Charlie Sheen Donates $12,000 to Justin Bieber Paparazzo’s Funeral

Charlie Sheen has cut a check to cover funeral costs of the paparazzo who died while trailing Justin Bieber’s car on New Year’s Day.

According to TMZ, the Anger Management star donated $12,000 to the family of Christopher Guerra, the photographer who was struck and killed in Los Angeles while taking snapshots of Bieber’s white Ferarri.

“A tragic incident like this erases the line between the photographer and the subject. It’s an unforgiving moment that begs us all to be human and work as one to prevent this in the future,” Sheen said in a statement.

“As parents, we are all not supposed to bury our children. My deepest condolences to the families involved.”


Sheen wrote the check after being informed by a mutual friend of the photographer that the family was having trouble raising funds for the funeral.

This week, Guerra’s family spoke out for the first time since the tragic death of the freelancer paparazzo.

“We are a close family who are having to deal with a tragic event; we are trying to heal from this,” Guerra’s sister Chantel Brown told Celebuzz.

“It was upsetting when we read reports that Justin felt ‘harassed and stalked’ by my brother because he was just not that kind of person, if anything he was respectful of celebrities . . . Chris loved his work and he got on well with people; the singer Drake even asked Chris to start taking photographers of him because he really liked him.”

Still, the family is not blaming the pop star for the accident.

“We are not upset with Justin Bieber,” Brown said.

Guerra was hit by a 2007 Toyota Highlander when he was crossing a busy Los Angeles boulevard on New Year’s Day to photograph a traffic stop involving Bieber’s Ferrari, authorities said. The “Boyfriend” singer was not inside the vehicle at the time.

A private funeral will be held in Modesto, Calif. on Thursday.

What do you think of Charlie Sheen’s donation to the paparazzo’s family? Weigh in below.

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Charlie Sheen Understands Angus T. Jones: ‘I Don’t Think He’s Crazy’

Celebrity TV Replacements Celebrity TV Replacements Celebrity TV Replacements Celebrity TV Replacements Celebrity TV Replacements Celebrity TV Replacements

Charlie Sheen gets it.

About two months after Angus T. Jones released a religious testimonial telling viewers to stop watching Two and a Half Men, the young actor’s former co-star is speaking out on what it’s really like to work on the CBS series.

“I get it, it’s a weird place and people tend to have a different perspective on life working over there,” Sheen told The Hollywood Reporter at the Television Critics Association Press Tour in Pasadena, Calif.

“[Jones] is a good kid and maybe he’s just going through a phase, but it’s hard to comment on something if I’m not there . . . I don’t think he’s crazy, I just think he’s a little maybe over-influenced in some other beliefs.”


Back in November, Jones, 19, made headlines when he appeared in a YouTube video for Forerunner Chronicles in which he bashed the comedy series, calling it “filth.”

“If you watch Two and a Half Men, please stop watching Two and a Half Men,” he said in the video.

“I’m on Two and a Half Men and I don’t want to be on it . . . people say it’s just entertainment. Do some research on the effects of television and your brain, and I promise you, you’ll have a decision when it comes to television, especially with what you watch on television. It’s bad news.”

Jones, who has been on the show for 10 seasons, later issued an apology to Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre, CBS, Warner Bros. Television and the show’s stars.

“While I cannot address everything that has been said or right every misstatement or understanding, there is one thing I want to make clear . . . without qualification, I am grateful to and have the highest regard and respect for all the wonderful people on Two and a Half Men with whom I have worked over the past 10 years and who have become an extension of my family,” Jones, who plays Jake on the show, said in a statement.

That same week, Sheen, who himself was ejected from the show in 2011 after a public meltdown, spoke out in the wake of Jones’ video, blaming the show’s “curse” and Lorre himself.

“With Angus’s Hale-Bopp-like meltdown, it is radically clear to me that the show is cursed,” the 47-year-old actor said in November.

These days, Sheen stars in FX’s Anger Management, a show that will welcome both Jones and Jon Cryer anytime.

“We’re making an offer right now: Come on over, Angus. He’s a really good kid, I miss him,” Sheen told THR.

“Come one, come all. [Cryer] is welcome anytime; he’s a genius and I miss him. He’s a good man.”

