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AMAs 2015: Seating Chart – Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, One Direction and More


The 2015 American Music Awards is happening live tomorrow (November 22) at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

The seating chart of your favourite celebrities are already out. Peep below to see where Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Fifth Harmony, One Direction and more will be sitting at the 2015 AMAs.





Video: Justin Bieber Performs ‘Sorry’ on Today Show & Jimmy Fallon


Justin Bieber on Wednesday stopped by ‘Today Show’ to promote his recently released studio album, ‘Purpose’.

The Canadian pop sensation performed his new single ‘Sorry’ and other hits to his fans.

Last night, he also rocked ‘Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ with an amazing performance of ‘Sorry’.

Watch all the performances below…


Victoria’s Secret Angel Barbara Palvin: I Did Not Hook Up With Justin Bieber (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW)

Don’t call Barbara Palvin the other woman.

Some two months after making headlines with Justin Bieber, thanks to a backstage photo taken around the same time the singer first called it quits with Selena Gomez, the Victoria’s Secret model is speaking out for the first time about those romance rumors.

Palvin, 19, tells Celebuzz exclusively that she and the Canadian pop star were never romantically involved, despite reports to the contrary.

“You know how the drama started — Selena retweeted the picture,” Palvin said on Saturday.

“I’m okay to talk about it because I know there’s nothing. It’s ridiculous how this got to the news.”

Palvin, who spent part of her weekend at the InStyle Beauty Lounge in Beverly Hills, Calif., representing L’Oreal, says she was just “hanging out” with Bieber, 18, during the fashion show last fall.

“That was it . . . that’s why it was so weird. They thought I caused a big drama, their break-up.”

“They,” — devoted “Jelena” fans — erupted in response to the Twitter photo, causing Palvin to clear the air.

“hey everyone. please calm down. he is all yours!!” she wrote.

Gomez, 20, also took to Twitter at the time, posting a photo of her beau, a friend and Palvin together with just an ellipses: “…”

The Hungarian stunner explained on Saturday that her run-in with Bieber was an innocent fan moment.

“I wanted to meet him real bad,” she said. “I watched his movie [Justin Bieber: Never Say Never] and I was like, ‘He’s such a cool kid, I want to meet him.’ And then when I did at the [Victoria’s Secret] show we met and of course we had a conversation and then I took the picture with him.”

Just days later the two fueled the romance fire when they were spotted catching The Lion King on Broadway. According to Palvin, it was anything but a date.

“It was my sister’s first time in New York and we so wanted to go to Broadway, but there were no more tickets,” she explained. “I just came up and was telling him, ‘My sister is here, but she’s sad because we can’t go to Broadway, no more tickets.’ And he was like, ‘Well, I can get you one.’ And his friends came . . . like six people and then me, my sister and agent. So friends.”

And as the curtain call came, so did their night on the town.

“So we were just like okay, nice to meet you, that was fun, and then bye,” she said.

But the headlines didn’t stop there.

One month later, Palvin made the news again, after tweeting a photo of herself in front of a tour bus in Florida — reportedly belonging to the Biebs. But the model says that was not only not his tour bus — they never met up in the Sunshine State.

“We didn’t hang out, that’s the funny part,” she said, laughing.

“It was so funny when I read we were hanging out in Miami and I was also wearing his t-shirt. Dude, that’s my t-shirt!” Palvin added.

“And you see the mobile homes in the back [of my Twitter photo] — when you’re shooting on location you have mobile homes to do the hair and makeup and dress. And they put everything together like that’s Bieber’s tour bus, that’s Bieber’s shirt. I was like, ‘No!’”

Palvin admits the speculation made her angry because she already has a boyfriend in her hometown.

“They [the media] gave me a real hard time with this with my boyfriend. They also put him in the press and he’s not a celebrity or anything,” she said. “Him being back home [in Hungary] with a normal life and everybody is like, ‘You’re girlfriend is dating Justin.’ It’s very hard for him.

“It made me pissed, but there’s always a dark side of this business.”

If there’s any contact with camp Bieber at all, Palvin says, it’s between her and the “Boyfriend” singer’s manager Scooter Braun.

“We don’t stay in touch. I more talk with his manager Scooter. His father is Hungarian so there is this Hungarian connection and I talk with him.”

Palvin even reached out when news broke about the photographer who was killed while following Bieber’s Ferarri on New Year’s Day.

