Leonardo DiCaprio Wraps ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ (PHOTOS)

leonardo dicaprio wolf of wall street nyc leonardo dicaprio wolf of wall street nyc leonardo dicaprio wolf of wall street nyc leonardo dicaprio wolf of wall street nyc leonardo dicaprio wolf of wall street nyc leonardo dicaprio wolf of wall street nyc

Now that’s the smile of an actor nearing the finish line.

On Saturday, Leonardo DiCaprio suited up one last time as infamous New York stockbroker Jordan Belfort on the set of Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street.

DiCaprio, 38, spent a good chunk of the day filming scenes at Rao’s Restaurant, located in the East Harlem neighborhood of Manhattan.

The film, based on Belfort’s bestselling memoir, also stars Jonah Hill, Matthew McConaughey, The Artist’s Jean Dujardin and Friday Night Lights’ Kyle Chandler.

DiCaprio, who currently can be seen in the Quentin Tarantino western Django Unchained, is up for Best Supporting Actor at this Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards.

The actor, who plays plantation owner Calvin Candie in the flick, is up against Alan Arkin, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Tommy Lee Jones and DiCaprio’s co-star Christoph Waltzin the category.

While DiCaprio did not receive an Oscar nomination earlier this week, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences did nominate the film for five prizes, including Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay.

Be sure to check out the gallery, above, for set pictures from Leonardo DiCaprio’s film ‘The Wolf of Wall Street.’ Do you think he will win a Golden Globe on Sunday? Weigh in below.

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One Minute Buzz: Hot Celebrity Vacations; Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Split . . . Again (VIDEO)

It’s One Minute Buzz time!

This week, some of Hollywood’s finest were caught spending the tail end of the holidays in hot vacation spots.

From Sofia Vergara’s Miami getaway to Jessica Alba’s family vacation in Cabo, the stars have made sure to ring in the New Year in style.

In Australia, Leonardo DiCaprio partied with BFFs Kevin Connolly, Lucas Haas and Django Unchained co-star Jonah Hill. The boys were spotted hanging out with a slew of bikini-clad ladies aboard a private yacht as the group cruised around Sydney Harbor.

Meanwhile, in couples news, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have reportedly called it quits again, as have Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana.

In Celebuzz headlines, Snooki officially joined our network of celebrity bloggers. The Jersey Shore star made her debut one week ago with a special video message for her fans.

But the biggest headline of the week was of course Kim Kardashian‘s pregnancy. In celebration of the reality TV star’s news, check out One Minute Buzz: Kim Kardashian Edition, with Hyla, below.

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What Your Favorite Celebs Will be Eating at The Golden Globes

It’s a feast fit for Hollywood royalty.

Celebrities will be enjoying the dinner of a lifetime at the 70th annual Golden Globe awards at the Beverly Hilton hotel on Jan. 13, Celebuzz has learned.

What’s on the menu for nominees like Naomi Watts and Leonardo DiCaprio?

The Beverly Hilton’s Exectuive Chef Suki Sugiura has prepared the menu for the Globes for nine years with the assistance of 50 chefs, 110 culinary staff, 50 bartenders and 250 servers.

In 2013, he will be serving:


Grilled Artichoke with Fennel Tomato Lemon Mousse and California Pepper Honey Goat Cheese on Endive Pear Salad


Smoked Flat Iron Beef with Grilled Sweet Pickled Pepper & California Olive Oil Orange Chilean Sea Bass with Caramelized Mint Fennel

Kabocha Pumpkin, Yellow Cauliflower, Baby Bok Choy & Dill Mashed Potatoes

Executive Pastry Chef at hotel, Thomas Henzi, is creating the dessert for the third year in a row.

His ensemble will include:


Cappuccino Mousse Dome, Orange Sanguine & Chocolate Salted Caramel

As Celebuzz previously reported, comediennes Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are hosting the event in 2013 and have already released two hilarious promos to tease the ceremony.

