Rob Kardashian Thinks Kris Jenner Is A ‘Monster’ See Why HERE!

Rob Kardashian Thinks Kris Jenner Is A ‘Monster’ See Why HERE!

As you may know recently Rob Kardashian has pub on so much weight but now it looks like it could be affecting his relationship with his family.

New reports have said that Rob’s mum Kris Jenner has been so nasty to him recently and now Rob has even called her a “monster”.

As we told you the other week everyone thought that Rob never attended his sitter Kim Kardashian’s wedding because he never wanted to be in the family photos. Then we was told that he’s been having a feud with Kim but now it looks like that’d all fake.

A source has reported:

“Everyone thinks he skipped the wedding because of Kim, but it’s him mom who makes him feel terrible. Rob is spiraling out of control and it’s all his mother’s fault. The world thinks the Kardashians are so happy, but Kris treats Rob like dirt. He says she’s a monster.”

The source then went on to say that Kris feels Rob is an ‘embarrasment’:

“Kris says he’s the only one of her kids who is an embarrassment — an obese person with a failed sock line.”

Another source has reported:

“Rob needs to stop lying and own up to the fact that he has issues. Until he admits to his problems, he’s not going to get better.”

If these source are correct then that’s horrible you should love your kids no matter what.

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