“When I heard that the paparazzi died in L.A. I called him [Scooter] and I told him to also tell Justin that maybe this is not a good start of the year, but the rest is going to be better.

“So I’m more in contact with Scooter than with Bieber.”

With the young crooner single again after reportedly making-up — and breaking-up — for a second time with Gomez, we’ll have to wait and see who his next lucky lady will be.

What do you think — would Barbara and Justin make a good couple? Tell us below.

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This Week in Celebrity Twitpics (PHOTOS)

Celebrities won big this week. From taking home a prize at the People’s Choice Awards to joining the Instagram world, this week’s celebrity Twitpics has celebs shining bright.

Glee’s Lea Michele won a PCA for favorite TV comedic actress and posted a Twitpic from the night. Her co-star Chris Colfer took home same award for Favorite TV comedic actor.

Meanwhile, Sophia Bush finally joined the Instagram world and took to her Twitter to tell her followers to add her on the photo app. After fighting fake Instagram accounts that were using her name, the actress finally got her own account to prove the posers wrong.

Ashley Tisdale and Selena Gomez posted some motherly Twitpics earlier this week. Tisdale went for a family dinner and took a picture with a cute family member. While promoting her new movie Spring Breakers with co-star Vanessa Hudgens, Gomez posted a cute photo with a baby.

One Direction‘s Niall Horan suffered a wardrobe malfunction in a funny Twitpic posted this week, thanks to bandmate Harry Styles, who appropriately captioned the snap, “Nip Slip.”

For more Twitpics, check out the full gallery above!

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Was Justin Bieber Too Needy for Selena Gomez?

Justin Bieber Selena Gomez
Mike Coppola / Jason Merritt, Getty Images

Another day, another detail in the Jelena split drama. The latest? Apparently Justin Bieber may have been too needy for Selena Gomez. Wait, what?!

The pair, whose most recent split went down on New Year’s Eve in Mexico, was reportedly initiated by Gomez. If you recall, she stormed off from their vacation early. In a private jet. Must be nice!

It wasn’t just Biebs’ “neediness” that bugged her. Apparently he also had a wandering eye, something that’s been reported more than once. A pal told Radar Online, “Justin is super needy and can be a big baby around Selena. It’s hard for him to make real friends because he likes the temporary attention of strangers, but didn’t realize how it hurt Selena. Selena didn’t feel Justin was respectful of their relationship,” the friend added. “She was constantly catching him in positions with other girls that would make her uncomfortable. She would get super jealous.”

Yikes! Sounds like this breakup may be the one that sticks … maybe. The friend insisted, “Selena absolutely won’t get back with Justin unless he makes some drastic changes in his life.”

Last week it was revealed that the pair tried just about everything they could to work it out, but it just wouldn’t. “Selena is Justin’s first love and he’s still young enough that he desperately tries to make it work,” a source said. “But Selena is mature enough to just know when to end it and be realistic that it isn’t working.”

That won’t stop us from crossing our fingers. We love these two!

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Watch the Justin Bieber ‘As Long as You Love Me’ Video Feat. Big Sean

Justin Bieber Tweets About Justin Timberlake’s New Music

Ben Rose / Timothy Hiatt, Getty Images

On Thursday (Jan. 10), Justin Timberlake teased the world about his plans to release new music in the following days, and now Justin Bieber is chiming in on the conversation.

Following JT’s buzzworthy announcement, the 18-year-old singer replied-all in a tweet that revealed: “@jtimberlake @Timbaland i have heard some stuff. u got a good reason to be ready.#greatmusic.”

The world has been waiting years to hear new music from Timberlake, whose last album, ‘FutureSex/LoveSounds,’ was released in 2006. The singer posted a minute-long video yesterday, teasing that he’s set to come out of hiatus. “To whom it may concern…I think I’M READY! #JT2013,” he wrote.

Bieber has long been compared to the former ‘NSYNC star, and even paid homage to the thrilled 31-year-old by covering his hit song ‘Cry Me a River’ on his Believe tour. There are many reasons why the Canadian sensation admires JT, as he explained to MTV News last year.

“He was young, and he did it and he was really amazing and had such amazing music,” Bieber said when asked about Timberlake’s influence on his sound. “I can’t say I would be upset when someone compares me to him — I just feel like my music is going a completely different route. But definitely, hat goes off to him.”

