‘Shameless’ Star Emmy Rossum Previews ‘Growing Pains’ on Season 3

The cast of 'Shameless' in season three

Fiona Gallagher (Emmy Rossum) on Showtime’s Shameless may have stepped up and taken charge of the Chicago household and the entire brood of trouble-making kids because their parents were deadbeats, but that doesn’t mean she is without her own flaws. The apple only falls so far from the tree, right?

Though the second season of the series saw her succeeding in getting her GED, she still has a long way to go before she can actually put it to good use to get her family out of their less-than-stellar situation.

“She’s trying to do what she can with her GED, although it’s proving a little harder than she initially thought. So she’s definitely not having any job security like we’d hope she would have had by this point. She’s still working a the nightclub and having odd jobs and kind of making a couple of poor, Frank-like decisions that leave Lip as the one who’s pulling the pieces together,” Rossum said when Celebuzzwas on-set with her in Los Angeles, Calif. for Season 3.

“We’re seeing the ramifications of having bad parenting and how that doesn’t leave you with much on how to help decide what kind of an adult to be.”

Unfortunately for Fiona, though, she still needs those bad parents to get her and the rest of the kids out of some legal jams. Season 3 will see the Department of Family Services stepping into the Gallagher household and removing the young ones — and that means all of them. Fiona isn’t going to kick back and be glad to have a vacation from responsibility or time to focus on herself, though; she is going to have to make a deal with the devil, so to speak, to get her family back together.

“That’s really terrifying for Fiona because she’s not their legal guardian, and she really needs her parents to help her out, but both of her parents suck,” Rossum laughed.

“I think Monica is the lesser of two evils, but she’s not around, so Frank is the only option. Frank is not living in the house, although when DFS comes in, and she needs Frank to help her get the kids back, he finagles his way back into his old room [temporarily].”

Though Lip (Jeremy Allen White) has certainly proven himself capable of helping Fiona take care of family problems in the past, he’s still a minor, so this time he’s taken with the rest of the kids.

“Lip and Ian go to a group home. Debbie goes to this bizarre foster family where they have, like, a hundred kids running around, and they’re running a jewelry slave trade. And Carl and Liam end up together with these two amazing gay guys who are a couple who really like them and want to adopt them.”

As if that wasn’t bad enough, even when they are together, Lip and Fiona will come to blows this season over exactly how to take care of the family. Lip may not be the oldest, or even the most mature, but he has skills and talents that make him the smartest of the brood.

“Lip and Fiona are definitely butting heads. He’s getting older and more capable and is, in a lot of ways, a lot smarter than Fiona. So they definitely have some friction. And he has Mandy Milkovich living now in the house, and Fiona really doesn’t like free loading!” Rossum said.

“There’s definitely a lot of growing pains.”

Fiona and Steve — err, Jimmy (Justin Chatswin) — are still together on Season 3, but even that relationship is about to take some hits, as Fiona realizes she does have a bigger problem with Jimmy’s lies than she at first realized. Will Fiona ever be able to find a sense of contentment!?

“Jimmy’s Jimmy, but she loves Steve. She loves the thieving car stealer who drove fast cars and was sexy and mysterious, and Jimmy is a guy who had a secret life and wasn’t really who he said he was. Although he really loves Fiona and her family, he’s a little boring,” Rossum said.

“He’s playing Mr. Mom and making omelettes in the morning and smoothies. Fiona’s kind of realizing that what she thought on paper sounded good may not be really what she wants.”

Shameless returns Sunday at 9 PM on Showtime.

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