Kelly Osbourne’s History of Celebrity Attacks (PHOTOS)

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You do not want to get on Kelly Osbourne’s bad side!

The E! Fashion Police star has a history of attacking some of tinsletown’s finest fashion choices as well as their overall character. The 28-year-old has also been known to take to her Twitter to voice her opinions on some of pop culture’s most talked about events.

In the summer of 2012, Osbourne called Twilight star Kristen Stewart a “home wrecker” on Fashion Police after the actress was caught in a widely-publicized cheating scandal. Osbourne stood by her name calling and refused to apologize for making the potentially-hurtfeul remark.

But it’s the feuds between two of the most famous women in music that has landed Osbourne in some hot water. Osbourne has gone toe-to-toe with both Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga after years of name calling and public criticisms from all parties.

Osbourne took digs at Aguilera’s recent weight gain in a Oct. 2011 episode of Fashion Police when she said, “she is just becoming the fat bi**h she was born to be.”

As if two wrongs make a right, Osbourne defended her blunt statement by adding, “she’s called me fat for so many years.”

However, the most recent Osbourne-centric drama was with Gaga. Mother Monster wrote an open letter on her Born This Way Foundation website asking Osbourne to stop her bullying ways.

“Your work on E! With the Fashion Police is rooted in criticism, judgement, and rating people’s beauty against one another,” Gaga said.

Rather than scolding Osbourne, Gaga encouraged her to use the spotlight to take a stand. “I urge you to take responsibility and accountability for the example that you are setting for young people. They look up to you because you are famous,” she writes. “Why not help others? Why not defend others who are bullied for their image and share your story?”

After the letter was released, Sharon Osbourne took to defending her daughter and unleashed her opinions on her Facebookpage.

“Welcome to the real world. Are you so desperate that you needed to make this public? I am calling you a bully because you have 32 million followers hanging on your every word and you are criticizing Kelly in your open letter,” Sharon penned.

While it doesn’t look like the Osbournes are backing down any time soon, we do hope that the drama cools down for everyone’s sake.

Click through the gallery above to check out Osbourne’s history of criticisms against celebs.

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