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Watch the Justin Timberlake ‘Sexy Back’ Video

Justin Bieber Lawsuit: Sued by Bodyguard of Over Two Years (VIDEO)

After two years of what he calls loyal service, Justin Bieber‘s former bodyguard, Moshe Benabou, is suing the 18-year-old for more than $420,000 for overtime and alleged assault. He claims that the singer, who was recently photographed with marijuana, ‘struck and berated’ him before giving him the boot.

According to a statement given by Moshe’s attorney, “For nearly two years, Mr. Benabou devoted himself completely to ensuring Mr. Bieber’s personal safety. Mr. Benabou deserved, as does any employee, to be treated with respect, dignity and accordance with the law. Unfortunately, he was not.”

For more details on the claim, watch the video above and make sure to subscribe to our friends at ClevverTV so you never miss out on their celeb news. What do you think of the suit? Weigh in below or on our Justin Bieber message board!

41 Whole Seconds of Justin Bieber Playing Ping Pong

Ex-Bodyguard Sues Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber sued by bodyguard

From one controversy, to another. This time, it’s a courtroom.

Fresh from being photographed smoking what looked to be marijuana, 18-year-old pop star Justin Bieber is facing a lawsuit for allegedly assaulting a former bodyguard.

Moshe Benabou, an ex-Israeli soldier, filed court papers in Los Angeles on Thursday, claiming Bieber berated him and struck him a number of times in the chest during an argument over a member of the singer’s entourage.

Benabou — the same bodyguard who was involved in an altercation with the paparazzi at Los Angeles International Airport — was fired as Bieber’s chief lieutenant on Oct. 10, last year.

“For nearly two years Mr. Benabou devoted himself completely to ensuring Mr. Bieber’s personal safety,” Benabou’s attorney, Ilan Heimanson, told Celebuzzin a statement.

“Mr. Benabou deserved, as does any employee, to be treated with respect, dignity and in accordance with the law. Unfortunately, he was not.”

Benabou is also suing Bieber for failing to $400,000 in back wages.

According to his complaint, Benabou said he worked seven days a week and up to 18 hours a day, but was told by his employers he wasn’t entitled to overtime as a salaried employee.

He is now seeking — all up — $421,261 that includes overtime pay, vacation time and damages.

But it’s the alleged physical incident that is the most sensational in the bodyguard’s suit.

In the documents, Benabou said the 18-year-old superstar was “egged on” by his entourage to launch an “abusive tirade” against him because the “Baby” singer had thought the guard had attempted to keep a member of his group away from him.

In retaliation, Benabou claims the teenage star “repeatedly punched” him in the chest.

As he walked away from the alleged incident, it’s claimed Bieber screamed, “You are fired!”

“Employers, be they Justin Beiber or Acme Corporation, hold an inherent position of power over their employees,” Heimanson added. “Regrettably, the nature of that relationship invites abuse.

“Labor laws were written for the express purpose of protecting employees from such abuses,” he added.

“Through this lawsuit, Mr. Benabou simply seeks to hold his prior employer to the prevailing legal standards — full, fair and timely payment of wages and an abuse free workplace.”

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Charlie Sheen Donates $12,000 to Justin Bieber Paparazzo’s Funeral

Charlie Sheen has cut a check to cover funeral costs of the paparazzo who died while trailing Justin Bieber’s car on New Year’s Day.

According to TMZ, the Anger Management star donated $12,000 to the family of Christopher Guerra, the photographer who was struck and killed in Los Angeles while taking snapshots of Bieber’s white Ferarri.

“A tragic incident like this erases the line between the photographer and the subject. It’s an unforgiving moment that begs us all to be human and work as one to prevent this in the future,” Sheen said in a statement.

“As parents, we are all not supposed to bury our children. My deepest condolences to the families involved.”


Sheen wrote the check after being informed by a mutual friend of the photographer that the family was having trouble raising funds for the funeral.

This week, Guerra’s family spoke out for the first time since the tragic death of the freelancer paparazzo.

“We are a close family who are having to deal with a tragic event; we are trying to heal from this,” Guerra’s sister Chantel Brown told Celebuzz.

“It was upsetting when we read reports that Justin felt ‘harassed and stalked’ by my brother because he was just not that kind of person, if anything he was respectful of celebrities . . . Chris loved his work and he got on well with people; the singer Drake even asked Chris to start taking photographers of him because he really liked him.”

Still, the family is not blaming the pop star for the accident.

“We are not upset with Justin Bieber,” Brown said.