This year’s event will air live, coast-to-coast, on NBC on Sunday, January 13, 2013.

The Golden Globes dinner sounds scrumptious, to us. But tell us what you would serve if you were the Executive Chef?

Leonardo DiCaprio Parties With Pals Jonah Hill, Kevin Connolly and Lucas Haas on a Yacht in Australia (PHOTOS)

Ships ahoy!

Leonardo DiCaprio is ringing in 2013 Down Under — and he’s decided to kick off the New Year’s festivities early with his BFFs Kevin Connolly, Lucas Haas, and Jonah Hill.

The hot Hollywood actors were surrounded by a bevy of beauties aboard a private yacht Dec. 29 while on a cruise around Sydney Harbor for some fun in the Australian summer sun. And even though DiCaprio is back in the land of Oz to re-shoot scenes for Baz Luhrmann’s epic The Great Gatsby, it looks like he and his boys definitely don’t have work on their minds.

While Hill, Haas and Connolly got in some much-needed guy time, 38-year-old DiCaprio — donning his signature baseball cap and shades — mingled with the VIP crowd — and was every bit the perfect host. The superstar capped off the end of the year by letting loose — taking goofy photos with friends, smoking cigars, sipping fruity cocktails, laughing, and we can’t forget — flirting with a very pretty mystery blonde.

The Django Unchained star is a single man once again after breaking up with Victoria’s Secret supermodel Erin Heatherton, 23, in November after dating nearly a year.

DiCaprio has been spending a lot of time over the last year in Australia where he set the gossip world all abuzz after being linked to not one, but two, Aussie beauties — Alyce Crawford, 21, a former contestant on the Australian version of America’s Next Top Model, and model Kendal Schuler, 20.

The Oscar-nominated actor does have a thing for catwalk pros. He dated Gisele Bundchen from 2001 to 2005 and Bar Refaeli from 2006 to early 2011.

What do you think of Leo’s new gal pal? Tell us below.

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‘Django Unchained’: The Controversy Surrounding Quentin Tarantino’s New Film Explained in Five Clicks

It wouldn’t be a new Quentin Tarantino release without someone calling out the controversial director. And many objections have already been made against the filmmaker’s latest movie, Django Unchained, which opened Christmas Day.

As usual with Tarantino, reviewers and audiences seem to love the film, yet plenty of prominent critics and activists are up in arms about his fondness for extreme violence, his brazen historical revisionism, and his frequent, matter-of-fact use of the n-word.

Django Unchained, an epic Western about the quest of a freed slave (Jamie Foxx) to rescue his wife (Kerry Washington) from an evil plantation owner (Leonardo DiCaprio) in the pre-Civil War South, raises all those issues and more. Fortunately, Celebuzz can help you navigate Django’s briar patch of thorny concerns via the gallery at the top of this article — in just five simple steps.

Click and save the talking points above, and you’ll be able to join in the discussion about Django’s controversies — even if you haven’t seen the movie. (Like that ever stops people.)

Have you seen Django Unchained? If so, do you think the criticisms leveled against it have merit? If you haven’t seen it, do these controversies make you eager to see it or eager to avoid it? Weigh in below in the comments.

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‘Les Miserables’ vs. ‘Django Unchained’: Box Office Battle (POLL)

It’s Oscar slummin’ time at the movies as Hollywood rolls out its primo slate of films, but despite a handful of new titles across the marquee, it’s all about the French Revolution and the Civil War South this weekend. The big-budget adaptation of Broadway’s favorite child, Les Miserables, is pitting its cannons and bayonets against Quentin Tarantino’s spaghetti-western six-shooter, Django Unchained.

Which film will sing a victorious ballad and which will lay buried in a shallow desert grave?

Directed by Tom Hooper, the filmmaker behind The King’s Speech, the latest theatrical rendition of Les Mis combines a star-studded cast with high-cost Hollywood production value. The end result is a wonderfully performed rendition of the classic story with critically acclaimed turns by Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman.

