30 Most Gorgeous Globes’ Gowns of All Time

Golden Globes Fashion Flashback: 30 Best Dresses Ever red carpet fashion at the golden globe awards red carpet fashion at the golden globe awards red carpet fashion at the golden globe awards red carpet fashion at the golden globe awards red carpet fashion at the golden globe awards red carpet fashion at the golden globe awards

The Golden Globes never fails to bring some of the most memorable fashion moments of the year. And after all the amazing looks we saw at the People’s Choice Awards and Critics’ Choice Awards this week, we can’t wait to see what Sunday night’s red carpet brings.

Aside from the Oscars, the Golden Globes is the biggest red carpet fashion event of the awards season and it happens relatively early in the season, offering Hollywood’s biggest stars a chance to establish themselves as one’s to watch.

While the Golden Globes and Academy Awards tend to share an equally fancy dress code, there’s a little less pressure to knock it out of the park at the Globes.

Unlike the Oscars, where the fear of a faux pas can be enough to derail even the most adventurous risk-taker, the show can be a chance for stars to play it a little less safe and to try some more fashion-forward and out-of-the-box looks.

So as we continue our countdown to the 2013 Golden Globe Awards on Sunday night, we’re keeping busy by reminiscing over the amazing Globes’ fashion we’ve seen over the years.

Check out our round-up of the Golden Globe’s most gorgeous gowns of all time.

What is your favorite Golden Globe gown of all time?

Enjoy the red carpet eye candy – then share your favorite looks below.


More red carpet style highlights from the Golden Globes over the years….


Watch the video to find out which stars we’re most excited to see on the red carpet this season.

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10 Celebrity Beauty Queens (You’ll Never Guess Who Got Their Start in Pageants!)

What do Honey Boo Boo and Diane Sawyer have in common? An interest in foreign policy? A passion for eating “Sketti?” Nope. It’s beauty pageants!

That’s right. The seasoned journalist was a tiara-toting beauty queen in her younger years. While it’s not likely that Sawyer spent her childhood swigging Go-Go juice like Boo Boo, she did earn the title of America’s Junior Miss in 1963.

But Junior Miss Sawyer is not alone.

In honor of the Miss America Pageant, which airs tonight, we’ve rounded up the surprising stars that used to work the pageant circuit before they were famous.

Sure, you probably know about Vanessa Williams, but a major male heartthrob? An Oscar-winning actress? Yep, at one point these big-time celebs were all about the pageantry glitz.

And can you guess which beauty queen lost her crown after a nude picture scandal emerged (long before beauty queens taking off their clothes became the norm)?

Find out which stars got their start as beauty queens here.

Watch Kelly Ripa learn how to be a beauty queen in the video below.

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Happy 20th Birthday, Zayn Malik! See the One Direction Star’s Hair Evolution (PHOTOS)

Here, here (hair, hair?) for the birthday boy!

Every boy band has its distinct personality types, and when it comes to One Direction, Zayn Malik — who turns 20 on Saturday — is the group’s fashion frontrunner.

2012 was undoubtedly dominated by 1D, and through the course of the British pop sensations’ rise to fame, Malik has showcased his love of style and grooming.

The Bradford, U.K., native has been known to rock a few daring hairstyles, including a blonde highlighted stripe, which he sported on-and-off since last August.

Nowadays, he’s returned to his darker roots, but with the band’s upcoming “Take Me Home” tour, Directioners might be in store for another hair-raising treat.

And while his bandmate Harry Styles gets the spotlight for his perfectly curled locks, 1D’s stylist Lou Teasdale credits Malik with the “coolest” head of hair amongst the fivesome.

“He lets me do what I want with it, I think he has the coolest hair,” Teasdale told The X Factor U.K.’s style blog.

Looks like Harry’s in agreement!

“I would probably steal Zayn’s hair. I think it looks cool,” he admitted to Cover Media.

Launch the gallery to check out Zayn’s hair evolution through the years. Then, wish him ‘Happy Birthday’ in the comments section, below!

