From Our BFFs: Harry Styles Parties with Jessie J After Haylor Split!

Instagram (@isthatjessiej)

Instagram (@isthatjessiej)

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Harry Styles Attends GQ Party With Jessie J + Tinie Tempah, Goes Home With Welsh Actress

Alexandra Harry Styles
Dave M. Benett, Getty Images

While Taylor Swift was in Los Angeles at the People’s Choice Awards last night (Jan. 9), looking utterly banging in a white Ralph Lauren dress with a plunging neckline – as if to say “Eat your heart out” — her recent ex Harry Styles of One Direction was partying the night away at a swanky GQ party in the U.K.

Styles was flanked by fellow pop stars Jessie J and Tinie Tempah and rubbed elbows with Welsh actress Alexandra Roach, pictured above, whose resume is littered with appearances in films like ‘The Iron lady’ and ‘Anna Karenina.’ Why is Roach, who isn’t a household name in the U.S., worth a mention? Well, reportedly, Styles left the fete with her.

Talk about moving on quick! First he was hanging out with Hermione Way immediately after Swift left the Virgin Islands due to their relationship-killing fight. Now he’s consorting with actresses. Then again, he is Harry Styles and can have his pick of the litter, romance-wise.

Celebuzz reports that the twosome hit Sketch, a luxe nightclub, and left together.

Check out some of the candid photos from the soiree below. Good times appear to be had, and Styles, who is said to be super bummed about the Swift split, doesn’t seem to be nursing a broken heart.

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Jessie Tinie Harry GQ
Tinie GQ
Tinie Jessie GQ

Watch the One Direction ‘Kiss You’ Video

About to Pop: Rihanna, Jessie J + More Singles

Rihanna Jessie J Marina and the Diamonds Olly Murs Mike Posner
Dominik Bindl / Andrew Hone / Joseph Okpako / Tim Whitby / Andrew H. Walker, Getty Images

It’s been a couple of weeks since our last About to Pop competition, but our most recent winner was newcomer Nikki Williams! Her single ‘Glowing’ garnered an overwhelming 65% of the fan votes before the holidays, beating out artists like Pink and Green Day for a spot on PopCrush’s nationwide radio show – a proper congrats is in order for Ms. Williams and all of her fans! 

The first About to Pop competition of 2013 will see Rihanna, Jessie J plus more artists going head-to-head for 20+ spins on PopCrush’s weekend radio countdown. The ‘Unapologetic’ songstress is in the running with her David Guetta-produced single ‘Right Now,’ a blood-pumping, club jam will get you dancing and pumped for the New Year. Meanwhile, Jessie J fans can vote on her midtempo, R&B love ballad ‘Silver Lining (Crazy ‘Bout You…),’ from the acclaimed film ‘Silver Linings Playbook.’

But RiRi and Jessie aren’t the only singers you can vote for, as Marina and the Diamonds, Olly Murs and Mike Posner are also competing. Marina’s Diamonds will have the chance to  teach ‘How to Be a Heartbreaker’ if they can secure the win, while Olly Murs lovers can vote for the catchy crooner’s ‘Troublemaker’ track, featuring Flo Rida.

Finally, in the wake of the tragedy that occurred in Newtown, Conn. on Dec. 14, singer-songwriter Mike Posner wrote the touching tribute ‘Heaven’ for the victim’s family, our last song in this week’s About to Pop.

Listen to all of the nominated singles below and vote for your favorite once per hour until the poll closes on Jan. 14 at 3PM EST. Good luck!

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Listen to Rihanna, ‘Right Now’ Feat. David Guetta

Watch the Jessie J ‘Silver Living (Crazy ‘Bout You…)’ Video

Watch the Marina and the Diamonds ‘How to Be a Heartbreaker’ Video

Watch the Olly Murs ‘Troublemaker’ Video Feat. Flo Rida

Listen to Mike Posner, ‘Heaven’

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Did Jessie J Throw Shade at Rihanna on Twitter?

Jessie J Rihanna
Mike Hewitt / Dominik Bindl, Getty Images

It seems like not a day goes by that Rihanna isn’t embroiled in some sort of Twitter drama, but it turns out the latest installment of it isn’t her fault. Jessie J was believed to have been mocking the Bajan beauty over the microblogging site, which didn’t sit well with the Rihanna Navy.

In a series of since deleted tweets, Jessie J not-so-subtly judged people who pose nude on Instagram and who also post photos of themselves smoking. Sound like anyone familiar?

“I’m bored… Maybe I should get naked and smoke and take pictures of myself and post them on instagram? Or NOT… *rolls eyes*,” Jessie wrote (via Entertainment Wise). While a lot of people do those things, it’s hard not to think it was at least a little bit pointed, right?

