Britney Spears’ Puppy Hannah Is Reportedly Deathly Sick

Britney Spears Hannah

Britney Spears is having the crappiest week … ever. After splitting from fiancé Jason Trawick and also breaking up with ‘X Factor,’ the pop diva is dealing with a sick puppy. Her teacup Yorkie Hannah is reportedly deathly ill.

The adorbs pooch, who has her own Twitter account, has had to visit the hospital for the third time in recent weeks.

According to RadarOnline, Brit Brit bought the itty bitty pooch for $1,800 at Barkworks in California. Turns out the pet chain has come under fire for getting its dogs from puppy mills. It also received an “F” from the Better Business Bureau, so its rep as a pet-selling establishment is certainly poor, and the fact that Brit purchased as opposed to rescuing might cause her to get some flack from animal rights activists.

Brit reportedly took her little girl to the vet after obtaining her in late November. The dog was reportedly “listless, eyes half shut, not responding to voices, not eating and having trouble breathing.”

Oh no! The poor thing.

Brit took Hannah to her vet on Jan. 3, which was the third visit in a short period of time.

The canine cutie was treated and tested for liver issues, and was monitored for temperature problems and having fluid in her lungs.

The source says the dog’s condition is unstable, but because Brit is rich and can pay the endless vet bills, the dog has a second lease on life and is being cared for.

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One Direction’s Niall Horan Passes Driver’s Test

Niall Horan
Slaven Vlasic, Getty Images

Look out on those sidewalks! Just kidding. One Direction hunk Niall Horan has passed his driver’s test and will be a licensed driver. Woot woot.

His 1D bandmate Louis Tomlinson took to Twitter to issue a big, huge congrats to Horan, saying that he “smashed it” when he took the test.

If you notice in the ‘Kiss You’ video, it’s Tomlinson who is in the driver’s seat, while tattoo virgin Horan rides sidecar and does all sorts of silly dances. It was probably purely coincidental, but art was imitating life there, since Horan wasn’t licensed to drive. Now Horan is the proud owner of a driver’s license and can cruise around as he wishes, in real life or in a video!

What’s next, besides some joyrides and designated driver status? Well, Horan is going to have to get himself a snazzy set of wheels. We are curious as to what type of vehicle he will plunk down some coin on. What good is a driver’s license without a car, right?

Congrats, Niall. You’ve just gone through a major rite of passage.

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Nicki Minaj Loses Her Wig Stylist

Nicki Minaj
Jamie McCarthy, Getty Images

As famous for her insane style and rainbow weaves as she is for her hooks and rhymes, Nicki Minaj is turning over a new wig — er, leaf. The ‘Freedom’ MC has kicked her wig stylist to the curb, which may be why she’s been sporting sleeker, more subdued styles as of late.

Celebuzz reports that her longtime wig man, Terrence Davidson, has bowed out of working with the sometimes temperamental starlet. “Terrence Davidson most recently served as the celebrity hairstylist, wig creator and creative director for Nicki Minaj,” a press release stated. “After creative differences, he has decided to pursue other opportunities.”

Davidson released his own statement, writing, “It has been an amazing experience offering me a chance to express my creativity and exhibit my love for the art form of wig design. I have decided to part ways from Nicki Minaj because I would like to explore other opportunities within my own brand and re-energize my creativity through work in fashion editorial, beauty consultations, media personality, ‘how-to’ lectures and hair show development. I am very proud of the body of work built with Nicki Minaj and I appreciate the support over the years from fans who’ve expressed love for my craft. Look forward to seeing me larger than life in 2013.”

However, a source says that there was more behind Davidson’s resignation that just a desire to give lectures on wig making, claiming that Minaj unleashed a torrent of “derogatory statements” against the stylist. No details were given as to what those statements are, but they had to have been pretty bad for him walk away from one of the biggest stars on the planet … if it’s true.

In the meantime, we’ll just have to watch Minaj snatch Mariah Carey‘s wigs on the ‘American Idol‘ set.

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Joan Rivers Weighs In on Lady Gaga-Osbourne Feud

Gaga Sharon Joan Kelly
Pascal LeSegretain / Mike Coppola / Anna Webber / Christopher Polk, Getty Images

Lady Gaga is in the middle of an epic feud with Sharon and Kelly Osbourne after penning an open letter to ‘Fashion Police’ co-host Kelly, who said that little monsters are evil because they call her fat. Gaga defended her fans and responded, saying that Osbourne’s role on a show where she insults people for their fashion choices is no different. Mama Bear Sharon penned her own open letter, calling Mother Monster a hypocrite. Now, Kelly’s ‘Fashion Police’ cohort Joan Rivers is weighing in on the drama.

