Katy Perry admits that she likes Niall Horan

Newly crowned movie star Katy Perry has revealed what she thinks about Niall Horan in a new interview. The 27-year-old singer-come-actress met the boys earlier this year, and told how she has been looking after the youngsters, confessing a liking for Nialler. Talking exclusively with The Sun, Katy said: Niall is just such a sweetheart. I’m a big fan of One Direction.”

She added:

“They’ve been so sweet to me every time I meet them, they’re like the biggest thing in the world right now. I’m thrilled for the success they’re enjoying and love hanging out with them — Niall is just lovely.

Recently, Niall admitted how he was followed around malls by over 300 screaming fans.

The Mullingar superstar told MTV News:

“You have to go about it the right way. Obviously it’s not just the case of ‘Oh, I’m gonna go to this place for lunch.’ You have to think about it for a bit. You can do all the regular things, it just becomes a struggle.”

Speaking about a particular incident in Atlanta, he added:

“The other day I wanted to go to Lids to buy a hat when we were in Atlanta. And I was in there with two security guys and I got absolutely mobbed in the mall. There were like, two or three hundred girls following me around the shopping center.”

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