girlfriend Selena Gomez attended Nick’s concert!

From Yasmin: I just went to the Nick Jonas concert in Detroit at the Fox Theatre. It was great, Nick was really into the songs. During the middle, there was some ruckus and fans started screaming louder. I found out that Selena Gomez and Mr. Jonas came and they stood in the sound board/ lights area. Security was really tight around her. Then when Nick left the stage (before Who I Am), we saw that Selena was beginning to leave so my friend and I run out to the lobby area. We waited and security was telling us to back away. More fans came and we finally saw her walk out. We hugged her and she was really friendly and really nice.

She acknowledged us and said hi but she didn’t stop her pictures, as if the bodyguards would let her. The security pushed and yanked us back and Mr. Jonas and Selena departed the theatre.

VIDEO of selena sneaking in:

source; oceanup & hormoaning.

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