Rihanna’s fans responded furiously, writing, “So I used to really like and respect @JessieJ but I no longer do.” Another posted, “Jessie j should stay in her lane, who is she to be sending for rihanna lol?” Ouch on all counts!

Jessie was quick to backpedal away from her comments and deny that they were aimed at any starlet specifically. “Hahaha my TL is hilarious. My last tweet about Instagram sadly wasn’t an indirect at anyone in particular,” she wrote. ”There is definitely more than 1 person posting those kind of pictures. Hence my tweet.”

She added, ”I’m going to be honest. My tweet about Instagram was NOT aimed at anyone in particular. But I will openly say the amount of pictures including men and woman nude and girls and guys promoting smoking drugs on the internet these days is a lot,” she vented. “Feels like the boundaries are disappearing. It’s become fashionable and in my opinion its too much. Call me what you want but that’s MY opinion and I’m entitled to one.”

While Jessie’s entitled to her opinion, fans and followers are entitled, similarly, to interpret her subtweets however they see fit. And in this case, they did seem pretty well aimed at RiRi.

For her part, Rihanna hasn’t commented — which is a refreshing, more mature side of the songstress. Maybe if she showed maturity more often, Jessie wouldn’t have anything to say about her!

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Watch the Jessie J ‘Domino’ Video

Epic Mash Up: More Than 50 of 2012′s Best Songs!

We don’t know about you guys, but we’re putting this video on repeat! For the last few years, a big trend for DJs has been to make a mash up of various hit songs throughout the year, and we’re getting a glimpse at the first of many to come. This one, made by Pop Danthology features over 50 (!) of the greatest songs of 2012 including Carly Rae Jepsen‘s “Call Me Maybe,” Justin Bieber‘s “Boyfriend,” One Direction‘s “What Makes You Beautiful,” and many, many more. Listen to it for yourself above!

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift’s NYC Date!

Jessie J Goes Back to the Bob


Singer Jessie J is as well-known for sleek, shiny black hair as she is for her catchy, frothy pop songs and her crazy, fashion-forward outfits.

While she had swapped out her blunt, eyebrow-skimming bangs and edgy bob for a longer, bang-less style and even went blonde for a bit, the British diva has returned to the short, bobbed look that she is best remembered for. Except this time, she is bobbed with a twist.

The ‘Price Tag’ singer shared a photo, asking fans “What do you all think?” Well, since you’ve asked, Jessie, we think it looks bangin’, even sans bangs. The angled bob frames your face beautifully.

The singer is blessed where she can wear her locks short or long, bangs or bangs-less, and still look divine.

She also shared a photo of the “short black and sides” style, along with other photos of her getting her hair done here. It’s like we accompanied her on her trip to the salon.

We’ve noticed that the ‘Domino’ hitmaker is actually generous with photos of her stylish self on Twitter, so if you don’t follow her, and you love her style and want to copy her looks, you might as well start checking her tweetage.

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Watch the Jessie J ‘Domino’ Video

Favorite Jessie J Hair Color – Readers Poll

Jessie J
Tim Whitby / Samir Hussein / Ian Gavan / Tim Whitby / Ian Gavan, Getty Images

Whether she’s wearing extensions, a wig, or her own natural hair color, Jessie J is rocking some sort of standout hairdo. The ‘Domino’ singer has kept our interests peaked with her ever-changing hair shades, from natural brunette and red shades to shocking purple. So which has been your favorite hair color that Jessie J has worn over the past couple years?

More recently, at her book signing in Sept. 2012, Jessie J looked gorgeous with some reddish brown locks. It’s one the most natural shades we’ve seen on the British songstress, and it really complements her skin tone beautifully. Next to that, you’ll see the ‘Price Tag’ hit maker wearing jet-black hair with pink dip-dyed tips. While we’re sure this one is a wig, whoever makes these jazzy head toppers for Jess must get big bucks for their flawless work, since you could easily mistake it for real hair with its silkiness and perfect placement.

In the middle, Jessie can be seen donning another natural ‘do with her chocolatey brown locks. We’ve never seen someone transition so gracefully into different shades as Jessie, since she looks just as gorgeous with normal brown hair as she does with eye-popping purple, like in the last two photos. Before stepping out in a bright purple bob with bangs, Ms. J rocked another dip-dyed ‘do with a mix of black and purple this time around.

Check out the many shades of Jessie J and vote on your favorite hair color below!