‘Gangster Squad’ Costume Designer Reveals How Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone Suited Up for the ’40s Crime Story (Q&A)

Gangster Squad, Costumes Gangster Squad, Costumes Gangster Squad, Costumes Gangster Squad, Costumes Gangster Squad, Costumes Gangster Squad, Costumes Gangster Squad, Costumes

Genetics may get all of the credit for movie stars being so darn attractive up on the screen, but truthfully, it’s costume designers who often do most of the work. And over the past two decades, Mary Zophres has helped George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jeff Bridges among many others look their best, earning BAFTA and Academy Award nominations in the process.

Most recently, Zophres gave a glamorous sheen to Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone and Josh Brolin in Gangster Squad, a crime thriller that required her to recreate the look of the 1940s in order to bring to life the true story of a group of cops who were assigned the task of taking down one of Los Angeles’ most notorious mob bosses, Mickey Cohen.

Zophres spoke exclusively with Celebuzz about her work on the film, which involved tracking down an extensive collection of period costumes, and assembling new ones that perfectly fitted the ensemble cast, which also includes Sean Penn, Nick Nolte and Anthony Mackie. Additionally, she offered an inside look at a handful of the designs that she came up with as she created the characters’ vintage wardrobes.

Celebuzz: First of all, you did a fantastic job on the costumes in Gangster Squad. I was deeply envious watching those guys walk around in those suits.

Mary Zophres: Well you can do it. I mean, totally. Do you live in L.A.?

CB: Yes, I do.

MZ: There’s a great vintage clothing store called Play Clothes that is on Magnolia, and she has some ’40s suits, a lot of ’50s suits there and they will totally fit you up if you’re in to it. Or take a suit in your closet and just make sure it fits or if you don’t have one, it’s tailoring. That’s the difference between looking good and looking a little shlubby.

CB: Where do you usually start when you are researching something that demands the kind of period detail that Gangster Squad does?

MZ: I start every movie I do, but particularly a movie like a period film, I start doing research. Because it’s based on a true story, there was a lot of visual research on Mickey Cohen and even the gangster squad because there really was a John O’Mara, the character that Brolin plays, there really was a Frank Whalen. [But] we got lots of photos of police detectives from that time period and I looked at a lot of magazines because there’s so many nightclub scenes. And in those days there was magazines called like Photoplay, for instance, and I got like a year or two straight of Photoplay, where you can see candid photos of people out and about, and just to get the feeling of like what people in Los Angeles were looking like and what they were wearing to these nightclubs. We also got movies of people walking in downtown L.A. So we could watch those just to let it sink in, “this is how people looked and dressed in every day life in Los Angeles.” So to make a long story short, [I do] tons of research – a lot of it out of Western Costume; they have a great research library, some of it just online. And then you kind of get ideas, like I based Anthony Mackie‘s character on Jackie Robinson because I couldn’t find any African American detectives in that time period, to be honest with you. Like we took a little bit of license there. So Jackie Robinson, for instance, was an inspiration and there were plenty of research photos on him and you just kind of pick around.

CB: What or who was the inspiration for Emma Stone’s character?

MZ: Emma was a sort of a made-up character, her character Grace Faraday. But I looked to Rita Hayworth and I wanted her to have that sexuality. I mean, she was like Mickey Cohen’s arm candy basically, and so I talked to [director Ruben Flesicher], and he was like, ‘I want her to evoke Rita Hayworth and Lauren Bacall and Gene Tierney.’ So by the time I finish doing my research, I know the script inside and out, and so then it’s just like that’s your reality. I didn’t even look at any other time period piece of clothing or a magazine or anything the whole time I was on Gangster Squad because this was my thing.

CB: Men now are kind of built a little differently than men were then, at least in terms of the way they wore their clothes. How much tailoring did you have to do to suit the actors who were in this film or even just what we perceive as style now as opposed to what was fashionable then?

