Justin Bieber’s BFF Lil Twist Has Been ‘Changed by Fame,’ Says Family Friend (EXCLUSIVE)

Lil Twist and Justin Bieber

The rapper being labelled a bad influence on Justin Bieber has let fame “go to his head,” according to a longtime family friend.

Lil Twist – whose real name is Christopher Moore – has hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons, appearing alongside Bieber, 18, in two online photos that show him holding a suspicious cigarette and sharing a drink with his pal.

“It is sad because he used to be such a nice quiet boy; I guess money and fame have gone to his head and changed him,” Pearl Winters, a family friend from Twist’s hometown of Dallas, told Celebuzz.

The 19-year-old was inside Bieber’s Newport Beach, Calif. hotel room when he was snapped smoking what looked to be a lot like a marijuana cigarette.

The incident happened less than 24 hours after paparazzi, Chris Guerra, was killed when he tried to take a photograph of the pop star’s white Ferrari.

Guerra, 29, was said to have thought Bieber was driving; instead, it was Twist who was driving the high-powered sports car.

Bieber and the rapper — who has “Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n Roll” scrawled repeatedly on his Twitter page with him covered in a smoke haze — have been friends for years.

“Lil Twist is my homey and we’re working on stuff for fun,” Bieber told MTV News in 2010.

But after recent events, some Bieber fans are questioning whether the rapper is a bad influence on the singer.

On Jan. 1, the rapper posted a photo on Facebook and Twitter of himself, standing next to Bieber while pouring what appeared to be champagne into two glasses.

Following the missive, one fan wrote on Twitter: “I hate you! You give bad influence to @justinbieber! Just stay away from him.”

Winters, a family friend, said she remembered Twist not as a bad influence, instead as a “respectful and shy boy” who was teased by other kids because of his height.

“He comes from a good family and wasn’t a bad boy who ran around in gangs or anything like that,” she said.

“Christopher liked music and rapping and he was very talented – his grandmother phoned me and told me when he was going to appear on television when his career took off.

“I just hope that he does not make anymore bad decisions because the person I knew was not a bad kid.”


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