What do you think of Charlie Sheen’s comments regarding his former co-star’s religious video? Weigh in below.

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7 Things to Know About Charlie Sheen’s New Penthouse Girlfriend Georgia Jones

Charlie Sheen and his new Penthouse pin-up girlfriend Georgia Jones

It’s a new year — and a new woman for Charlie Sheen, in the shape of Penthouse pin-up Georgia Jones.

“Yes, Charlie has a new girlfriend,” a source confirmed to Celebuzz.

The former Two And A Half Men star and the adult film actress were spotted together in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, over the New Years’ weekend.

Sheen and Jones opened-up the El Ganzo bar and were accompanied by Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Dr Robert Huizenga from The Biggest Loser, along with guitar legend Slash.

The three-times married womanizer definitely has a thing for adult stars; he has previously dated Ginger Lynn, Heather Hunter and Rachel Oberlin in the past.

Here’s seven things you need to know about Sheen’s latest lover:

1. She is from Fort Smith in Arkansas.

2. Her men have to be “smart, aware, respectful and dress low-key,” according to one website.

3. She only does on screen love scenes with women.

4. Her measurements are 32A-21-35.

5. She has appeared in Hustler, Taboo, Penthouse, Barely Legal and Rockstar magazines.

6. She has publicly rallied against the inhumane treatment of animals.

7. She once made love against a truck parked in a baseball field parking lot at 3am in the morning, she previously boasted in an interview.

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Brooke Mueller to Leave Rehab and Reunite With Children — Should She Still Have Custody? (VIDEO)

How many trips to rehab is too many?

On Dec. 10, Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife, Brooke Mueller, reportedly entered a rehab facility for her 19th time. The latest trip to rehab follows a hospitalization last week for what her rep initially described as ”exhaustion and dehydration.”

Mueller’s attorney, Yale Galanter, has since acknowledged that the star is battling an addiction to Adderall, often used for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy.

“Brooke was uncomfortable with the way Adderall was making her behave,” Galanter said in an interview on Dec. 11.

Mueller remains on probation in Utah for felony drug possession stemming from a cocaine bust in Dec. 2011.

So, what should happen next? Celebuzz turned to HLN Evening Express anchor, Ryan Smith, to weigh in.

“The key is to focus on rehab,” says Smith. “The most important aspect in her life should be her kids and she can’t be there for them unless she gets her life in order.”

Mueller will be leaving rehab to reunite with her 3-year-old twin boys — who have been under the care of Sheen’s other ex-wife Denise Richards — just in time for the holidays.

“She will be out of treatment on Sunday,” Mueller’s assistant, Mallory Knighton, told E! Online. “She is doing very well.”

Should Mueller lose custody of the kids?

The L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services reportedly searched Mueller’s house for six hours and talked to the twin boys, Bob and Max, but the search didn’t turn up anything of substance.

“I’m the last person that wants to take children away from their mother, but in this case, yes. She’s not protecting or advancing these children by continuing to use substances that can harm her,” says Smith. “It’s tough to say who the kids would be better off with. Whether it’s Brooke Mueller or Charlie Sheen, I know they both have their issues, I would like somebody to jump in to make sure that despite everything that’s going on with them that the kids are safe.”

“The kids come number one because that’s what really matters.”


Charlie Sheen’s Donation Is a ‘Blessing,’ Says Child Cancer Patient Jasmine Faulk (EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS)

Charlie Sheen is making a difference for a child suffering cancer — with one big check.

The Anger Management star donated $75,000 — and his longtime friend and stuntman Eddie Braun another $25,000 — to aid Jasmine Faulk, police officer Everett Faulk‘s 10-year-old daughter who is battling a rare form of cancer called Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma.

“It’s a tumor in my left nasal cavity. I was diagnosed on September 17, and then that’s when we knew I had cancer,” Jasmine told Celebuzz. “For him and Eddie to donate the money from their heart, personally, I think it’s a blessing.”

Sheen and Braun shelled out to a fund set up by the Hermosa Beach Police Officers Association to help Jasmine through her treatment. And the pair’s charitable contribution left Jasmine’s father amazed.

