Miley Cyrus’ Kid Sister Noah Turns 13! 5 Reasons She’s Just Like Her Sis

January 8 is a big day for Noah Cyrus, she’s turning 13! Thanks to her sister Miley‘s fame, millions have watched her grow into the young lady she is today. Now, they say sisters make the best friends, and it’s easy to see that Noah’s big sis has had somewhat of an influence on Noah. So, to celebrate Noah’s big day, we came up with five reasons why Noah is just like her big sis. Check them out below!

1. Noah loves animals.



Miley’s dog brood just keeps on expanding (she adopted little Bean last week!) and while Noah also has a soft spot for animals, Noah is more of a horse person. In fact, Noah just sent out this tweet hours before her b-day:

Do you think Noah will get into acting or singing like Miley? Sound off in the comments, and make sure to send her some b-day love!

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