Watch Celebuzz’ interview with Jackman about the challenges of bringing the musical to the screen:

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Hooper’s direction, however, makes the film feel a bit like a well-funded stageplay with the camera filming from the point-of-view of the audience. With a series of close-ups and wide, sweeping shots, the production never truly figures out a way to present these songs in a uniquely cinematic fashion. The film looks and sounds spectacular without necessarily taking full advantage of its medium.

Quentin Tarantino, on the other hand, makes full use of his cinematic toolbox to bring the story of a former slave and a German bounty-hunter to life in Django Unchained. Starring Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz and Leonardo DiCaprio, Django tells a tale of pre-Civil War revenge in purely Tarantino fashion. It’s likely one of his finest – and certainly funniest – films that strikes a smart balance between the near-comic absurdity and inhuman brutality of American slavery.

Check out Celebuzz’ interview with Django actor Sammi Rotibi:

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Showcasing action, comedy and drama with a smart soundtrack and a striking series of cinematic visuals, Django Unchained is the absolute pick-of-the-week for lovers of old-school Westerns or Tarantino in general.

Let Celebuzz know what you’re planning on seeing this weekend with your vote above, and talk about why you want to see these box office brawlers in the comments below!

Leonardo DiCaprio Calls ‘Django Unchained’ Character ‘The Most Deplorable Human Being I’ve Ever Read In a Screenplay In My Life’ (VIDEO)

What does Leonardo DiCaprio‘s character in Django Unchained have in common with King Louis XIV?

According to the actor, a lot.  Although DiCaprio’s portrayal of Calvin Candie, a vicious slave and plantation owner in Quentin Tarantino‘s violent Western drama, earned him a Golden Globe nomination, the role proved to be quite a departure from any character he’s portrayed on the big screen.

“He’s the most deplorable human being I’ve ever read in a screenplay in my life,” he said during a sit-down interview on Thursday’s Today show. “He’s rotting from the inside. He was a young Louis XIV that was born into a world of entitlement and lived his life essentially owning other people and having his life dependent on other people’s lives.”

Getting into character became quite a difficult task for DiCaprio, who was often encouraged by costars Jamie Foxx and Samuel F. Jackson ”to go all the way with this.”

“You have to play somebody that doesn’t even deem others as human,” he added. “And you’re working with other actors you respect, and you have to go in there and essentially cut them off and treat them as a subspecies to you. It was a very hard switch to make.

Django Unchained served as the actor’s first collaboration with Tarantino, nearly 15 years after DiCaprio rose to superstardom  in 1997′s Titanic. His role as Jack Dawson catapulted a pop culture mania that he still can’t comprehend.

“I didn’t even understand what a hit was, you know?” he remarked about the blockbuster classic. “That movie came out and people were like, ‘This movie is doing amazingly well!’ and I’m like, ‘Good, that’s great!’”

But, at the end of the day, the actor remains grateful for all the doors Titanic has opened for him.

Said DiCaprio: “It gave me an opportunity from that point on to choose roles that I wanted to do.”

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Hollywood Hunks on the Prowl — Who’s Single in Tinseltown? (PHOTOS)

They’re rich, famous, good-looking, talented — and, most importantly, single!

While George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio have famously embraced bachelorhood over the years, a new crop of unattached celebs have made their claim to foot-loose-and-fancy-free fame.

From Zac Efron to Michael Fassbender, Hollywood’s most desirable bachelors reigned supreme in 2012.

Although the majority of these stars kept busy with work, a few notoriously ruled the rumor mill as they found a little downtime to play the field. Yup, we’re looking at you, Johnny Depp.

Now that Gossip Girl has officially bid adieu to the airwaves, will Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick find time to return to the dating scene? Only time will tell in 2013!

Ready for some major eye candy? Launch the gallery to learn more about Hollywood’s hottest single men!