“For anyone to come out and donate any type of money or your time for someone you don’t know is amazing,” Everett said. “But for someone to come out and donate a large amount like Eddie Braun and Charlie Sheen, it’s touching. They did it with personal checks, like ‘Hey, I want to give this to them.’ They didn’t make a big thing. They want this girl to be taken care of as much as she can.”

Jasmine’s treatment plan calls for chemotherapy and radiation — and even required her to celebrate her 10th birthday a bit early this year. “We had to move her birthday party to an earlier date because of her chemo, but the party was great,” Everett said of the soiree, for which his coworker baked a birthday cake emblazoned with Justin Bieber‘s face.

Said Jasmine: “She made me a Justin Bieber cake with his key-chain, but it’s a bigger version. I was surprised. I like Justin Bieber [and] his songs and how he performs. I like that he likes to help out kids. He’s in it to do it for the kids.”

As Jasmine continues to receive care over the next year, Sheen and Braun’s big donation will make the medical payments easier. “It’s going to help out tremendously,” Everett said. “A hundred thousand dollars is a lot of money….We don’t have to go crazy and worry about stuff. I do have insurance, but insurance doesn’t cover everything.”

And the big-hearted contribution allows Everett to see beyond Sheen’s controversial reputation. “People sometimes get a bad rap. [But] you can’t judge people,” he said. “Whatever he’s done… I’ve seen a lot of things on the internet, people have thrown out a lot of mean comments. But you know what, these guys didn’t do something because they thought, ‘Oh, this will look good.’ They did it sporadically. They did it because they saw a little girl in need.”

Though the Faulk family has yet to meet Sheen, Everett knows just what he would say to Jasmine’s donor: “I would give them a hug and say, ‘Thank you brother, that’s awesome.’”

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Charlie Sheen’s Ex Brooke Mueller Fired Twins’ Nanny Before Starting 19th Rehab Stint (EXCLUSIVE)

Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen‘s twins are staying with the actor’s other ex-wife – Denise Richards – while their mom is in rehab because she fired their long-time nanny, Celebuzz has learned.

Mueller, 35, checked back into rehab Monday night for the 19th time to seek treatment for an addiction to Adderall, a psycho-stimulant drug commonly used for attention deficit disorder.

Questions were raised when it emerged Richards, 41, had taken in Bob and Max, Mueller’s three-year-old sons with Sheen, because the actor reportedly does not have time to care for the kids because he is shooting his hit FX show. Richards will keep them for “an indefinite period of time,” it’s been suggested.

Now it’s emerged why.

“The nanny, Alisa, was the true mother figure for Bob and Max,” the source said. ”She has been with the boys 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But when Brooke was hospitalized last week when another assistant found her unresponsive and made a 911 call, Brooke blamed Alisa.

“Now, she has cut Bob and Max off from one of the few constants in their life. Alisa is devastated.”

Mueller, the third-wife of Anger Management star Sheen, was rushed to the hospital on Dec. 7 after reportedly overdosing on prescription pills. Her rep at the time said she was simply “diagnosed with exhaustion and dehydration.”

It was the nanny who rushed Bob and Max to Richards home last week, when their oft-troubled mother was rushed to hospital.

“Brooke was upset with the nanny that she also called her mother, Moira,” the insider told Celebuzz.

“She instructed Alisa to return the children to her from Denise. When she did, Brooke fired her.”

It’s not known if the nanny has spoken to Los Angeles County Dept. of Children and Family Services (DCFS), who on Dec. 8, showed up at her Los Angeles house to search for signs of drug use, TMZ reported. Officials also questioned the twins and checked for signs of physical abuse.

Said the source: “People close to Brooke has been bombaring DCFS for months.. worried about the welfare of the children.”

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‘Thank God for Charlie Sheen’: Father of Child Fighting Cancer Thanks ‘Anger Management’ Star For $75K Donation (EXCLUSIVE)

Charlie Sheen has brought big smiles to a family in need this holiday season. Together with his longtime friend and stuntman Eddie Braun, the Anger Management star made a miracle for a 10-year-old cancer patient named Jasmine Faulk.