Guerra was hit by a 2007 Toyota Highlander when he was crossing a busy Los Angeles boulevard on New Year’s Day to photograph a traffic stop involving Bieber’s Ferrari, authorities said. The “Boyfriend” singer was not inside the vehicle at the time.

A private funeral will be held in Modesto, Calif. on Thursday.

What do you think of Charlie Sheen’s donation to the paparazzo’s family? Weigh in below.

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Justin Bieber Tells ‘SNL’ Writers Nothing Is Off Limits

Michael Kovac, Getty Images

Justin Bieber is a ballsy young man. He has reportedly told the writers at ‘Saturday Night Live‘ that it’s open season when he hosts the show, and serves as the musical guest, on Feb. 9.

The ‘Boyfriend’ singer told the writing team that everything in his life is fair game for their jokes and skits. Oh Biebs, do you really want to open that can of worms? Yeah, you do.

The singer has given the show permission to skewer him and spoof him however they see fit. Whatever gets the most laughs, right? Not even his recent blunt smoking debacle is off limits.

TMZ reports that The Biebs and his camp told the writers to push as far as they want. Wow, The Biebs is taking this hosting business seriously, now isn’t he?

As we said before, celebs often come on the show after an embarrassing event or situation and poke fun of themselves to bring levity to the situation and to show that they, too, are humans. This is a strategic, calculated and smart move on his team’s part to play down the photos and the drama that ensued.

We’re dying to know if Selena Gomez will somehow be incorporated into the skits.
Or if Jason Sudeikis will impersonate The Biebe during the ep.

One thing’s for sure – we are tuning in and recapping the ep on Feb. 9.

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Watch the Justin Bieber ‘Boyfriend’ Video

Family of Dead Paparazzo Speak Out: ‘We Don’t Blame Bieber’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Chris Guerra and Justin Bieber

The family of photographer Christopher James Guerra, who died trying to get a photo of Justin Bieber, do not blame the pop star for his death.

In their first interview, the sister of the freelancer paparazzo, speaking on behalf of the family, said they wanted their much loved son and brother to be remembered as someone who was “respectful” of the celebrities he photographed.

“We are a close family who are having to deal with a tragic event; we are trying to heal from this,” Chantel Brown told Celebuzz.

“It was upsetting when we read reports that Justin felt ‘harassed and stalked’ by my brother because he was just not that kind of person, if anything he was respectful of celebrities.

“On a previous occasion he actually helped Justin after he got lost in Los Angeles. Chris helped him get back to his hotel.

“Chris loved his work and got on well with people; the singer Drake even asked Chris to start taking photographs of him because he really liked him.”

In the wake of the incident, Bieber issued a statement saying that “hopefully this tragedy will finally inspire meaningful legislation.”

Despite the apparent blame game, Chantel Brown said the family does not hold any ill will toward Bieber, 18.

“We are not upset with Justin Bieber,” she said.

Chantel added neither Bieber, or anyone from his entourage or team, had reached out to the family, however.

On New Year’s Day, Guerra had pulled over on L.A.’s busy Sepulveda Boulevard near the Getty Center Drive exit of the 405 Freeway to photograph a traffic stop involving a Ferrari registered to Bieber, police said.

He was crossing Sepulveda heading east, away from the traffic stop, when he was hit by a 2007 Toyota Highlander that was traveling in the opposite direction.

Guerra will be buried today (Thursday) at a private funeral in Modesto, Calif.

There, Chantel said, the enthusiastic photographer will be remembered as someone who fell into the industry in Hollywood by chance. He first got interested in the media after he worked as a paperboy on his local paper, The Modesto Bee.

Years later, Guerra started to mix with celebrities and photographers while working at upscale Green Valley Ranch Resort in Las Vegas.

He then decided to move to Los Angeles and work alongside a friend, who was already working in the business.

Chantel said she last spent time with her brother at an autograph convention in Modesto last November, where he declared how “happy” he was with his life.

“I want people to know that my brother was a caring and loving person and that his friends and family miss him so much,” she said.

“I can still hear him saying his favorite phrase ‘It’s Golden’, it’s Golden’ – I just cannot believe that he is gone.”

“Our family has been inundated with messages of support from a lot of different people since Chris’ death and we would like to thank them for that.”

Guerra’s friends raised over $4000 to help cover funeral arrangements and the family has designed a special t-shirt to honor him –incorporating the image of a “paparazzi style angel,” Chantel said.

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