Site Twists Taylor Swift Interview Into Slam on Miley Cyrus

Once again,HollywoodLife tries to start a feud and just embarrasses itself. The site, which would rather create controversy than cover actual news, wants to inflame some kind of Taylor SwiftMiley Cyrus war, and uses a clip of Swift’s appearance on “60 Minutes” to do so.

And… it’s absolutely ridiculous.

In the footage, Swift talks about being a role model, and how she’s “conscious” of the responsibility she has to the millions of young people who hear her lyrics and look up to her.

Perfectly reasonable, perfectly benign.


But HollywoodLife sees it as a direct attack on Cyrus.

Swift “totally disses” Cyrus, who is “NOT going to be happy” about the comments, says the site.

Um… what?

According to HollywoodLife, Swift “comes out clearly slamming Miley’s comments about NOT wanting to be a role model.”

Are we missing something?

Well, HollywoodLife is referring to quotes that Cyrus gave to Harper’s Bazaar about the topic – nearly two years ago.

At the time, Cyrus said, “My job isn’t to tell your kids how to act or how not to act because I’m still figuring that out for myself.”

Only HollywoodLife, panting for any sort of conflict between the two star singers, would think Swift’s “60 Minutes” results were “clearly slamming” Cyrus’ February 2010 magazine interview.

In short, the outlet’s declaration that Swift “totally disses” Cyrus is totally bogus, totally ridiculous and totally lame.

The full Swift interview airs on “60 Minutes” on Sunday.

We can’t wait to see how HollywoodLife twists the rest of it.


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