New Music: Janet Jackson – ‘Unbreakable’


Janet Jackson has dropped a brand new song titled ‘Unbreakable’.

The song, which also has the same name as the album, is the second single off her eagerly anticipated project set to be released later this year.

‘Unbreakable’ was produced by Jackson’s longtime collaborators Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

Take a listen below…



This 90s R&B throwback is an absolute snoozefest. ‘Unbreakable’ is not the comeback Ms Janet need to rejuvenate to become relevant in the Beyonces’ and Rihannas’ today world

This song only makes me miss Michael Jackson especially in his early career (Off The Wall era). The vocals, the grooves and funkiness of the song has MJ written all over it. Apart from this the song is just blah in my view. It is a certified flop awaiting.

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