Bailee Madison: My Day. My Life.

Welcome to the latest episode of My Day. My Life.! This week, we’re getting an inside look at Bailee Madison‘s jam-packed schedule! The 13-year-old is currently starring in Parental Guidance, along side mega-stars Billy Crystal and Better Midler, and she took us behind the scenes of a busy press day in NYC. Bailee starts off at 5:30 AM (!) by getting her hair and make up done, then she heads to talk shows Katie and The View. She even manages to catch up with her on-screen little brother during lunch! Not only does Bailee give us an inside look at her life, but she dishes out advice to teens, and talks about her experience of working with such big stars like Katie Holmes. For more, watch the video above!

Bailee Talks More About ‘Parental Guidance’!

My Day. My Life. – Austin Mahone

Austin Mahone is definitely one of Teen’s favorite stars of 2012, and we were lucky enough to catch up with him for entire day! The “Say Something’” singer recently had a busy press day in the Big Apple, and filmed the whole thing just for us! Not only that, but we got to chat with him on the rooftop of our NYC office where he was a total sweetheart. He sang some festive tunes, did a quick rap, and even talked about meeting Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. Between two hits singles, 2012 was definitely big for him, but we have a feeling 2013 will only be bigger! Watch Austin’s entire episode of My Day. My Life. above!

Conor Maynard – My Day. My Life.

My Day. My Life. – Conor Maynard

Singer Conor Maynard has had quite the last few years! After skyrocketing to success in the UK thanks to a number of YouTube videos, the 20-year-old star has burned up the charts with songs such as “Vegas Girl” and “Turn Around” which features Ne-Yo. Luckily, Teen was able to catch up with him during a recent trip to L.A., and we got to see what life is like for the rising star. First, he started off with an acoustic performance at Good Day L.A., then had some lunch (celebs gotta eat, too!). Afterwards, he had a quick meeting at Nickelodeon, and then wrapped things up by performing for Extra at The Grove, where he ran in to a ton of fans. For more on Conor’s action-packed day, watch the video above!

Savannah Outen: My Day. My Life.

My Day. My Life. – Savannah Outen

It’s Thursday, so you know what that means — a brand new episode of My Day. My Life! This week, we had YouTube singer Savannah Outen let our Teen cameras in on a day in her life. The 20-year-0ld singer started off her day with a meeting in the studio, and also talked about the early morning flight she had to take (she says getting up at 4 AM should be “illegal”!), and talked about shooting her latest music video for “Fairytales of L.A.” in, er, L.A. One of the best parts? She introduces us to her (cute!) “fake” BF for the music vid. The two go to a number of different locations to shoot the vid, like Universal City Walk and a cool spot in the Hollywood Hills. For more, watch the video above and make sure to subscribe to her channel to stay updated on her new music!

Kat Graham: My Day. My Life.

My Day. My Life. – Kat Graham

Who doesn’t love Vampire Diaries star Kat Graham?! The multi-talented star recently took our Teen cameras around with her for an entire day, and we got to see what goes on behind the scenes of her busy lifestyle! The day starts off with a glamorous photo shoot, and then Kat tells us how she loves designers who use the 1990s as an influence. However the next part of the day definitely gets more “real” as we see Kat chilling with her pup while eating a huge scoop of peanut butter and vanilla ice cream! In addition to a couple interviews after her photo shoot, she also has dance rehearsal, because as you know, Kat is quite the singer as well! For even more Kat, watch the video above!

Copy Cat: ‘Vampire’ Transformation!

My Day. My Life – Debby Ryan

Ever wanted to see what a day in the life of Debby Ryan is like? Well, you’re in luck, because the Jessie star let our Teen cameras follow her around for entire day, and we got an inside look at her busy schedule! Debby started off the day getting her hair done in preparation of a full press day, where she started off doing a live show at KTLA where she talked about her hit Disney Channel show, her music and much more. Then she headed over to MTV and Extra where she did a number of wardrobe changes. Phew, we’re tired just thinking about that! To see what else Debby had in store, watch the video above, and make sure you watch Jessie when it airs on Disney Channel Fridays at 7 PM!

Olly Murs: My Day. My Life.

My Day. My Life.: Olly Murs

Have you ever wondered what spending a day with Olly Murs would be like? Well, wonder no more, because Teen recently got to go behind the scenes with the “Heart Skips a Beat” crooner! That’s right, Olly let our cameras follow him around for an entire day — from promoting his new album on Good Morning America, to visiting the Empire State building, he sure got a lot done! And that’s not all, we also got to sit down with him, where he opened up even more about his busy life and much more! Watch the video above!

My Day. My Life. With Blake Jenner!

My Day. My Life.: Blake Jenner

Life has been pretty crazy for Blake Jenner since he won The Glee Project back in March. In addition to his first appearance on the show (which you can watch next week!), he’s been doing tons of interviews, and has even managed to create quite the fan base. With a sweet personality like his, combined with his amazing singing and acting skills, we have a feeling life will only get more chaotic for him from here on out! Blake was nice enough to take a flip cam and record himself throughout the day, so we could get a good look into his every day life. Though at times it’s not the most glamorous (cereal and Golden Girl marathons, any one?), it’s real, and that’s what we like to see!

Check out the latest episode of My Day. My Life. above!

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My Day. My Life. with ‘Fun Size’ Star Victoria Justice

Victoria Justice is one busy gal! Not only did she tour the U.S. this summer, but she filmed new episodes of her Nickelodeon show Victorious, and is starring in her very first big screen flick, the hilarious, Halloween-themed Fun Size, opening in theaters this Friday, October 26th.

In the movie, Victoria plays Wren, a girl who gets invited to the biggest Halloween party of the year by the hottest guy in school, but ends up having to take her little bro Albert trick-or-treating (lame!). However, little Albert gets lost along the way, and it’s Wren’s responsibility to track him down. With the help of her BFF April and a couple of acquaintances, she gets into some pretty crazy adventures while trying to find her bro, and ends of having one of the best Halloweens ever.

Even though Victoria has a hectic scheduled, we were not only lucky enough to catch up with her, but she let our cameras follow her every move for a full (jam-packed) day! Get an inside look at what life is like for Victoria on the latest episode of My Day, My Life.

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