Niall Horan is considering moving to the USA, because of Demi?

Ok we’re not sure how much truth there is in this story, but closer magazine are stating that Nialler is considering a move to live in the USA – apparently to be closer to Demi Lovato. Demi has recently spoke out about how they are just friends, but a source told the mag: “Niall told his family he’s crazy about Demi. He’s already going to have to send at least six months a year in the States with One Direction, so he wants to base himself near her and make a proper go of it.”

We’re not sure how any such move would work, unless the rest of the band were also moving to the US.

A few of the boys have recently bought pads in London, so it looks as though their roots are firmly settled there.

Niall, don’t go causing a rift in the band! :)

One Direction have just completed a MASSIVELY SUCCESSFUL tour of North American, culminating in a fantastic gig in Fort Lauderdale.

Focus now switches to concentrating on the eagerly-awaited second album, and the boys will be keeping themselves busy in the studio for the next couple of months. Reports of the first single being called ‘Heartbreaker’ were quashed by Niall earlier this week.

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