Joey Essex Admits He ‘Stopped Learning’ After His Mum Died

Joey Essex Admits He ‘Stopped Learning’ After His Mum Died

Joey Essex has admitted that he ‘stopped learning’ after his mother passed away when he was a child.

The former The Only Way Is Essex star said that the trauma of know that his mother Tina hanged herself stopped him from leaning and that’s why he not very bright these days.

Writing in his new book ,Being Reem, he wrote:

‘Some people reckoned I stopped learning because of what happened to my mum. Almost like I froze in time. I don’t know about that but I remember it hitting me really hard.’

Joey and his sister Frankie Essex only found out that their mother hanged herself by another child telling them in the playground.

He then wrote again in his book:

‘We didn’t know mum had committed suicide for about two years. Dad didn’t tell us how it happened to start with, he just said she fell over in an accident.

‘I guess he was trying to protect us and I don’t think he wanted to deal with it himself. I was convinced she was staying in a hotel and was coming back.’

Very sad.

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