Mitt Romney Tells Britney Spears to ‘Get a Job’ in ‘X Factor’ Promo Spoof (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has a message for X Factor judge Britney Spears: get a job!

Well, sort of, anyway.

The former Governor of Massachusetts is featured in a funny new online promo spoof for The X Factor, in which his and President Barack Obama’s second debate is re-imagined as an X Factor audition.

Naturally, the candidates face a tough crowd from the judges’ panel.

“This might sound odd, but it sounded like you were dying,” Simon Cowell tells Obama.

“You’re really cute, but your vote isn’t really that great,” Spears tells Romney. To which he says, “I want you to get a job!”

The whole thing is a fun play on the upcoming Presidential Election, designed to get X Factor fans ready to vote as the show moves to the live performances episodes.

The X Factor — which was just renewed for a third season — airs Wednesdays and Thursdays on FOX. Watch the spoof, above.


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