One Direction Fans Are Showing Their Support By Going Naked!

One Direction fans are really crazy.

Now they have taken their craziness to a new level by shooing their support for the boys by going naked.

Over the last day or so so many photos of naked 1D fans have been posed on social networking sites and #Sinkfor1D was trending on Twitter.

Noticing the crazy photo band member Liam Payne decided to tweet:

Woah there's some pretty weird shit going on ATM everyone just calm down and don't do anything stupid cuz u can't take it back—
Liam Payne (@Real_Liam_Payne) May 28, 2014

I know some people are having a laugh and that's all well and good but some people will take this shit serious so I suggest we stop—
Liam Payne (@Real_Liam_Payne) May 28, 2014

Today is such a weird day why don't we do a #wearahoodyfor1d or a #WearAsManyClothesAsYouCanAtOnceFor1D
Liam Payne (@Real_Liam_Payne) May 28, 2014

Right everybody concert time let's try and keep the pg rating lol for Christ sake somebody help me restore sanity—
Liam Payne (@Real_Liam_Payne) May 28, 2014

#WearAsManyClothesAsYouCanAtOnceFor1D is a very funny trend lol.

The boys love their fans but seeing them naked is not on.

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