Did Taylor Swift Fake Surprise for AMAs Win?

Some critics have begun to turn on the singer, who took home three AMAs Nov. 20 and seems to be consistently shocked and wonderstruck by each awards win, despite racking up an ever-growing collection of Grammys, CMAs, MTV Moonmen and AMAs. At Sunday’s American Music Awards show, awards darling Taylor Swift went three for three in her nominated categories, taking home Favorite Female Country Artist, Favorite Country Album and Artist of the Year.

And each time, as has become her trademark, Swift seemed genuinely shocked and surprised by her win. But, there were those that were less surprised, and less than impressed by her bewilderment at the podium.

“‘This is like one of the craziest things that has ever happened to me,’ Swift said as she accepted for artist of the year. It was her second time winning the biggest honor,” CNN subtly pointed out.

“Taylor Swift is no stranger to winning awards. Since 2007, the 21-year-old country singer has racked up over 140 nominations and has won 90 awards!,” noted Celebuzz. ”So after winning so many coveted statues, one would think that T-Swizzle wouldn’t be so shocked when her name was called? Without fail, the Speak Now singer will always put on her signature, and absolutely endearing, surprised face.”

“Swift had already won two awards when she took her third of the evening: the Artist of the Year honor. Really, it shouldn’t have been a huge surprise. But when Swift’s name was announced, you would have thought that someone had just told the singer the Earth is square, Thanksgiving has been postponed until March and the sky and the ground have now officially switched places,” wrote the Washington Post’s Celebritology blog.

“I can’t believe this is happening to me,” she gushed even though she won the exact same award just two years ago so, really, it was pretty believable. Then she rambled in utterly shocked fashion and said “Oh my God” six times, all of which made me really wish Kanye West would stand up and say, “Imma let you finish, but Adele is the best Artist of the Year nominee of all time.” I think America might have been on his side in this case … or at least those Americans who didn’t vote for Swift to win the Artist of the Year award.

The Huffington Post observes, “Swift, who has won countless major awards, including an impressive four Grammys, always seems a bit surprised when she wins an award.” But, they don’t seem to mind the act, saying, “It’s pretty endearing — the girl is certainly not jaded — and fun to watch.”

“Taylor is no doubt humble, but for the past two years, she’s racked up award after award—everywhere from the People’s Choice to the Grammys, says the Examiner. “And every time, despite the category or the competition, Taylor Swift looks dumfounded that she won an award. Either she’s incredibly modest and unassuming, or Taylor should also win an Oscar for her continued Academy Award worthy performances.”

It’s not just awards shows that inspire awe for the 21-year-old singer. Despite playing hundreds of venues on her world tour, she was floored by the amount of people who’d come to see her play at her L.A. concert in August. “After her obligatory hand-heart gesture, enthusiastically returned by the crowd, Swift stood, mouth agape, in apparent awe that every member of the sold-out audience was there to see her,” wrote The Hollywood Reporter‘s reviewer Sophie Schillaci, adding, “She kept the banter to a minimum throughout the show, but when she did address fans, the 21-year-old mostly expressed sentiments of being a small-town girl in the big city — which is, of course, exactly what they relish in hearing — though at this point in her career, it’s a tough concept to buy.”

Prior to the AMA’s VHI’s Best Weet Ever even compiled a mashup of many of Swift’s wins and her seemingly-always shocked reaction.


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  1. bee says:

    Don’t say anything about Taylor! She’s beyond any critics! If she looked surprised it’s because she really was! Tay doesn’t fake her emotions! You’re only jealous! Tay is everything!

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