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‘Django Unchained’ Star Leonardo DiCaprio Struggled to Identify With His ‘Racist, Horrible Character’

For the first time in his career, Leonardo DiCaprio takes a turn to the dark side next week playing a brutal plantation owner in Django Unchained, Quentin Tarantino’s new revenge saga in which the oppressed finally turn the tables on their oppressors.

As if owning slaves isn’t bad enough, DiCaprio’s character, Calvin Candie’s favorite pastime is forcing his biggest and strongest to face off in bloody death matches.

“There was absolutely nothing about this man that I could identify with,” DiCaprio told reporters. “I hated him. And it was one of the most narcissistic, self indulgent, racist, horrible characters I had ever read in my entire life. And I had to do it.”

DiCaprio found the situation on set awkward, with his charater’s casual use of the N-word around c0-stars Jamie Foxx, Samuel L. Jackson and Kerry Washington. At one point he felt himself pulling away from the role, rationalizing with Tarantino about his character’s excessive show of racism.

“I’d dealt with and seen racism in my surroundings growing up, but to the degree that I had to treat other people in this film was incredibly disturbing,” recalled DiCaprio.

In the movie, Django (Foxx), a liberated slave, and King Schultz, (Christoph Waltz) a bounty hunter, go in search of Django’s wife, Broomhilda, (Washington) a slave who works on Candie’s plantation. Along the way they witness outrageous acts of violence, including a particularly brutal scene in which a slave is ripped to pieces by dogs.

In order to get a better understanding of Candie, DiCaprio researched sugar plantations, slave narratives and watched numerous documentaries on the subject. What he discovered were abuses that made the atrocities in the movie seem tame by comparison.

When production began, he struggled to embody such cruelty but was willed on by his African-American cast mates.

“What was great was to have a group of actors that were all mutually there for one another to support and drive each other further,” recalled DiCaprio. “Sam and Jamie told me, ‘Look man, if you sugarcoat this, people are going to resent the hell out of you. By holding the character back you’re going to do an injustice to the film and people are going to feel like you’re not telling the truth.”

DiCaprio compares Django Unchained with Tarantino’s previous movie, Inglourious Basterds, in that both take a candid look at brutal passages in modern history, but imagine a reality where the good guys win.

While Basterds portrays a world whereby Jews exercise bloody revenge on Nazi persecutors, Django, for the first time in movies, puts a gun in the hand of a slave and offers scenes of rough retribution.

“As soon as I read it I was incredibly excited,” said DiCaprio. “This was a character that represented everything that was wrong with the south at the time. It’s a subject matter that should be looked at more often and not shied away from.”

Click through the gallery above to see the cast of Django Unchained at the NYC press conference.

What do you think of Django Unchained‘s depiction of slavery, DiCaprio’s performance, and its portrayal of slaves? Watch co-star Sammi Rotibi’s exclusive interview with Celebuzz about his supporting role in the film, and then let us know what you think of the film as a whole in the comments section below!

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‘Django Unchained’s’ Jamie Foxx Talks About Racism, Horse Training and Working With Leonardo DiCaprio

In Quentin Tarantino’s new western Django Unchained, Jamie Foxx plays an ex-slave determined to free his wife from the the plantation of ruthless slave owner Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio).

For Foxx, the movie presented a number of firsts, including a wild ride on horseback, a vengeful slave and an onset accident that left DiCaprio with a blood-drenched hand.

Calvin Candie manages a 60-square-mile spread called Candie Land, a sugar plantation populated by hundreds of slaves, including Django’s wife Broomhilda (Kerry Washington).

When King Schultz (Christoph Waltz) and Django ride in with their hidden agenda, Candie, a man who is not used to being contradicted, loses patience with the pair, smashing a shot glass on the table before him.

Word on set was that during rehearsals, DiCaprio delivered a tour de force performance. Subsequently, staffers were stopping by the set to watch the scene as it was being filmed.