MZ: Well, the men’s suit back then is different than it is now. A very fashion-forward suit nowadays is shorter — it comes up on a high hip on a man and is more tapered in the leg. It’s a flat front; it has a lower rise. The 1940′s suit has got a stronger shoulder, a niche waist and it’s longer — it just covers the butt. And so the gangster squad, all of their clothes, we made, because every change for those guys ended up having to need a double at some point. And so we built all the clothes for Josh, for Ryan, for Kennard [Robert Patrick], for Ramirez [Michael Pena], for Anthony Mackie’s character. And what we did was we would usually find something that was original, maybe a jacket or a pair of pants from another suit and we would tailor them to the actor, because everybody has different bodies and they’re movie stars and we wanted them to look good. A lot of the fabric came from overseas, from England, from Italy, because we were [looking] for like a textured wool, and then we manufactured it from L.A. tailors who are used to cranking out these large numbers of multiples. We made Josh’s hats, we made Ryan’s hats, and we made Sean Penn‘s hats. And everybody else’s hats we found in stock — there’s great costume houses in L.A. where we could find some really good originals, [but] you have to try a lot of hats on to get the one with the right crown and the right brim. So it was a lot of tailoring and a lot of manufacturing, and for Emma, we built all of her clothes.

CB: Who was the easiest to find a style that matched their personality or the personality of the character with that sort of period detail?

MZ: I thought not only were they enthusiastic and willing to get inside their character and the period, but everybody sort of listened to me when we were talking and prepping. You mentioned that all the men are built differently than they are, and we said try to lay off the heavy weights if you’re going to work out — work out like they did in those days with just push-ups, sit ups, pull-ups. Because you don’t want that big thick body in this time period, and everybody did that. And Josh had a great haircut and he looked great in his fedora, and to me, the minute he put his costume on he looked like he stepped out of the 1940s. And Ryan wears clothes really well. Michael Pena was just very open; he had never really done a period piece before, and it was a huge learning experience for him. Anthony Mackie has done some period work and he totally understood it – they were all so in to it.

CB: Ryan and Emma’s costumes say so much about their characters. How much participation did they have in their costumes, and how much were they reliant on you to sort of find costumes that were appropriate for their characters?

MZ: I think because they both were coming from very busy schedules — like Ryan was on another movie — they were very reliant on my research. I don’t know how to say this without sounding [full of myself], but I sort of guided them – like, this is the world that this movie is and this is how I see your character and how I see your costume. And they were really receptive to this idea and kind of just accepted it, because you have to remember I had been on the movie — not only have I done this time period, and this is my area of expertise, but I had been on it longer than they had. And so they accepted this way to sort of get in to this time period, get in to their character. Emma was like a sponge — she was totally receptive and wanted to know why and who’s and what’s. She was really cooperative. She had to wear undergarments like girdles and we really pinched in her waist. — she’s got such a nice figure, but she is built more contemporary than a girl from the ’40s is. So, we sucked her in like three inches on her waistline and gave her a little bit bigger bust line. She was totally in to it, and of course she has an opinion, but I think she and I [both] realize what works on her and what doesn’t, so it was a very good relationship.

CB: How about Ryan?

MZ: In the beginning, the audience doesn’t know whether [he’s] a gangster or a cop, you know, and neither does people that [he] hangs out with. And so he dresses a little bit more like a gangster and I also think he cares about his appearance and spends the majority of his income on clothes, whereas Josh’s character is much more utilitarian. Like in his mind, [Josh] went from an Army uniform to a cop uniform, and then now that he’s a detective his suit is a uniform. He had maybe five different suits that we put him in in the movie and they all kind of look alike, and that was intentional. Like he doesn’t want to think about his clothes, whereas Ryan’s character, every day he gets dressed and he’s much more dapper and cares about his appearance and he’s still trying to get a lady, too. There’s a comment in the beginning that not for a lack of trying, but he hasn’t had any action in a couple of weeks. So he’s going for it — he’s out every day, out on the town and trying to look as sharp as he possibly can. And then he has a bit of an arc, [because] as he gets more and more in to being a member of the gangster squad, he becomes a little bit more serious, like you’ll see him wear ties a little bit more often at work as opposed to just an open-collared shirt. That was an intentional arc for his character, just because he cares more — he’s trying to be a member of the squad and be more like what was considered appropriate for a detective to wear in those days.

CB: How feasible do you feel like it is for someone to be influenced by this and take that style now? Do you feel like there’s a way to sort of borrow that and bring it in to sort of a modern, the modern day?