Rivers, 79, told ET (quotes via Us Weekly), “‘Fashion Police is a comedy show; anyone that comes out of an egg should figure that out,” referencing Gaga’s stunt where she was carried on the 2011 Grammys red carpet in a giant egg.

Rivers also said Gaga should “lighten up” and worry about more important issues.

Um, Joan, the whole point of Gaga’s open letter to Kelly was to point out that bullying takes many forms, including celebrity TV shows.

As for Gaga not using her celebrity to address more critical societal problems, um, hello? Have you not heard about the Born Brave Bus? Gaga and her Born This Way Foundation are stationing mobile mental health vehicles in the parking lot of her tour, offering help and support to monsters in need, tailgating style.

How’s that not helping more critical issues?

Sounds like some ‘Fashion Police’ folks need to do their homework.

We got your back, Mama Monster!

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Britney Spears Returns Engagement Ring to Jason Trawick

Jason Brit
Christopher Polk, Getty Images

Britney Spears did the right thing. She returned the nearly $100,000 engagement ring that her now former fiancé Jason Trawick gave her a little over a year ago.

The former ‘X Factor‘ judge, who once posted that she could not stop staring at the ring her onetime beloved gave her in December 2011, gave up the rock of her own volition. Trawick reportedly did not ask her to return the 3.5 carat Neil Lane ring.

It’s sort of sad that it was just over a year ago that Brit Brit was celebrating the fact that she and Trawick were going to settle down and make it official.

TMZ reports that according to California law, the ring must be returned if the wedding is canceled only when the man backs out. If it’s a mutual split or if the female decides to end the engagement, the ring is supposed to be returned. Things appear to be amicable in this parting of ways, and if you believe their press statement, it was a mutual decision.

We can remember and reflect upon the Brit Brit and Jason’s romance by watching their antics in her ‘Criminal’ video.

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Pharrell Williams Says Miley Cyrus Is an ‘Old Soul’ + Compares Her to Justin Timberlake

Pharrell Miley Cyrus Tyler the Creator

Between her country roots and covers and her ‘Rebel Yell’-ing, no one really knows what to expect from Miley Cyrus‘ new record — except the people working on it with her. Pharrell Williams compared the project to Justin Timberlake‘s transformation from N’SYNC heartthrob to solo superstar and sang the praises of Cyrus not only as a singer, but also as a person.

At first glance, it’s hard to see exactly what (well, other than a paycheck) would compel Williams and Tyler, the Creator to work with teen pop tart Cyrus, but when Williams explains it, it makes a lot more sense. “What we all have in common is that we like new stuff, we like making music that doesn’t exist,” the former half of the Neptunes told HypeBeast. “That’s what Tyler has in common with me and what I have in common with Miley.” He added, “Put it this way, he heard her music and next thing you know he’s in the picture with her. That’s not what you would expect, but that’s what I love doing: totally surprising people.”

Despite their differences, Williams said it wasn’t too hard to get a good vibe going with the ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ singer. “Yeah, at times people were difficult, but it’s all part of the process,” he explained. “She is an old soul that was trapped in a younger situation who just bursted [sic] at the seams, and I was just happy to be there during that transformation.”

Williams pointed out that he faced similar criticism and questioning when he first started working with Timberlake, who’s “ready” to release new music himself. “I remember when they use to ask me about the same questions with Justin [Timberlake]; people be like why you going in with N’SYNC? Because there’s somebody in there that you don’t know,” he insisted. “Wait till you see what Miley’s done. Oh man!”

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Can You Guess Whose Tattoo This Is?


Do you ‘Believe’ this singer got an owl tattooed on their arm? We can! While the meaning behind this ink is somewhat mysterious, the singer posted this picture on their Instagram with the caption, “Up all night,” so this pop star could be a notorious night owl. Being one of the biggest pop stars right now coupled with a rigorous tour schedule and continuous recording sessions could be the reason behind this pop star’s insomnia.

Anyhoo (see what we did there), can you guess whose tattoo this is?

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Can You Guess Whose Tattoo This Is?


Do you ‘Believe’ this singer got an owl tattooed on their arm? We can! While the meaning behind this ink is somewhat mysterious, the singer posted this picture on their Instagram with the caption, “Up all night,” so this pop star could be a notorious night owl. Being one of the biggest pop stars right now coupled with a rigorous tour schedule and continuous recording sessions could be the reason behind this pop star’s insomnia.

Anyhoo (see what we did there), can you guess whose tattoo this is?

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One Direction to Begin Filming Their 3D Movie

One Direction
Andreas Rentz, Getty Images

Get ready, Directioners! Morgan Spurlock will begin shooting the One Direction 3D film this week!

