Katy Perry dishes on her grandmother “She keeps me grounded”

The diva Katy Perry relies on her grandmother to keep her grounded. The Peacock singer says Ann Hudson, 91, “doesn’t acknowledge” her success and can’t understand the fuss that surrounds her famous granddaughter. “My grandmother is in the movie and she steals the show, she is living in Las Vegas and she doesn’t acknowledge my success at all, which is exactly what I need,” Katy said.

“When she was at the Hollywood premiere she was like, ‘Oh, why are you here?’ and I was like, ‘It’s my movie,’ and she was like, ‘Oh is it?’  She thought everybody was there to see her!”

Katy, 27, is now planning to take a break from music because she fears being overexposed.

“I will take a catnap, take a pause, plug into the matrix — but I won’t go away,” she said.

“What I need to do is let the dust settle and take the temperature of what the world wants musically.

“I am definitely going to recharge because you can get over-exposed and I am balancing that tightrope at the moment, having my own movie about myself.”

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