Supermodel-Turned-Yogi’s Take on New Years Resolutions: Don’t Make Them

Yogi Cameron

With every New Year come new resolutions.

For Americans aiming for a healthier 2013, that may mean a new gym membership, cutting out the happy hour cocktails or turning down the dessert menu. But Yogi Cameron Alborzian is saying it’s wise to ditch the New Year’s resolutions.

“Don’t set yourself up for failure,” the former supermodel told Celebuzz in a sit-down interview. His advice: Swap those crash diets and juice cleanses for more long-term changes.

“Wherever you’re at, take the next step,” he explained. “So if you’re a smoker, smoke less. If you’re a drinker, drink less. Simplicity is always the best. Keep taking things out of your life. Often people think, ‘If I have a headache, I have to take something’…[but] it’s more about taking things out of your life because we live in a very excessive world. So start doing less of things rather than more of things.”

That’s exactly what Yogi Cameron’s client Maria Menounos did. Years ago, the TV host broke out in a rash just days before she was slated to cover the Emmy Awards for Access Hollywood. “She was kind of freaking out,” Alborzian recalled.

So the yoga guru and healer came up with three simple steps for Menounos to follow: reduce the amount of food she was consuming, use cooling herbs to curb the heat and apply herbal remedies to the rash. “After trying all the medication and everything, it took about a week to get rid of the rash,” said Alborzian, who also works with Ellen DeGeneres. “But we did it naturally where her body takes care of it rather than the pills take care of it.”

But even if you don’t for Menounos all-holistic route, Alborzian reminds that it’s crucial to any healthy regimen to start and end the day right.

“In the morning, [it’s] really important [to] start with some hot water instead of giving the body coffee or tea and all these kind of things straight away,” the author of The One Plan: A Week-by-Week Guide to Restoring Your Natural Health and Happiness explained. “And then your whole system starts moving slowly. And then have your coffee and everything else that you’re going to do. Nighttime, don’t eat, or eat much less because you’re setting yourself up for a stiff body in the morning. So starting your morning off is really important, and ending your night is really important.”

Seems his message is simple: Less is more.

Watch Yogi Cameron teach Celebuzz staff editor Cory Lopez five yoga moves anyone can master in the video below.

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