the birthday boy!

Every boy band has its distinct personality types, and when it comes to One Direction, Zayn Malik — who turns 20 on Saturday — is the group’s fashion frontrunner.

2012 was undoubtedly dominated by 1D, and through the course of the British pop sensations’ rise to fame, Malik has showcased his love of style and grooming.

The Bradford, U.K., native has been known to rock a few daring hairstyles, including a blonde highlighted stripe, which he sported on-and-off since last August.

Nowadays, he’s returned to his darker roots, but with the band’s upcoming “Take Me Home” tour, Directioners might be in store for another hair-raising treat.

And while his bandmate Harry Styles gets the spotlight for his perfectly curled locks, 1D’s stylist Lou Teasdale credits Malik with the “coolest” head of hair amongst the fivesome.

“He lets me do what I want with it, I think he has the coolest hair,” Teasdale told The X Factor U.K.’s style blog.

Looks like Harry’s in agreement!

“I would probably steal Zayn’s hair. I think it looks cool,” he admitted to Cover Media.

Launch the gallery to check out Zayn’s hair evolution through the years. Then, wish him ‘Happy Birthday’ in the comments section, below!

Did Harry Styles Dump Taylor Swift Because She Wouldn’t Put Out?

Taylor Swift Harry Styles
Jamie McCarthy / Christopher Polk, Getty Images

Oh lawd have mercy. Taylor Swift and One Direction‘s Harry Styles broke up a hot minute ago, and already the web is flooded with reasons and rumors as to why the couple of just a few months have called it quits.

Well the latest to come since the demise of Haylor is that 18-year-old playboy Styles had enough of Swift not wanting to get physical, so he ended the charade. Probably to get with a lucky little lady who wasn’t quite as uptight. Maybe uptight isn’t the appropriate word for this situation, as Swift sure comes off respectable if that’s the real reason for the breakup, but you catch our drift.

“Taylor is so concerned that the public will think she’s a wh–e because she dates around, that she doesn’t put out,” said a close friend of Swift’s to RadarOnline. “What she doesn’t get is that the guys keep dumping her because she’s being a prude.”

Another pal agreed, saying, “While it was clear she obviously had a thing for Harry, Taylor didn’t want to put out as often as he would’ve liked. Harry is a young boy, with ladies throwing themselves at him and has had a string of relationships with older women.”

The source continued, saying, “It’s no secret he’s sexually active and is enjoying his fame at the moment. But Taylor just wasn’t up for it as much as he is. They were sexually incompatible.”

But that’s not the only thing that turned off Styles! Apparently the pop-country singer’s interests and hobbies (such as antiquing) were just too boring for the U.K. sensation.

“Harry found Taylor a little sexually uninterested. Harry wants to go out to fancy bars and clubs and enjoy being young – but Taylor’s more of a homebody and all she would talk about was antiques,” said a source. “It drove him crazy, so he gave her the elbow!”

And so, Taylor is left single yet again. But on the upside, there’s sure to be a really great and catchy song to come of all this, right?

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Watch the Taylor Swift ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ Video

The Wanted Comment on Haylor Split

The Wanted
Kevin Winter, Getty Images

The Wanted and One Direction have a little bit of a U.K. boy hand rivalry, so of course everyone that follows both bands wants to know how Jay McGuiness, Max George and the boys feel about the split between Taylor Swift and 1D’s Harry Styles (aka Haylor). Are one of those adorable dudes in the Wanted on the prowl for Swift now that she’s a single lady? Cue the Beyonce song.

Curly-topped cutie McGuiness offered his opine at Wednesday night’s (Jan. 9) People’s Choice Awards, saying that T. Swizzle should put the brakes on romance and not bounce around from guy to guy, rebound-style.

“I think she should stay single for a bit,” McGuiness told E! (quotes via Digital Spy).

Nathan Sykes suggested that Swift would be wise to funnel her Hazza heartbreak into an entire album of songs. He joked that the ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ singer should “write a whole album about [being single.]”

Yeah, that’ll never happened. Heartache is her bread and butter, and her wallet filler.

Close-cropped hunk Max George is ready to pounce on Swift, provided he puts lifts in his shoes.

“She’s a very attractive girl,” George said, bemoaning, “I’m just a bit short [for her].”

Hey, Max, she could wear flats.

Age is just a number, and so is height. Swift is 5′ 11″ to his 5′ 8″, and we think they could easily overcome three inches in the name of romance.

If you missed the Wanted at the PCAs last night, we command you to check out their speech, which featured their amazing impromptu version of ‘Afternoon Delight.’

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Watch the Wanted ‘Glad You Came’ Video

Taylor Swift Is Back in the Studio After Breaking Up With Harry Styles of One Direction

Taylor Swift
Kevin Kane, Getty Images

And so it begins!

Taylor Swift revealed that she’s back in the studio, fresh off her split with One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles.

Swift tweeted about it, the same way she tweeted cryptically post-breakup with Styles:

This is probably bad news for Styles, who is supposedly very sensitive and upset over the bust up. The couple’s whirlwind romance came to an end right around the time most of Swift’s relationships do: About the three month mark.

“They are both really busy and never in one place for long. Harry’s really upset about the split and is really sensitive about it,” pals said. “Loads of [Harry’s] friends told him to be careful and that it was never going to last, and he feels a little foolish now that it’s fallen apart so quickly.”

The pair broke up during a vacation in the British Virgin Isles — after which Styles consoled himself with Hermione Way, but ultimately nothing came of it. The couple reportedly had a huge fight, but no one knows over what … but we bet we will when the song comes out.

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Watch the Taylor Swift ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ Video

Harry Styles Attends GQ Party With Jessie J + Tinie Tempah, Goes Home With Welsh Actress

Alexandra Harry Styles
Dave M. Benett, Getty Images

While Taylor Swift was in Los Angeles at the People’s Choice Awards last night (Jan. 9), looking utterly banging in a white Ralph Lauren dress with a plunging neckline – as if to say “Eat your heart out” — her recent ex Harry Styles of One Direction was partying the night away at a swanky GQ party in the U.K.

Styles was flanked by fellow pop stars Jessie J and Tinie Tempah and rubbed elbows with Welsh actress Alexandra Roach, pictured above, whose resume is littered with appearances in films like ‘The Iron lady’ and ‘Anna Karenina.’ Why is Roach, who isn’t a household name in the U.S., worth a mention? Well, reportedly, Styles left the fete with her.

Talk about moving on quick! First he was hanging out with Hermione Way immediately after Swift left the Virgin Islands due to their relationship-killing fight. Now he’s consorting with actresses. Then again, he is Harry Styles and can have his pick of the litter, romance-wise.

Celebuzz reports that the twosome hit Sketch, a luxe nightclub, and left together.

Check out some of the candid photos from the soiree below. Good times appear to be had, and Styles, who is said to be super bummed about the Swift split, doesn’t seem to be nursing a broken heart.

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Jessie Tinie Harry GQ
Tinie GQ
Tinie Jessie GQ

Watch the One Direction ‘Kiss You’ Video