“What happened was the shot glass somehow slid over underneath where he was slamming his hand,” Foxx told reporters. “In one take, he slams his hand there and the shot glass goes through his hand. Now blood is shooting out of his hand and I’m thinking, ‘does everybody else see this, cause this is crazy!’ And he keeps going and I almost turned into a girl.”

DiCaprio had a lot of trouble embodying his character, a vile racist given to casual violence and liberal use of the N-word.

“We were in rehearsals and Leo’s saying his line, ‘n***er this, n***er that,” said Foxx, who remembers his co-star straining at the use of the word in the presence of his African-American castmates including Samuel L. Jackson. “Then Samuel pulls him aside and says, ‘Hey motherf***er, this is just another Tuesday for us, let’s go.”

Growing up in Texas, Foxx is no stranger to casual racism. “There are racial components in the south, me being called n***er growing up as a kid,” he revealed. “So when I read the script, I didn’t knee jerk to the word ‘n***er’ like somebody from New York or L.A. would knee jerk because that was something I experienced.”

If the movie’s casual racism wasn’t a challenge for Foxx, riding bareback was, even though he’s a rider in his free time and actually rode his own horse, Cheetah, in the film.

“What’s interesting about my horse and Django is that they sort of learn together,” said Foxx. “While my horse is learning tricks, Django is sort of evolving as a person, as a superhero, all the way to the end of the movie, where you see my horse do the same thing at the end.”

In the movie, Foxx, atop Cheetah, spins out at 28 miles per hour. “There were people ready to catch me just in case something happens,” recalled Foxx. “On the outside I looked like Django, but on the inside I was Little Richard. I was there, ‘Oh Lord Jesus, Lord Jesus, Lord Jesus, please stop this horse! Lord Jesus stop this horse!”

On the next take, a stunt man told him, “If you feel like you’re about to come off the horse just let go of the son of a bitch,” said Foxx. “And I’m thinking, ‘He’s a damn fool if he thinks I can get off this horse!”

But after several takes, Cheetah became winded, slowing down enough for Foxx to complete the take to Tarantino’s satisfaction.

Foxx, who won the role of Django after Will Smith dropped out due to a scheduling conflict, relished portraying a badass in a time where most African-Americans were subservient.

“We never get a chance to see the slave fight back,” he observed, noting that usually when a slave has a chance to exact revenge, he shows mercy instead. But not here.

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“In this movie there’s a lot of firsts and we knew that coming into it there’s gonna be all the other things said and everything about it, but it’s been a fantastic ride.”

Leonardo DiCaprio, Joaquin Phoenix and Matthew McConaughey: Favorite Male Movie Performances (PHOTOS)

Transformation is always a common quality that great actors seem to share, but in 2012, the one that seemed to dominate the year’s best performances was reinvention.

While Matthew McConaughey revived his career with a series of terrific – and different — turns in movies big and small, his Magic Mike co-star Channing Tatum proved that he could hold his own not just as a heartthrob, but as a bona fide actor.

Meanwhile, even the famously gifted Leonardo DiCaprio showed a different side of himself, having a bit of fun as a gloriously cruel plantation owner in Django Unchained, even as The Master‘s Joaquin Phoenix reminded viewers that he doesn’t simply play his characters, he becomes them.

Celebuzz has assembled a shortlist of the year’s best male performances, taking into account not just great acting, but the context of their work – what they’ve done in the past – and where they’re doing it.

Which is why Michael Sheen’s over-the-top turn as Aro in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 stands side by side with Phoenix and DiCaprio’s work: the gifted English actor gave such a flourish to his role that it stood out even more.

Then of course there’s the dark horses, those off-the-radar turns that earned accolades in critical circles but skirted mainstream attention because of subject matter that was simply too sophisticated for most.

Who made the list? Check out Celebuzz’ gallery of Favorite Male Performances above, and then below the trailer for Django Unchained, let us know whose acting impressed you the most. Or even better, who you think should have made this list that didn’t!

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