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Jessie J ‘Silver Lining’

Jessie J has a new single! The British “Domino” singer is changing things up from her usual dance party songs, for this more low-key track, “Silver Lining.” While you can certainly still bust a move listening to this song, there are some sweet lyrics, including:

Call me crazy
In a world when no one, no one understands
It good to finally find someone, someone who can
You know me, better than I know myself
Don’t care what they say, don’t care what this world thinks
We got each other that’s all we need
And you show me
I don’t need nothing else

Call me crazy
Call me a fool, uh-hu
Call me crazy
Maybe it’s true
But I’m crazy ’bout you
I’m crazy ’bout you
I’m crazy
I can’t help it, help it, uh

Take a listen to the track for yourself above!

LOL! Caption This Jessie J Photo

Jessie J + Rihanna Send Adele Baby Gifts

Jessie J Adele Rihanna

Tim Whitby / Kevork Djansezian / Isaac Brekken, Getty Images

Turns out we weren’t the only ones super happy about Adele having a baby boy! Her pop star peers are just as thrilled for the ’21′ singer, and they sent her some amazing swag to welcome her little man into the world.

The Sun reports that Jessie J and Rihanna are just two of the stellar slew of pals who gifted the newborn with goodies. Rihanna’s outfits for the little guy are pretty cheeky and adorable. One says “My mum is a rockstar” while another reads, “Just done nine months inside.” Leave it to RiRi!

That’s not all she gave her, though. She also tossed in a box of lingerie for Adele with a note that said, “You gotta stay sexy, yummy mummy. Enjoy yourself. Congrats!!!” A source told The Sun, “Rihanna loves Adele and she was one of the first people to congratulate her when she found out that she was pregnant. She thought seriously hard about what to get her as she wanted to make sure no one else would get the same thing. Adele laughed out loud when she saw the words on the babygros — she loves that sort of thing. She can’t wait to show all of her friends.” Cute!

Adele reportedly gave birth to a healthy baby boy with boyfriend Simon Konecki three weeks ago, though it took a week for news of the famously private starlet’s to hit the press. A source said, “Adele and Simon are ecstatic at their new arrival. She was over the moon that they were expecting their first child together.”

Those gifts are nice, but it’s probably nothing compared to what Adele already purchased herself – she reportedly spent a whopping $50,000 on a nursery!

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Watch the Adele ‘Skyfall’ Lyric Video

New Jessie J Single ‘Silver Lining (Crazy Bout You)’ Leaks

The upcoming dramedy film ‘Silver Linings Playbook‘ has more going for it than just its pretty young stars Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper — it also boasts a soundtrack that features a new song from the one and only Jessie J.

The track, ‘Silver Lining (Crazy Bout You),’ has yet to see an official release, but thanks to the magic of YouTube, you can hear it right now — we’ve embedded the full-length clip above, complete with lyrics. It finds Ms. J crooning upbeat lyrics like “We got each other / That’s all we need” over a stomping pop beat that wouldn’t sound out of place on a OneRepublic hit. Jessie’s team, however, went old school when it came time to find the song — it was written by Diane Warren, the uber-hitmaker of the ’80s and ’90s who wrote chart-topping hits for bands like Chicago, Milli Vanilli, and Celine Dion.

The ‘Price Tag’ singer is currently dividing her time between her mentoring duties on the UK version of ‘The Voice‘ and working on her next record, which is said to include an appearance by Cee Lo Green, and preparing for her upcoming tour. In the meantime, ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ is due to arrive in theaters on Nov. 21.

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Kesha, Jessie J + More Babes Wearing Bones – Who Wore It Best

Kesha Jessie J Miley Cyrus Rihanna Cher Lloyd

Kevin Winter, Getty Images / Bruce Glikas, FilmMagic / Splash News / Stefanie Keenan, WireImage / Tim Whitby, Getty Images

Pulling off skull wear isn’t the easiest thing, but these ladies of pop make bones look good! With Halloween right around the corner, it’s an appropriate time to take votes on the best skeletal diva. Out of Kesha, Jessie J, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and Cher Lloyd, which songstress do you think looks best in this boney garb?

Kesha rocked a gliterry skeleton jumpsuit at her 2011 Wango Tango performance, while Jessie J also rocked some  boney detailing on her black sweater during a visit to NYC’s Planet Hollywood in May 2011. Then we’ve got Miley Cyrus, who opted for a skull romper during a trip to her pilates class in May 2012. Rihanna also rocked a cranium back in the day, wearing a Betsey Johnson skull dress to a Black Eyed Peas benefit. Finally, we’ve got Cher Lloyd, who added some punk flair to an outfit with a black cutoff skull T-shirt.

In celebration of Halloween and these trendy anatomical fashion pieces, vote for either Kesha, Jessie J, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna or Cher Lloyd for the greatest skeleton-inspired outfit.

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