Kim Kardashian: My Mom & Bruce Are Not Getting Divorced

According to tabloid reports, Kris and Bruce Jenner are headed for a divorce — despite the couple claiming the rumors couldn’t be further from the truth.

Writing exclusively on her blog, their daughter, Kim Kardashian, weighs in on the speculation and labels talk of a split as “ridiculous.”

She wrote:

This was my first time seeing Lamar play for The Clippers! It was funny how everyone made a big deal about Bruce and my mom not sitting together, saying it was fueling these ridiculous divorce rumors. Well I got four court-side seats, so Kanye and I obviously sat in two of them and then we wanted Khloe up front too, since it’s her husband playing, and then mom joined us too. My mom got eight other seats right behind us for the family, where Bruce sat with everyone else. I started to feel a little ill (I caught the flu over the Christmas holidays!) so Kanye and I left at half time and Bruce came to the front and sat with my mom. It’s a simple as that! Not everything is as dramatic as the media make it out to be!

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