Howard Stern Turns 59: See the King of All Media’s Most Outrageous Moments


The self-proclaimed King of All Media, Howard Stern, turns 59 on Saturday. He’s one of the most infamous radio personalities of today, a successful author, a movie star (remember Private Parts?) and a reality talent show judge.

But back to that radio gig…


With riot-fests like the day he embarrassed his producer on-air with a shocking audio tape (sorry, Gary!) to the time he joked about the Columbine shooting (and no, we’re not kidding), Stern has both entertained and offended millions of listeners. He’s also kept the FCC on its toes, but we digress…


Now, to celebrate his big day, we’re taking a look back at his most outrageous, did-he-really-just-do-that moments.  Click through our gallery to see them all!

Which do you think is Howard’s most shocking moment?  Did we miss any? Let us know in the comment section.

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