‘Gangster Squad’ vs. ‘Zero Dark Thirty’: Box Office Battle (POLL)

Ryan Gosling takes on the manhunt for Osama Bin Laden at the box office this weekend.

Super awards contender Zero Dark Thirty finally goes into wide release after a limited run in December, and the fedora-wearing cops of Gangster Squad are gunning for it. Yep, another round of Box Office Thunderdome is upon us.

In one corner, Warner Bros. long-delayed Gangster Squad sets Gosling, Josh Brolin and others on a tommy-gun filled mission to take down mob boss Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn) in 1950s Los Angeles. Reviews have been mixed to kinda good, and who doesn’t like a good cops ‘n robbers film?


But audiences may like Kathryn Bigelow‘s intense military procedural more. Zero Dark Thirty has received some of the loudest awards buzz in recent memory, along with some of the the best reviews of a film released this year – let alone in the last decade. Audiences are eager to see what the big deal is for themselves, so expect Thirty to give Squad a serious run for its money.


Which movie will you see this weekend? More importantly, which film do you think will win the box office? Sound off in the comments below!


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