Selena Gomez dishes on her new perfume!

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Selena Gomez is at the top of her game and only Access Hollywood was on set as she posed in a colorful water tank (wearing a gown!) for her new self-titled fragrance, which will hit stores next year. With this new project (just one of her many), 2011 has been good to the busy teen. But she’s expecting 2012 to be even better as she’s going to be a big sister for the first time.

“I’ve done so many amazing things this year that I’m very thankful for, but that’s probably the biggest blessing of them all this year,” she told Kit. “I’m really excited for my mom and stepdad. They’ve waited for a very long time.

“That child is going to be spoiled!” she added.

“What does Selena Gomez smell like?” Access Hollywood Live’s Kit Hoover asked in an exclusive interview with the 19-year-old star.

“My perfume, right now, I want it to be really romantic,” she told Kit. “I want it to be sweet and sophisticated.”

Seems Selena has romance on the brain, as she and boyfriend Justin Bieber have been going strong for nearly one year.

“What about your man? Does Justin like you to smell a certain way?” Kit asked.

“To be honest, that’s what every girl thinks — that they want to smell good for the boy they like at school or for a crush,” Selena said with a laugh. “That’s what the main thing is.”

Selena clearly was not keen to “smell and tell,” but she is letting her fans get involved in creating the scent, by voting at

“I’m creating the base of the scent and what I’m doing is, I’m inviting my fans to help me create the top notes and things that kind of go into it,” she said. “Then we’re going to pick the top ten fans and they’re going to actually come into the lab with me and pick and the final scent.”

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