Robert Pattinson Being Considered For Role In ‘Hunger Games’ Sequel

–  Robert Pattinson might be getting ready to close up shop on the Twilight franchise . . . but that doesn’t mean he’ll be out of business. There are plenty of other perfectly logical options for the actor, such as working on another film franchise inspired by a popular YA book, The Hunger Games. While nothing has been set in stone, and this reporting is based off of a wide range of speculation circulating around the web, people are saying that R-pattz is being heavily considered for the role of Finnick Odair in Catching Fire, the sequel to this spring’s incredibly successful film based off of Suzanne Collins’s novel.

There’s been no mention of Kristen Stewart being considered for the film. Wonder how she feels about her boyfriend possibly starring in a new wildly successful film franchise without her–and, on top of all that, alongside her alleged arch-nemesis Jennifer Lawrence?

It will be exciting to see if this rumor is true. According to Celeb Gather, other actors who are being considered for roles in the film: Other stars considered as possibilities for Catching Fire characters are Mila Kunis as Johanna Mason, Twilight‘s Peter Facinelli as Betee, and Betty White as Katniss’ friend, Mags.

Betty White would be a fun possibility, as well as Mila Kunis! We can’t wait for the day when the studio releases the press release outlining the film’s official roster.Who would you like to see welcomed into the arena?

You might have thought the Hunger Games news has died down — well you’ve thought wrong, my friends. Hunger Games news will continue to happen and, especially as the studio heads into production, the news will continue to boom.

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