Report: Rihanna and Chris Brown are Back Together

Chris Brown And Rihanna In Hawaii For Birthday2

So what makes Chris Brown easily win back these girls? Is it the person or the p*nis? After publicly humiliating Rihanna and Karrueche, they strangely runs back to him. I think the latter is like a magnet that draws them him.

According to The Sun, Chris Brown and Rihanna are back on. The publication claims the on-again off-again duo first hooked up during the coachella festival, and since then they’ve been secretly meeting.

“Rihanna and Chris have a connection that means they can’t stay away from one another – who knows what goes through her mind every time they reconnect?,” a source told the Sun. “She’s just had a whirlwind fling with Leo and is still talking to Drake, so who knows how long Chris will be on the scene?”


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