Selena describes perfect weekend & little interview

On Fridays I do a live audience taping of Wizards of Waverly Place, – I play Alex Russo – which doesn’t finish until about 9pm. I’ll be exhausted after getting up at 7am all week for rehearsals and filming, but then I go into hair and make-up and shoot the show in front of 200 kids, and suddenly I’m on cloud nine. You hear them laughing and they’re holding posters and wearing Wizards shirts and my adrenalin shoots right up.

Afterwards, I’m always like, “we should go do something”, which usually means dinner with the other members of the cast somewhere in Los Angeles. If I get my own way we go to PF Chang’s. Do you have it in Britain? It’s a Chinese restaurant chain that does delicious egg rolls and crispy wantons.

In an ideal world though I’d be spending the weekend in Texas, which means taking a lunchtime flight out of LA. I was born in Grand Prairie, a city in Dallas County, and I absolutely love going back to stay with my grandparents.

I’ll spend the afternoon catching up with my Nana and then I’ll surprise my 11-year-old cousin Brooke by picking her up from school. It makes my day seeing the look on her face when she spies me waving at her from the school gate.

We have this cute Starbucks just next to my Nana’s house which I use as a rendezvous when I get back to Texas. Brooke and I will drive around picking up my friends and then we’ll all ride in one car for hot chocolates. My friends and I won’t have seen each other for ages so we’ll have lots to fill each other in on.

On the way back to my nana’s house we’ll go to Blockbuster and rent a couple of horror movies because they’re my speciality. I love getting scared watching really cheesy films like Halloween and I Know What You Did Last Summer.

We’ll lay a bunch of mattresses out in the living room and have a slumber party, with lots of popcorn and takeout junk food, and we’ll fall asleep watching movies. We don’t get much sleep though because we can’t stop talking.
We wake up early on Saturday and go to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. It’s an incredible Southern-style restaurant that does the most delicious pancakes and buttermilk biscuits and homemade hashbrowns with cheese and onions. I usually ask for the table next to the fireplace because it’s so cosy and adorable.

We’ll then go to Galleria in Dallas, my all-time favourite mall. When I’m home I love shopping with my friends and helping them pick out stuff. At Galleria there’s Banana Republic, American Girl, Macy’s, Abercrombie & Fitch and Saks Fifth Avenue. There’s also an ice-skating rink, but we’re usually too busy trying on clothes for that.

My Nana will be cooking a meal when we get home and I’ll help her make the table. Hopefully my entire family will be there: Nana, Poppa, Mom, my stepdad, two of my cousins and three of my best friends. I visit all my friends and relations when I’m in Texas, but these are the core people that travel everywhere with me in a pack.
We’ll eat roast chicken with buttered squash with pepper and my Mom’s cheesy potatoes, which are chopped up potatoes and cheese baked in the oven with dried onions on top, then cake or ice cream for dessert. Poppa and I like Rocky Road best, with lots of almonds, chocolate and marshmallow.

I’ll have a girls’ night out that evening with my cousin Priscilla – she’s six months older than me and is like my sister because I don’t have any siblings. My parents divorced when I was five. Priscilla and I spend ages getting all dressed up and then go to a barbecue party and hang out with her friends, who I guess are kind of like my friends now, too. I’ll get home about midnight and stay up talking to Nana and my Mom, who will want to hear about my evening.

On Sunday I’ll probably sleep in because I never get to do that during the week and then my “pack” will go for lunch at the West Village in Dallas. It’s a really cute outdoor shopping centre built in a New York-style with hundreds of shops.

My friends and I will go to the bowling alley after that. I’m not good at it but I find it really fun. I like to call myself a different name on the score screen, like Princess Fancypants or Cheryl Cole.(LOL)

By now it’ll be getting close to the time when I have to fly back to California, so I spend the rest of the afternoon at home with my family. I always get really sad when I have to leave. We sit and talk about what’s coming up for me, and inevitably my Nana will pull out my baby pictures and my Mom’s first headshot from when she was an actress, and then my first headshot from when I was seven and started as an actress.

California is two hours behind Texas so when I land in LA I gain time. I’ll phone Jennifer, who plays my best friend on Wizards of Waverly Place, and say: “I need to see you.” I definitely don’t want to be left alone with the Sunday blues so we go for dinner at Maggiano’s, an Italian-American restaurant in the Farmers Market, or we’ll catch a late movie.

When I finally get into bed I’ll read through the latest script for Wizards. Then I’ll watch Friends because that’s my favourite show and I always have to fall asleep to it. It’s like my Sunday night routine.

Do you believe in the spirit world?
I do believe in having good energy. My dad says that when you get the chills, someone’s walked over your grave and that really freaks me out.

Cheryl Cole. I love her.

If you could do any other job, what would it be?
I’d be a chef.

Last film you watched?
The Break-Up. I have it on my laptop and can’t stop watching it.

Your favourite restaurant?
Maggiano’s in Los Angeles.

Beach or snow?
Skiing. We actually get snow in Texas.

How do you relax?
I love a bubble bath.

What irritates you most?
When people are impolite.

In another life I would be …
A bird.

My last supper would be …
Spicy spaghetti.

My favourite things
My sweatpants – I own so many
Taylor Swift. I talk to her every day (AW)
Singing and dancing
My family
Clothes shopping
Going to the movies
My rescue dogs (aw)


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