TV NZ’s One News reports that filming is set to start in Tokyo — and that Spurlock is convinced 3D is the way to go for the movie. (And not just because it’s as close as a lot of us will get to reaching out and grabbing Harry Styles’ sex-scented hair.)

“Once they can crack that nut of having a true 3D experience where you don’t have to have those glasses or sit at a certain angle, it will become a conversation again,” Spurlock said of the medium. As for why he wanted to document 1D, well, why wouldn’t you? Still, he has a legit explanation, too. “These guys have gotten so huge in such a short amount of time — why?” (Um, listen to their songs and look at their beautiful faces.) He added, “What makes them more special than any other people?”

The guys are just as excited to work with Spurlock as he is to work with them. Niall Horan said of the ‘Super Size Me’ auteur, “Morgan works well because … he did a lot of documentary movies. It’s going to be a concert movie, but with a documentary side than concert side so we wanted to get our personalities across because the fans know us, but we want them to know us deeper.”

And don’t forget — the Directioners are the real stars, so get camera ready!

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Was Justin Bieber Too Needy for Selena Gomez?

Justin Bieber Selena Gomez
Mike Coppola / Jason Merritt, Getty Images

Another day, another detail in the Jelena split drama. The latest? Apparently Justin Bieber may have been too needy for Selena Gomez. Wait, what?!

The pair, whose most recent split went down on New Year’s Eve in Mexico, was reportedly initiated by Gomez. If you recall, she stormed off from their vacation early. In a private jet. Must be nice!

It wasn’t just Biebs’ “neediness” that bugged her. Apparently he also had a wandering eye, something that’s been reported more than once. A pal told Radar Online, “Justin is super needy and can be a big baby around Selena. It’s hard for him to make real friends because he likes the temporary attention of strangers, but didn’t realize how it hurt Selena. Selena didn’t feel Justin was respectful of their relationship,” the friend added. “She was constantly catching him in positions with other girls that would make her uncomfortable. She would get super jealous.”

Yikes! Sounds like this breakup may be the one that sticks … maybe. The friend insisted, “Selena absolutely won’t get back with Justin unless he makes some drastic changes in his life.”

Last week it was revealed that the pair tried just about everything they could to work it out, but it just wouldn’t. “Selena is Justin’s first love and he’s still young enough that he desperately tries to make it work,” a source said. “But Selena is mature enough to just know when to end it and be realistic that it isn’t working.”

That won’t stop us from crossing our fingers. We love these two!

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Madonna’s Brother Says Lady Gaga Should Copy Her More

Madonna Gaga Christopher Ciccone
Taylor Hill / Tim Whitby / Alberto E. Rodriguez, Getty Images

Madonna‘s brother Christopher Ciccone is all about reductive fashion! Ciccone, who is his sister’s former artistic director, says that Lady Gaga would be best served by copying his sister’s sense of style more. Say what? Turns out Ciccone thinks copying the Material Girl would make Ma Monster more accessible to her fans.

Madge’s little brother designed the stages for some of her most memorable tours, like Blonde Ambition and the Girlie Show. They eventually fell out and he wrote a tell-all, so it’s not like Ciccone is all, like, the cap’n of Team Madge in the epic battle between these two pop divas.

Since he has made a living in the style biz and now designs shoes, Ciccone offered his tips on what Gaga can do differently, which she can of course take or leave. Madge probably isn’t thrilled about that, since she constantly talks crap about Gaga biting off her.

“What I would do with Gaga is stream it all down and get rid of all the crap and make her a real person,” he boldly said. “It’s cool on some level, but when you start out massively way over the top, there is nowhere to go. You get stuck there and you disconnect from the audience. You become this freak on the stage.”

What he is ignoring, though, is Gaga’s embrace of fame as art, and being on a whole other level with fame is what makes her the biggest pop star of her time.

However, Ciccone also pointed out that Madonna’s style has endured for a critical reason – her fans could copy her looks easily by shopping at the mall. It’s not like little monsters can head over to Hot Topic to grab a meat dress or 10-inch stripper platforms.

“You have to remember what really made Madonna really popular is that girls could dress like her,” he pointed out. “You can’t dress like Gaga, only on Halloween perhaps. It’s a really big part of being a performer, getting your fans to follow you. You have to evolve. At one point with Madonna, it was time for the tights to go.”

Gaga isn’t the only person whose style he assessed. He has his eye on Kelly Clarkson, simply because he thinks she has no style.

“I would love to overhaul Kelly Clarkson,” he said. “I would certainly give her a style. She needs something. The girl’s got an amazing voice; it’s just the girl comes onstage dowdy and there is no particular look to her. She could do so much better.”

Thank you very much, Christopher Ciccone.

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