Sheen shelled out $75,000 to benefit a fund set up by the Hermosa Beach Police Officers Association to help police officer Everett Faulk‘s young girl in her fight against a rare form of cancer. Now the thankful father is expressing his gratitude. “I thank God for Charlie Sheen and Eddie Braun, they have done so much for my daughter,” Faulk told Celebuzz. ” It is such a blessing what they have done and they don’t even know her. ”

Jasmine suffers from a rare form of pediatric cancer called Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma, which calls for her to undergo 48 chemotherapy and radiation treatments over the next year. “Jasmine’s cancer is a very aggressive form,” Faulk explained. “The doctor told us the radiation will cause damage to her eye and she will get cataracts. She might be forced to have cosmetic surgery as well. It’s very stressful more than just the money there is so much to worry about when your child has a life threatening illness.”

Not only has Sheen proven a God send, but Faulk has been a fan of the actor for years. “I love to watch all his stuff but could never of imagined him coming into my life like this,” the father explained. When he first got word of Sheen’s generous donation, Faulk was in shock. “I couldn’t believe it! I asked are you serious, no way I didn’t believe it. I choked up and just said it’s a miracle. It truly is.”

Sheen opened his pockets to the Faulks after Braun showed the actor an local newspaper article that discussed Jasmine and her condition. “I’d been thinking so much about it and this man’s precious little girl,” Braun, a father of three who also donated $25,000 to Jasmine’s fund, told Celebuzz. “Charlie, without being asked, in mere seconds whipped out his checkbook and said to me, ‘Eddie, it’s Christmastime and this officer and his family might need a hand., My eyes started to well up as I thought of this dude’s unflinching generosity. Not ‘I’ll get back to you,’ or, ‘I’ll have my people contact them later,’ but, ‘Where’s my check book? I want to do this now.’”

The Faulks have set up a website,, to keep friends, family and visitors up to date about Jasmine’s progress. “She tells me when she grows up she wants to be a cancer nurse so she can help all the sick kids,” her father explained. “This year we had to move her birthday party to an earlier date because her chemo but the party was great we drove all over to get her a Justin Bieberbirthday cake. Jasmine just loves Justin Bieber, but my daughter is amazing she thanked god for bringing her family together.”

Jasmine and her family have yet to meet their generous Hollywoods donors, but hope to before long. “I know they are busy guys, but as soon as they are available and Jasmine is able to I’ll say let’s go!” Faulk said. “If I saw Charlie and Eddie right now, I would just give them a big hug and tell them I love you and you are truly family. We all have done things but you can’t judge, everyone has good and Charlie has good in his heart.”

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Fact or Fiction? Is Jennifer Aniston Marrying in France; Are Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Scouting for Wedding Locations?

It’s that time of the week again, when the celebrity weeklies hit the newsstands. To separate what’s real and rumor, we turned to our friends at Gossip Cop for the 411 on this week’s most controversial stories.

Check out what we’ve learned about Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan, and more of your favorite stars — after the jump.

Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie are in a “Wedding War,” reveals Star. The magazine says after hearing that her rival and ex, Brad Pitt, were marrying in France, a vindictive “Jen decided to move hers there too,” and will even spend more than $10 million to “outshine” Jolie’s nuptials. For how Jolie’s retaliating, see what Brangelina pals tell Gossip Cop.

Kim Kardashian wants to become a “singing sensation,” reports the National Enquirer, noting “Kanye West has vowed to make it happen.” The magazine says West “booked two months for Kim at his Honolulu recording studio,” and “promised to write killer tunes for her.” For what else they’re doing to make her a music star, see what a Kardashian confidante reveals to Gossip Cop.

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are “scouting locations” for their “real-life wedding,” reveals OK!. The magazine says they’re currently deciding between marrying in England or somewhere “remote and tropical,” and that “a baby comes first.” For their pregnancy plans, and details about the wedding and who’s invited, see what Pattinson and Stewart pals leak to Gossip Cop.

Charlie Sheen has completely “fallen” for Lindsay Lohan, reveals the National Enquirer. The magazine says Sheen, who gave Lohan $100,000 to pay off her taxes, has been “showering Lindsay with gifts and bombarding her with e-mails and phone calls… And Lindsay’s loving it!” For how their “romance is blooming,” see what a Sheen friend spills to Gossip Cop.

