Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne ‘Nearly Died’ On Stage!

Little Mix's Leigh-Anne 'Nearly Died’ On Stage!

Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne nearly died on stage!

The singer and other other girls where supporting Fifth Harmony on a tour of the US when the bad accident happened.

Fellow band member Perrie Edwards told reporters about the accident:

“Leigh-Anne is the most dramatic person you will ever meet, but this time bless her because honestly my heart went out to her.

“Fifth Harmony have these things props, and obviously no one knew they were going to be wobbling like the way they were. And then we were just doing our own thing and then the next thing you know this thing just comes down and cracks Leigh-Anne on the head.”

Leigh-Anne then jumped in and said:

“And then I fell to the floor and the mic went into my nose. I got a nice big lip, but I didn’t put any ice on it because I wanted it to stay plump. It’s a miracle really.”

She really needs to be capful in the future.

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