Dog Mistaken For Mini-Lion

Who knew there was such a thing as mini-lions?! Well, not exactly, but that’s what one Norfolk, Virginia man thought when he saw this pup. Apparently, a man called 911 thinking that Charles, this 3-year-old Labradoodle whose owner has him groomed to look like a lion, was actually a lion! Even though the 911 caller was obviously wrong, we can see where he was coming from — Charles really does look like a little lion! Watch the video to see the adorable pup playing around!

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How To Make Your Own Cute Layered Boots

Everyone has a pair of boots for winter, but what about changing yours up a little bit? In the awesome D.I.Y. video, we get to see how you can take a regular pair of boots and turn them into something super unique. You’ll need lots of ribbon, fabric, some chains, and plenty of glue Oh, and you’ll need a pair of boots, too! To see more about how you can transform a pair of your own kicks, watch the video above!

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LOL! Watch This Hilarious Invisible Drive-Thru Customer Prank

We’ve seen our fair share of drive-thru pranks (remember Coning?!) but this one definitely breathes new life into the genre. Rahat the Magician Prankster takes drive-thru pranks to another level by creating a car seat costume, and going through a drive-thru so it looks like no one is there! It’s safe to say that every drive-thru worker freaks out when an empty car pulls up to collect their food. People start talking about ghosts, and one girl even starts crying! LOL! Check it out for yourself above!

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LOL! People Get Trolled In This ‘Echoing’ Vid


Trolling in real life is always hilarious — for the people watching at least! In this video, YouTubers LAHWF take unsuspecting people and ask them simple questions. But little do these random people know, all they do is repeat everything they’re being told! It starts off in a park, then goes to a mall. At first, the random people just seem to think the person is repeating them for good measure, but they quickly catch on. Most people just laugh the whole thing off, but some people do get a little frustrated. Watch the video above to see the whole silly prank go down!

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Adorbs! Watch a Fox Playing Catch!


We love cats and dogs, but are foxes the new cutest pet ever? That seems to be the case! Recently, a guy played catch with an adorable little fox, and put the vid on YouTube. As with many YT vids, we’ve become completely enamored with the little guy, and now we want one of our own! And is it just us, or is this little fox definitely quicker than any dog you’ve seen?! One celeb who can probably appreciate this is Big Time Rush‘s James Maslow! He has a pup named Fox, who isn’t actually a fox, but looks like one! Watch the video above to see this adorable fox play catch!

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Watch Fireworks Show in Reverse


Now, obviously watching a fireworks show is beautiful in and of itself, but have you ever thought about what fireworks look like in reverse? If you have thought that, you’re in luck, because someone had the genius idea to record the New Year’s Eve firework show in Melbourne, Australia, then post it in reverse on YouTube. This video is definitely mesmerizing! Watch it for yourself above.

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Mom Pranks Son Into Thinking He Bought a $50,000 Car on eBay

This is quite the prank! Recently, a mom tried to convince her son that he accidentally bought a $50,000 car on eBay. At first, when the mom is recording the video she asks why he bought a $50,000 car on eBay, he exclaims, “I didn’t!” Then the mom says, “You did,” while her worried son replies, “Oh, can we cancel it?” That’s when the prank really sets in. The son starts crying and says they’re going to have to sell “everything” and that he’s “horrible.” But the mom replies that he’s not horrible and just made a mistake, and then some one (who we assume is his sister) says in the background, “I’ll use my money to buy the hot wheels.” The little boy then explains that he was just looking at the car on eBay on an iPad and tried to cancel out, but thought he accidentally hit purchase instead of exiting the page. However, the mom does come clean and they all have a good laugh. What do you think of this prank? Harmless? Or a little too mean? Sound off in the comments!

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Double Trouble: Kittens Try to Escape Lock Down

When people get new kittens, they barricade them off so they can’t get into your things, right? Well, clearly these felines are way to smart for that. Two kittens, the adorably named Pumpkin and Squash, showed that the gate that separated them was no match. The cats climb over it with ease and luckily (for us) the owner caught the whole thing on video! Talk about double trouble. However, they get surprised by another cat at the end — does it foil their whole plot? Watch the video to see what happens!

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Kid Plays Drums Using Washing Machine

You’ve heard of The Little Drummer boy, right? This takes things to a whole other level! This video was recently put on YouTube of a kid playing the drums with a very unusual instrument. Using a washing machine, this adorable little kid manages to play a catchy tune. This kid uses all different parts of the machine to make sweet music — the lid, the inside, and more. Watch the video above to see more!

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Dad Gets Emotional After Big Surprise

Christmas might be over, but this dad still managed to get one of the biggest surprises of his life! The video starts off with the dad receiving what he believes to just be a normal Christmas present in the form of a trendy fedora. The dad seems excited and puts in on, then, someone off camera asks him what size the hat is, and the dad takes it off. It’s right then the dad realizes there are tickets to a big play off game in the hat, and he practically starts to cry! Everyone else cheers, and you can really tell how touched (and excited!) the dad is. Watch it above!

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Christmas Throwback: Kid Gets Nintendo 64 on Xmas Day

Merry Christmas, Teen readers! We hope you’re all having a wonderful day so far, full of lots of family, love, and of course, presents. To celebrate, we thought we’d share this amazing throwback YouTube vid, of a kid opening up a Nintendo 64 on Christmas morning. To say he’s excited is a total understatement! We hope that you guys were just as excited with your Christmas morning, and continue to have an amazing holiday! Watch it above. What was your favorite Christmas present this year? Let us know in the comments!

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