MZ: Oh, absolutely. I think that if the guy was going to purchase some clothes, I think it’s a more formal outward appearance than some people have nowadays, I often think the 1940′s silhouette is quite flattering. So if they did go and purchase ’40s clothes, it’s an intention to tailoring because basically I think that’s what sets the ’40s silhouette apart from some other time periods — the shoulder fits, the waist fits, the sleeve length fits, the pants fit. It’s a formality and attention to tailoring and detail that it works in any time period I think.

CB: Do you have a favorite costume that you designed for this film, or even a favorite character that you worked?

MZ: I love Emma’s red dress — I have to say that red dress to me is a showstopper. I love the cream dress also that she wears when she catches Ryan breaking in to Mickey’s house, but it’s such a short scene you don’t really get a good glimpse at it. But I loved all of her clothes. And also there’s – there was a pimp in the movie that had a huge part got way cut down, but it was my first zoot suit that I ever designed and had built and that was a lot of fun. But I guess it’s Emma’s clothes I really enjoyed doing, just finding those gowns. It was fun because I didn’t copy an original design. That red gown was directly built from my sketch and it was very satisfying to see it go from an idea in my brain on to paper and then into a garment and then on to an actress’s body. To me that red dress is a showstopper. I think she looked fantastic in it and so I have to say that’s probably my favorite.

Which of the costumes in Celebuzz’ gallery is your favorite? Watch the Gangster Squad trailer and let us know what you thought of the stars’ style in the comments below!

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Brace Yourself: The 2013 Victoria’s Secret Catalog Is Here (PHOTOS)

victoria's secret january 2013 victoria's secret january 2013 victoria's secret january 2013 victoria's secret january 2013 victoria's secret january 2013 victoria's secret january 2013

Another year, another Victoria’s Secret catalog.

Though South African beauty Candice Swanepoel received the honor for the third consecutive time — gracing the cover in an embellished black bikini top, the first 2013 issue boasts no shortage of eye candy.

Adam Levine‘s current flame, Behati Prinsloo, is also prominently featured. Showing off her tomboy side, the 23-year-old flaunts her figure in a variety of skimpy boy shorts and casual tanks.

Meanwhile, Doutzen Kroes heats up the lingerie section, posing in a variety of frilly undergarments.

So how do these models get in shape for their sexy shoots?

“I work out two days and then I need a rest day. Then I work another two days, then I rest again. So we’re kind of ready all year round — it’s just about fine-tuning it,” cover girl Swanepoel, 24, told us during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last November.

“I drink a lot of water,” she added. “And sleep, that’s the most important thing for me, to have a good night’s rest because no matter what you do if you don’t sleep and rest, you’ll look terrible.”

For more VS workout tips, watch our interview with Swanepoel and Miranda Kerr — below.

Who’s your favorite Angel featured in this year’s catalog? Sound off in the comments!

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Best of Golden Globes Beauty

Best of Golden Globe Beauty Angelina Jolie Anne Hathaway Emma Stone Beyonce Eva Mendes Evan Rachel Wood

Each year the Golden Globes brings on a sea of new looks. While the focus may be on the fashion when it comes to the pre-show festivities, it’s the hair and makeup that makes all the difference.

Stunning hair and makeup can turn a just eh dress into a statement-maker and sometimes even save a questionable fashion choice. Meanwhile, the wrong hair and makeup can overshadow even the most gorgeous gown.

And for those of us who don’t have many (or any) occasions to don dramatic evening-gowns, the beauty trends are often the most translatable red carpet trends to real life.

That’s why we’re just as excited to see the latest hair, makeup and nail trends that emerge from Sunday night’s red carpet.

We’ll be here covering the pre-show extravaganza — including all the red carpet’s best beauty looks (and the inevitable misses). But as we countdown to the main event, we’re taking a look back at some of the Golden Globes’ most memorable looks over the years.

Fact is, the Golden Globes are simply another opportunity for stars to play a character — only, unlike the roles that so often win them the globe, this is their chance to play the most gorgeous characters of their choosing.

So it’s no surprise that the past is often a source of inspiration for some of the red carpet’s most memorable looks. There was the old-Hollywood glamour that January Jones channeled, with her platinum ’20s-inspired locks and crimson lips in 2011, and Beyonce’s 2007 disco throwback, with ultra-long, ultra-straight locks and big brows.

That same year, British beauty, Sienna Miller went way old-school, turning to Ancient Greece for inspiration and pioneering wraparound braids on the red carpet.

