Justin Bieber: Most Searched celebrity of 2011!

– Justin Bieber is kind of a big deal. Bing.com has announced its Top People Searches for 2011, with The Biebs usurping the number one spot from Kim Kardashian, who was last year’s most searched person. Kardashian drops only one spot to #2, and Jennifer Aniston, who found love again this year with Justin Theroux, is #3.

The legally troubled Lindsay Lohan comes in at #4, and stunning actress-model Megan Fox is #8.

Pop stars Jennifer Lopez (#5), Britney Spears (#6),Katy Perry (#7), Lady Gaga (#9) and Miley Cyrus (#10) also made the cut.

President Obama fell from #5 in 2010 to #49 in 2011, and Sandra BullockJesse JamesMichael Jackson,Tiger Woodsand Kate Gosselin also fell out of the top ten.

Newly single Lopez, who staged a comeback this year with “American Idol,” a new album and upcoming movie roles, went from not even making the top 50 in 2010 to the #5 most searched person.

Selena Gomez skyrocketed from #50 to #11 since dating Bieber.

Check out the top ten list below, as well as Bing’s Most Searched Celebrity Event andMost Searched Reality Stars!

Most Searched Person 2011:

1. Justin Bieber

2. Kim Kardashian

3. Jennifer Aniston

4. Lindsay Lohan

5. Jennifer Lopez

6. Britney Spears

7. Katy Perry

8. Megan Fox

9. Lady Gaga

10. Miley Cyrus

Most Searched Celebrity “Event” 2011:

1. Royal Wedding

2. Final Harry Potter movie

3. Kim Kardashian’s Wedding

4. Beyonce’s Baby Bump

5. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Dating

6. Demi Moore/Ashton Kutcher Scandal

7. Kate Hudson Baby Bump

8. Lady Gaga Coming Out in the Egg

9. Lindsay Lohan Arrested

10. Russell Armstrong Suicide

Most Searched Reality Star 2011:

1. Kim Kardashian

2. Kate Gosselin

3. Khloe Kardashian

4. Heidi Montag

5. Kourtney Kardashian

6. Kendra Wilkinson

7. Snooki

8. Kristin Cavallari

9. Audrina Patridge

10. Tori Spelling

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