Eva Longoria Has No Plans On Having Kids!

Eva Longoria Has No Plans On Having Kids!

When you look at Eva Longoria you would have thought that she would have loved to have had lots of children but that’s simply not the case.

Longoria has admitted that children are ‘not in her future’ and she will not be having any.

Talking at the Brita Burbank YMCA last wednesday Eva said:

“It’s just not in my future.”

She carried on in saying:

“With kids, I love their energy and spirit and innocence. It’s really important for us to be here today to talk to them about water because that stays with them. Water’s the original energy drink. Water is really good for you. Water can be fun.”

You never know she may change her mind.

She would be a really good mum she has so much patience and that’s the key so you never know.

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