And let’s not forget the innocent look of Miley Cyrus in 2009, donning long, wavy curls and sweet pink glossy lips. It’s hard to imagine it was the same girl now rocking a bleached-blonde punk-rock ‘do.

From the elegant updos and big bouffants to the dramatic eyes and statement pouts, celebs never fail to bring the bold beauty at the Golden Globes.

Here’s a look back at our favorite beauty moments from the Golden Globes over the years.

Whose red carpet look tops your list of all-time faves? Tell us in the comments section below.

More red carpet highlights from the Golden Globes over the years….





Find out which stars we’ll be watching on the red carpet this season in the video below.

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Anne Roderique-Jones

10 Best-Dressed Stars at 2013 Critics Choice Awards

Best-Dressed Stars at Critics' Choice Awards 2013 Red carpet fashion trends at 2013 Critic's Choice Awards Red carpet fashion trends at 2013 Critic's Choice Awards Red carpet fashion trends at 2013 Critic's Choice Awards Red carpet fashion trends at 2013 Critic's Choice Awards Red carpet fashion trends at 2013 Critic's Choice Awards Red carpet fashion trends at 2013 Critic's Choice Awards

It’s one fashion-filled week! After Hollywood kicked off the 2013 red carpet season with the People’s Choice Awards on Wednesday, the red carpet was rolled out yet again for the Critics Choice Awards last night.

While celebs went flirty and fun for their fans at the PCA’s, they went eclectic and elegant for their critics, as we were treated to another promising prelude to one of the biggest events of the season — Sunday night’s Golden Globes.

For some of this year’s biggest stars, including Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain and Amanda Seyfried, tonight marked their first big red carpet appearance of the season. Also making their awards season debut were some of the red carpet’s best-dressed regulars — Emily Blunt, Amy Adams and Marion Cotillard.

Like the performances that were recognized, the fashion at the Critics Choice Awards pushed the boundaries to offer something fresh and creative.

Eschewing the expected, last night’s best-dressed winners stepped outside their usual red carpet style zone with both their dresses and their hair and makeup. And they were rewarded for their courage with a best-dressed nod and a confidence boost to carry them into the next red carpet round.

Check out who made our list of the best-dressed stars at the 2013 Critics Choice Awards.

Who wore your favorite look of the night? Share your picks below.

More 2013 red carpet season style coverage…

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Red Carpet Arrivals at The Critics’ Choice Awards (PHOTOS)

18th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards - Red Carpet 18th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards - Red Carpet 18th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards - Red Carpet 18th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards - Arrivals 18th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards - Arrivals 18th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards - Arrivals

Award season is in full effect.

The stars stepped onto the red carpets in their finest for the 18th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards in Santa Monica, Calif., on Thursday. The award show comes on the heels of the People’s Choice Awards, and will likely set the stage for this year’s Golden Globe winners on Sunday.

Everyone from Eva Longoria to Emmy Rossum looked stunning in their ensembles for the red carpet. Both ladies served as presenters for this year’s show.

Jessica Chastain went for a regal coral gown on the red carpet. The Zero Dark Thirty star evoked old Hollywood glam with classic Veronica Lake waves and minimal makeup.

Meanwhile, Looper’s Emily Blunt was ravishing in a white gown with a jeweled neckline. She paired her minimalist gown with bold rep lipstick to offset her gorgeous fair skin.

Another star who wowed on the red carpet was Sally Fields – who wore a ravishing red cocktail dress with sophisticated black pumps for the ceremony. The Lincoln star just earned an Oscar nomination for her supporting role in the film.

Check out the rest of the red carpet arrival in the gallery above.

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Guess Who’s Launching a Clothing Line? Plus, All the Latest Fashion and Beauty News

Nicky Minaj Michelle Obama Girls Cara Delevinge

From the latest celebs to try their hand at fashion design to the newest faces to join the beauty biz and the biggest fashion industry buzz, get up to speed with the latest style news. Plus, one star’s fashionable family ties.

The Voice’s Adam Levine is the latest celeb to nab his own fashion line. Levine’s collection — dubbed 222 –will launch at the Project Trade Show in Las Vegas this week and features staples – jeans, tees and leather jackets — synonymous with Levine’s rocker style at affordable prices. Find out more, including where to shop his line here.

