Madonna and Elton John Make Up — For Real!

Madonna Elton John

Win McNamee / Stephen Lovekin, Getty Images

In news that should inspire icicles to form in Hades, Madonna has reportedly made up with Elton John — for real, this time.

The Sun reports that Madge and John met up at a restaurant in Nice, France and exchanged pleasantries. A source dished, “Elton goes to the Petite Maison for dinner fairly regularly as it’s near his villa in Mont Boron. But Madonna was also there for a bite before her show, which was down the road and didn’t start until around 10:30 PM,” the source noted. “Just as he was leaving, he went over to talk to Madonna and they were laughing and smiling. They even hugged each other.”

Wow! That’s a far cry from the barbs and eye rolls the pair have exchanged for the bulk of 2012. Their feud started when Madonna began trashing John’s close pal (and godmother to his son), Lady Gaga, for essentially ripping ‘Born This Way’ off of ‘Express Yourself.’ John was also furious when Madge’s ‘Masterpiece’ beat out his ‘Gnomeo and Juliet’ soundtrack contribution for ‘Best Song’ at the Golden Globes.

Most recently, John called Madonna “a fairground stripper,” and said, “She’s such a nightmare … Her tour has been a disaster and it couldn’t have happened to a bigger c—.” Ouch!

Madonna responded in much less vulgar manner, offering a somewhat backhanded olive branch. She dedicated the song ‘Masterpiece’ — the same one John denounced — to Elton at a recent concert in France. “Mr. Elton John,” Madonna said, “I know he’s a big fan of it. And I know he’s a big fan of mine. And you know? I forgive him. Gotta start somewhere.” Maybe she wasn’t being sarcastic after all!

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Miley Cyrus

False rumor alert!: Miley Cyrus Didn’t Drop $50k to Lose Weight

“It was hard not to notice Miley Cyrus’ pared-down physique at the January 11 People’s Choice Awards,” begins a piece from In Touch, which goes on to claim that the teenage star spent big bucks to get slim. According to a so-called “pal” of the singer, Cyrus “enlisted the help of a nutritionist, chef and her old personal trainer, Harley Pasternak, to whip herself into bikini-ready shape ahead of her recent Hawaiian getaway with boyfriend Liam Hemsworth.”

This supposed friend claims, “Miley probably spent $50,000 to lose 15 pounds in a few weeks,” adding, “She didn’t care what it cost as long as she looked good!”

And In Touch didn’t care how inaccurate its outlandish claim was – as long as it made for a juicy story.

A rep for Cyrus tells Gossip Cop the report she paid $50,000 to lose weight is “not true at all.”


Selena Gomez

Dallas Radio Host Denies Miscarriage Comments

I tend to follow celebrities with local connections on Twitter, which means I follow Selena Gomez, the Grand Prairie-born singer-actress, whom I’ve interviewed a couple of times. I also follow Kidd Kraddick, whom I recently profiled. At some point Monday morning — it seems to have been deleted now — Gomez tweeted, “Kidd I used to look up to you.. Talk about me all you want but my mom or my family is crossing the line.” Apparently this involved a remark Kraddick made wishing that Gomez’s mom, who is pregnant, would have a miscarriage.
Except that Kraddick never said this.
According to Gather, the celebrity website that I just linked to, “It seems that people are linking back to an old interview with Kidd Kraddick and Selena Gomez. The interview says nothing about a miscarriage, in fact at that point no one knew Selena’s mom was expecting.” Gather also links to this, another site that seems to have bothered with the actual fact-checking that too many people on Twitter don’t bother with. And because Gomez is dating Justin Bieber, his fans are helping spread the rumor.
I sent an e-mail to Kraddick. Here’s a condensed version of his response:
“We were talking about the tabloids and Mariah Yeater’s baby-daddy coming forward. We talked about how the tabloids and gossip sites would spin that.That led to a mention of Selena’s mom being pregnant. Kellie went into ‘Supposition Kellie Mode’, where she becomes a tabloid writer and comes up with what the gossip writers will spin from the latest news.She said something like, ‘It’s actually Selena who’s pregnant and her mom is part of the cover-up! Nine months from now she’s going to pretend to pop out a baby and will raise it as her own!’We all gave our over-the-top disbelief reactions…as we ALWAYS do when ‘Supposition Kellie’ is making up a rumor. I said, ‘You left out one part! Justin is the father!!!’ “
… Bieber and Selena fans started ‘”adding in facts’ about me saying she should have an abortion or I hope she has a miscarriage. Ridiculous.
“We are a comedy show and we talk about celebrities…sometimes we’re facetious (like in this case) but our listeners get it.No one listening to that would conclude that we were slamming Selena or her mother. Which is why we didn’t get a single phone call about it from our millions of listeners. Not one e-mail. Not one facebook message. Not one tweet about it.
“I hate that its been twisted into what it’s become. I really like and respect Selena and her family. I would never say anything to intentionally hurt them.”
Kraddick has been on Twitter trying to clear things up, and his sidekick/foil Kellie Rasberry has also been tweeting in the show’s defense, adding that the whole rumor has been completely made up.
It would be easy enough for Gomez and Bieber’s fans to to check to see what was said on Kraddick’s show, because it’s available via podcast and on a Web TV replay. But of course, that would take hours. Why spend time actually checking into the facts for yourself when you can trash-talk someone in less than 140 characters or less? Gomez may have deleted her tweet, but she’d do a lot more to defuse things if she’d tell her fans to chill out.

Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson

Kristen + Robert argument at the London premiere

– ROBERT Pattinson and Kristen Stewart reportedly got into an argument at the London premiere of the new Twilight movie earlier this week. Britain’s Daily Mirror says the pair fought over Rob’s suggestion they do photos as a couple. “It all kicked off when he suggested they do photos with just the two of them,” a source said.

“He kept asking Kristen if she was OK and she snapped back, ‘We’ll talk about it later’.

“Rob consoled himself by hanging out with his sister Lizzie, talking music and having a laugh.

“His big passion is singing, and he loves his big sister’s music. They’re currently writing and arranging a couple of tracks together.”

Recent reports claimed Rob is “desperate for affection” from Kristen.

“He is always worried about her leaving him,” an insider told Us Weekly.

“She will blow him off, and it makes him crazy. Rob’s eager to settle down, but Kristen is far from ready to walk down the aisle.

“Don’t all people her age play games?”


Megan Fox Miley Cyrus

Megan Fox or Miley Cyrus in new Charlie’s Angels series

Should we be looking to see Megan Fox or Miley Cyrus on the new TV series Charlie’s Angels? According to reports Megan Fox and Miley Cyrus are up for one of the roles in the third installment of the series.  Megan Fox or Miley Cyrus or both? Who would you like to see cast as one of Charlie’s Angels?

The new show, which is directed by Drew Barrymore, is scheduled to begin filming in January of 2011 so a decision regarding who will be cast should be made pretty soon.

Also up for the role is Gossip Girl star, Blake LivelyBlake Lively.

It is hard to imagine that another Charlie’s Angels series could be a success. I mean how many more times can they keep rehashing the same stuff over and over again?

Who would you like to see cast as one of Charlie’s Angels? Miley Cyrus, Megan Fox or Blake Lively?

Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale’s afternoon workout starts again (PHOTOS)

Bringing an end to the work week, Ashley Tisdale was spotted out for an energizing workout session in West Hollywood on Friday (April 30). Sporting her red Ray Ban shades and fitness gear, the “Aliens In the Attic” actress strolled past the always-present paparazzi before hitting the entrance to Equinox gym.  Tweeting to her many Twitter fans and followers, Tizzie tersely yet excitedly wrote, “Gym time!!!”

As previously reported by Gossip Center, Ashley spent the prior day attending a fitting for her upcoming made-for-TV movie “Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure”.


Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth: Slurpee Sweethearts (PHOTOS)

Enjoying a relaxing midday outing, Miley Cyrus and her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth were spotted riding their bikes in Toluca Lake, California on Friday (March 26). Heading over to a local 7-Eleven convenience store, the “Last Song” lovers grabbed up Slurpees as they ran into Miley’s dad, Billy Ray, before returning back home.  As previously reported by Gossip Center, Miley and Liam spent the prior night on the red carpet for the premiere of their upcoming movie, “The Last Song”.During the evening fete, Liam chatted about their off-screen romance, dishing, “We got along really well the first time that we met, and we shot every day with each other, and we just seemed to get closer and closer.”


Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens: Wrapping Paper Playful

Showing off her beaming holiday cheer, Vanessa Hudgens was spotted making a few last minute purchases in Studio City, California on Thursday afternoon (December 24). Joined by her little sister, Stella, and a fellow gal pal, the trio of lovely ladies dropped by a few local shops to purchase a little extra wrapping paper (which they proceeded to use as Star Wars-esquer lightsabers) and a fancy chandelier before heading back home for the family’s celebrations.  As previously reported by Gossip Center, Vanessa just recently filed a lawsuit seeking damages from the Web site and its owners for refusing to remove the racy images from their page.

In her lawsuit, Miss Hudgens claims that the pictures were “self-portrait photographs” that were taken in a private residence and were obtained “by unknown methods and posted on the Internet by an unknown person without her knowledge or consent.”


Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens is seeking revenge over nude photo leak

She was exposed to the world in a whole new way when her nude pictures were leaked on the internet, and now Vanessa Hudgens is seeking revenge. The “High School Musical” babe is reportedly seeking damages from the Web site and its owners for refusing to remove the racy images from their page.  In her lawsuit, Miss Hudgens claims that the pictures were “self-portrait photographs” that were taken in a private residence and were obtained “by unknown methods and posted on the Internet by an unknown person without her knowledge or consent.” Vanessa is hoping to be granted an injunction and monetary damages from a federal judge.  Stay linked to the Gossip Center for the latest.

Vanessa Hudgens Zac Efron

Vanessa Hudgens: Weekend Worker

vanessa-hudgens-full-10249-11Having arrived back home the previous day, Vanessa Hudgens was spotted out for morning work duties in Hollywood on Saturday (October 24). In no mood to be photographed, the “High School Musical” star quickly made her way past paparazzi as she headed into a local office building for a business meeting.  As previously reported by Gossip Center, Miss Hudgens was up north in Canada as of late, filming her new flick “Suckerpunch”.With boyfriend Zac Efron filming “The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud” in Vancouver, as well, Nessa was able to sneak in a few date nights with her man during the course of the Canadian stay.

Vanessa Hudgens



vanessa hudgens 251009

 Vanessa Hudgens Arriving For A Meeting In Hollywood

Vanessa Hudgens Arriving For A Meeting In Hollywood