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“‘Hitchcock’ co-stars Jessica Biel and Scarlett Johansson are locked in a cold war over Jessica’s husband, Justin Timberlake,” reveals Star. The mag says Johansson had a “sizzling fling” with Timberlake years ago, and is “scheming to get him back,” even though he’s now married. For what Johansson’s plotting, and how Timberlake’s reacting, see what their pals leak to Gossip Cop.

Brooke Mueller Did Not Overdose on Drugs, Rep Claims: ‘She Was Diagnosed With Exhaustion and Dehydration’

Charlie Sheen‘s ex-wife Brooke Mueller was not hospitalized Friday morning — but rather it was simply a bout of exhaustion and dehydration, Celebuzz has learned.

Contrary to TMZ’s report, in which the website said the troubled actress had overdosed on drugs early this morning, Mueller’s rep Steve Honig told us that she was napping when her assistant dialed 9-1-1.

“An assistant thought Brooke was non-responsive while she was napping and hastily called an ambulance. As a precaution, Brooke was brought to a local hospital and discharged after an hour. She was diagnosed with exhaustion and dehydration and is now fine and resting at home. That’s it,” the rep said.

Even her mother backs the rep’s statement.

“Brooke is fine and she is now resting at home,”  Moira Fiore told Celebuzz. ”It definitely was not any overdose or anything like that.”

The initial report said that Mueller was taken to the hospital at 11:42 AM when she was transported to a local emergency room from her home in Tarzana, Calif.

The 35-year-old mother of twins has had a long history with drug abuse. In May, Mueller — who was on probation for her Aspen, Colo. drug arrest in December — relapsed and checked into a clinic to seek treatment for an addiction to crack cocaine after reuniting with Sheen.

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CBS Boss Calls Angus T. Jones ‘Two and a Half Men’ Debacle ‘a Piece of Cake’ Compared to Charlie Sheen

Angus T. Jones definitely found himself in a whirlwind of controversy after a video surfaced in which he called Two and a Half Men “filth” and urged viewers to stop watching.

Since then, Jones issued an apology to his co-workers and Charlie Sheen has remarked that his former co-star “is not the same guy” he knew. After the network stayed mum on the incident, CBS’ top boss is speaking up, Fishbowl LA reports.

“I don’t know what our status is with him,” CBS Corp.’s President and CEO Les Moonves said of Jones at a Wall Street Journal event in New York.

And although his future with the show is up in the air, Moonves said, “He is still collecting his $300,000 a week.”

That’s not to say that things could change for the actor. According to his girlfriend, an internet personality known as Stalker Sarah, Jones intends this season to be his last.

Faced with the possibility that Jones’ comments may hurt the highly rated sitcom, Moonves remarked, “We have other plans, I don’t think it has quite been resolved, but after going through Charlie Sheen, I think this is a piece of cake.”

Sheen’s very public food with Two and a Half Men showrunner Chuck Lorre ended with his termination in March 2011.

Jones has played Jake Harper on the CBS series since 2003. He has won two Young Artist Awards and a TV Land Award for the role.

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Charlie Sheen, Jude Law, George Clooney: Top 10 Celebrity Quotes of the Week (GALLERY)

“In a weird way, it’s kind of a relief to think, ‘Oh, I know I’m not that young sort of pretty thing anymore.’ It’s quite nice talking about what it was like to be the young pretty thing, rather than being it.”

Which seasoned star said he is retiring his title as Hollywood’s hottest?

Was it or Charlie Sheen, Jude Law, or George Clooney?

Find out in Celebuzz’s top quotes of the week.

Which handsome actor said he has outgrown being the pretty young thing?

It was Jude Law!

The 39-year-old English actor has been known as one of Hollywood’s reigning heartthrobs. But now, he is finally ready to throw in the towel.

In an interview with T, The New York Times Style Magazine, the Anna Karenina star verbally dethrones himself — and he seems relieved about it.

Law has received constant recognition for his charmingly good-looks throughout his career, most notably being named PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2004. He was also previously linked to bombshell Sienna Miller, gaining the unofficial title of “most beautiful couple,” before a nanny scandal and inevitable split.

He may be over it, but we’re not sure we’re ready to let him retire.

Do you still consider Jude Law eye candy? Sound off in the comments below.

Find out what else your favorite celebs had to say this week in Celebuzz’s Top 10 Quotes of the Week.

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