Levine isn’t the only musician-turned-TV star launching a clothing line. Nicki Minaj can now add fashion designer to her ever-growing resume. The American Idol judge is teaming up with Kmart to release a lifestyle brand that will include both apparel and accessories.

In beauty news, Katie Holmesfirst ads for Bobbi Brown cosmetics are out. The official campaign will appear in-full in magazines come February, but you can take a first look at Holmes’ modeling debut here.

Would you share clothes with your boyfriend’s mom? Eva Mendes does. Get the scoop on how the sexy star is winning over Ryan Gosling’s mom here.

Get a first look at Katie Holmes’ modeling debut and all the details on the latest celebrity clothing lines — plus, all of the latest fashion industry news here. 


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Look What You’re Missing Out on Tom!


Katie Holmes is fighting back at the critics who dared to suggest she lost sex appeal during her six-year relationship with Hollywood star Tom Cruise, displaying some, well, ample cleavage during a photo shoot with photographers Markus and Indrani, for their ICONS book.

The shutterbugs, who will be launching their book in Los Angeles, Calif. Thursday evening, shot one of the most fascinating faces in Hollywood.

It’s one of the more risqué looks for Holmes, 34.

Previously, the mom-of-one debuted as the first-ever celebrity face of Bobbi Brown cosmetics and served as a spokesperson for jeweler H. Stern, along with the fashion lines Miu Miu and Ann Taylor.

Homes split from Cruise, 50, in June last year when she secretly filed for divorce, citing “irreconcilable difference.”

They reached a settlement soon after.

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10 Best-Dressed Stars at the People’s Choice Awards

People's Choice Awards Fashion People's Choice Awards 2013 red carpet fashion People's Choice Awards 2013 red carpet fashion People's Choice Awards 2013 red carpet fashion People's Choice Awards 2013 red carpet fashion People's Choice Awards 2013 red carpet fashion People's Choice Awards 2013 red carpet fashion

Hollywood’s biggest stars kicked off the 2013 Awards Show Season in style, donning an eclectic array of fresh and fun looks to tonight’s People’s Choice Awards.

If tonight was a preview of the fashion to come this awards season, we’re in for a sartorial treat. As diverse as it was stylish, the red carpet was full of fresh fashion eye candy.

From bright and bold to simple and sophisticated, subtly sexy to serious sparkle, refined romance to modern minimalism,we’re rounding up all the red carpet’s most buzz-worthy fashion.

There were plenty of style surprises but none more stunning than Taylor Swift‘s sparkle- and- pastel-free ensemble. We couldn’t have imagined a better revenge look than stunning white Ralph Lauren gown that the newly-single star donned. The curve-skimming silhouette topped off with the plunging neckline cast the singer in a sexy new light that screamed, “Eat your heart out, Harry Styles!

Olivia Munn and Julianne Hough also switched up their style, opting for ladylike over sexy or edgy. Also toning it down after a series of overly-revealing red carpet looks: Heidi Klum, who wowed in a black-and-gold cutout dress that showed just enough skin.

Naomi Watts also went with the glam color combo, donning a backless gold-and-black Alexander McQueen number. The Impossible star’s edgy updo (did she visit Miley Cyrus’ hairstylist before the show?) offered an unexpected contrast to the glitzy gown. Also heating up the red carpet, Lea Michele sizzled in a sparkly pink mini dress with sheer paneling.

Red carpet newcomer, Chloë Grace Moretz seems set on making a name for herself as one of the season’s standout style stars. The young actress shined in a neon lace frock. Meanwhile awards show veterans Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullockshowed the young’ens how it’s done in chic fashion-forward styles.

Of course, all that red carpet risk-taking rarely comes without casualties…

While in past, we’ve seen everything from the outrageous to the tawdry and just plain tacky, this year’s fashion faux pas were less overt. Still, it never gets old seeing which stars just plain missed the mark.

See our picks for the People Choice Awards’ best-dressed stars. Then check out the night’s biggest fashion flops.

Do you agree with our picks?

Who wore your favorite look of the night? Share your picks for the night’s best- and- worst-dressed stars below.

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